When a Healing Helm is a better BIS

Just to show you I am actually wearing this thing.  ( see pic of Armory below.) ‘s  Best raiding gear available list  places it at # 6 BIS and its a healing helm.  What I was wearing before was #11 Conqueror’s Cowl of Sanctification  and the actuall DPS Tier  9.5  ( 258)  is  # 14  and 9.25 # 19  It’s a joke!

* Yes I know I should have taken the Socket bonus,  but I need to fiddle round with some of my other socket bonuses  and if you work it out  +23  V +12sp+9sp + ( 0.34 x 10 )  = 24.4  I lose 1.4 Shadow Priest Psudo power  based on the stat ratings.  I am not too worried about that.  

My carefully hoarded trophy and my 75th badge from a GDKP run for my next piece of Tier Gear bought me  the  Velen’s Cowl of Triumph  ( 245 item level)

Healing Helm

As soon as the 25 GDKP finished, and I was halfway through my 2nd flask  (the bidding took a while on some fights)  I found a 10 man Ony run to pug, and guess what.  I was the only priest and the Coronet of Transendence dropped. My  # 4 BIS.

So it’s really only a 4.6 odd Dps bonus on what I just paid /chanted and gemed for so it can stay in the bank untill 3.3 when I am sure the haste on it will make it a lot more higher rated stat wise.

Curses to the Loot gods!


2 Responses to “When a Healing Helm is a better BIS”

  1. 1 Merlot November 13, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    Eek. You can get away with wearing gear that’s kinda *aimed* at healers, but equipping the a healing tier item is a whole other level of dodgy. I think I’d be too embarassed to put it on in public! I hope you don’t get bombarded with nasty whispers from inspector-morons 🙂

  2. 2 Saeric November 13, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    The fact that T9 helms are so low on the list is due to them not counting hit rating when ranking them. If you use the helm as one of your pieces with hit rating, it actually is BiS. Those lists can be misleading, you have to balance the score with hit rating to make sure that you are taking it into account in the final total.

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