Playing with your food: HK farming.

What PVP  Cat are you?

The Battle-scarred Pvp veteran  ( Aka my Parents Cat Matilda- and yes she has no ears ) 

The Lay – In – Wait – I’m gonna gank you as often as possible just to pee you off – evil sorta cat. ( Aka my Lil Sisters cat Tally)


The I’m -gonna – lay in the Sun- and let you do all the work cat  ( Aka My cat Willow)

 One of the many things that frustrate me in a BG is the Honor Kill Farmer.

I liken Honor Kill farming to that of a predator playing with its food.   Cat’s like doing that – ( hence all the cat pictures)   The mouse runs – the cat chases down the mouse ( Sprint ) , and bats at it.   Mouse squeals ( Trinkets) and will try to escape  – and the game repeats it’s self.  In a BG the Cat will get to kill the mouse,  but because of resurrections gets to do it again, and again.  Each kill a bat with their paw.

I don’t think Honor Kill farming is honorable in any way. 

There is a difference between farming, and strategically keeping them in their place, like as a friend suggested last night when I was running this idea by him.   Keeping them on the rock on Eye of the Storm,  or back within the gate on AB is allowing  for  another event – namely time to occur so that a  tower/node  can cap.  If you let them escape from this containment your objective – to win could be in  jeopardy – and I have even conceded ( with some contention) that distracting people in the middle of WSG can be useful,  as long as it’s not being done by the whole Bg,  that the people doing it are doing it for the purpose to distract or control, and are not being nubs,  and that you have your flag carrier protected and healed up – the main objective to win is never forgotten. 

Warsong Gulch is the one game where you can control with the utmost precision as to when the misery of a losing battleground  will end for the opposition.

I’m sure any WSG veteran will have at some point suffered through  being camped at your graveyard  and your enemy are one flag away from capping a win – only to look down forlornly to see the enemy down below,  with your flag on their back laughing at you.  All the while you bitterly think “Just end it..  please..”

It is within their power to play the game out – you haven’t given up and you have been jumping off that Graveyard at all angles – trying the ramp – jumping over the tunnel exit and high tailing it down the other end,  but its hard for enough of you to get over to make a difference,  and out on the open field the flag carrier might be exposed enough for you to have a decent attempt at killing them, but no they stand there, and help farm you.  Maybe they get too cocky – and lose the flag,  then the real battle is back on, but I don’t think I have ever seen a graveyard camp fail for the oppressors.

If they can contain you in your graveyard while the flag carrier runs off to cap – it works – if they succeed ,  flag  gets capped – game over – que for next one.

I know there are times where the situation seems hopeless, I am a massive advocate  especially vocal  in BG chat – on not giving up.  Jump off the side of the rock – go round the ramp side ect THINK! Because I would really be rather trying and dying then standing there  being slaughted – that makes for lazy pvpers.  How are you supposed to learn to think strategically if you can’t think out of the graveyard.

The fault in HK farming not only lies with the people doing the farming – but also the people being farmed.   So please don’t be the flag carrier mocking the enemy – and please don’t be the person that lets the flag carrier mock you.

Yes I have been playing a lot of WSG . 




3 Responses to “Playing with your food: HK farming.”

  1. 1 Beloc December 8, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    Just get everyone* to stand outside the range of the resser, right? It looks and feels like (and probably is) “giving up” but at least the campers will have an incentive to finish the game and move on to the next one.

    *admittedly, you are not going to be able to get EVERYONE to do this, there are always a few cowboys who think they can overcome a 8-or-9 (buffed) vs 1-or-2 (unbuffed) matchup and a 0-2 flag position.

  2. 2 gevlon December 8, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    There is one thing more annoying than being graveyard camped: when your team graveyard camp the enemy, with your flag carrier jumping and laughing and you can do nothing to speed up the game.

    When farmed, you have – at least theoretical – chance to kill the flag carrier and get their flag. That 1% when you succeed is priceless.

    But when your team camps, all you can do is watch the chat “we are pwning lololol!” and “KILL!!!” and “we r kings” and such retarded nonsense.

  3. 3 Vicar December 8, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Or you could run premades, and avoid useless trips to bestbuy to repair your keyboard. If all fails, pve until Cataclysm haha. The new rated-BG idea will be priceless. I’m guessing queue times will be a mess though. And my friend was a bit clueless when i asked her about drop bears haha,sorry : (

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