Over a week on a PVP Realm & and some Misc stuff.

I’ve been on Blackrock now for over a week, and my main has not been ganked once.    ( I am good at avoiding such things – even If I might be able to take them down)

Sure they have tried.    I spawned ontop of a Shammy after taking a COT portal, and he was in shock long enough for me to mount up.  He did some frost thingy thing that froze me in place.  I hit disperse and rode away – bike engines purring, and him eating my exhaust. 

Then a Warlock killed the Alliance flight master at Gadgetzan when I wanted to take it to Ony, and he tried to dot me up,   instead I rode away healed/dispelled and went back to find him dead.   Such a disappointment.

I’ve not gone hunting for foes either,  but I have managed to fish, do dailys,  some farming,  get to and from instances, and raids  – mostly in my Pvp gear – and people are leaving me alone.  Maybe it’s that I am not on peak time when I play, or my shadow form doesn’t mark me as an easy target like I thought it would. 

Maybe I should go hunting.  LOOK!  Up the Sky!  It’s a SHADOW PRIEST!  * and they all flee in fear.

/slaps myself out of the dream.

It will probably go more like.

LOOK!  Down the floor.   Its a squished Shadow priest.

I also have a new header.  Made it myself.  I don’t have any illusions of being an awesome graphic designer,  but I think I do ok with the free tools I have.  Imagine what I could do with an expensive design studio package!


and because I wanted an excuse to put a picture my legs on my blog.  What tights/socks should every self respecting Shadow Priest wear while raiding?  These ones!  ( credit for  that excuse to  Razz because I couldnt come up with a valid excuse that wasn’t too far fetched from warcraft related.) I got these from http://www.sockdreams.com  in which I am totally in love with practically every thing on there, so my family can expect to get some socks for Christmas  ( but come on – these have to be the least boring of the socks out there!)


3 Responses to “Over a week on a PVP Realm & and some Misc stuff.”

  1. 1 Shawndra November 13, 2009 at 3:15 am

    I love the socks, and the banner. IF I had the socks, I might go back to my shadow priestesses…

    I’m just too busy slamming shields into angry faces.

    This was just a quick note to say I’m lurking! 🙂

  2. 2 Hannah November 13, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    *breaks shadow priest solemnity* Ooooh, socks!

  3. 3 quelles November 16, 2009 at 12:44 am

    Blackrock huh?

    Look out for my band of Horde 80s 😉

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