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Apparently GDPK  ( Gold DKP) has been around for a little while now,  basic idea is you have a base amount of money to spend on gear you get inspected by a trade window check to make sure you have it,  you go on a run organised by a respected guild/person, and people bid on the gear they want,  the money goes into the pot and gets split at the end of the run.  So you can make a profit if you don’t want/need any gear.   It sounds like a good way of getting upgrades and most BIS or close to it gear can be bought for less than it costs to make a craftable item, and having just just purchased off the AH for 9850 Gold Merlins robe,  and I already have the crafted bracers this crafted item business is getting expensive.   ( orbs are still 800-900 each so add the cost and the cool down requirements for the cloth  ect ect  It was going to work out to be the same,  and besides the person had already put one spellpower gem, and +10 stats on it,  so I was saving money on that anyway.    It was the 3rd best in slot according to the 3.2 Gear list  . 

This trend has crossed over from the PVP oceanic realms and popped up on my realm the other day – maybe because we are losing a lot of our raiders to Pvp realms where the raiding is harder, and better  – but we are still talking to these people and they are dropping new traditions onto the normal realms, and if this sticks around,  it will be even easier for people to get gear, and you won’t be as reliant on being in a good guild to get the gear you need.

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  1. 1 Klepsacovic November 1, 2009 at 7:17 am

    I like how it effectively creates a zero-sum realm-wide DKP system. But it’s so rewarding to those who exploit for massive amounts of gold.

  2. 2 Cassandri November 1, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    I think I read (ages back) a comment from an asian WoW player who said that they were restricted to playing in 2-3 hour game sessions (China, maybe?). Not very conducive to raiding, I suppose. However they said that everyone pugged raids on his server, but they were run with DKP and nobody could afford to ruin their reputation and abuse the system.

    Can’t remember the exact details but it sounds a hell of a lot like what you’ve described.

    Orbs are down to 475g on Barthilas now 😦 It’s the spellweave that’s ridiculously overpriced! I wish I wasn’t a Shadoweave Tailor.

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