I want my Ball back!

My Dispersion ball has disappeared.  I am no longer a ball.  It took me a while to use it,  as during trash pulls, my mana regen was ok and we were moving pretty fast so I was just throwing my fiend out when I was getting low, so it took a while for me to decide to disperse.   I thought it didn’t work then a little circle like buff appeared around my waist area,  and my shadow form got more shadow like –  then it was over. 

I want my ball back.    It was bouncy, and blackish purplish, and it was special.  I would use it to disappear – Bang  – I’m gone,  and it was fun to bug out my passengers in my mount if I dispersed while I had a passenger,  the side cart would close up, and my passenger would look like their head was being dragged along the ground.

I miss being bouncy  /sob

I ran the new 5 mans in sequence last night with a mix of   – “I have no idea what I am doing / going / what special abilities these boss have“.  I am glad I updated my DBM – Get thee behind the rock!  What rock? – Oh that one. We lost two party members to purple stuff on the first boss – yeah if it’s on the ground – it’s normally bad for you. I saved the day and healed the tank!

We wiped once in the Halls of reflection – I got to use my shackle again to try and help control the mobs, they all have a decent amount of health on heroic .  Best target seemed to be the range dwarf that shoots people and freezes them for a couple of sec’s.  Made it a little easier to kill everything else when you weren’t being iceblocked.

And when we finished the sequence, and Jaina had entombed the lich King we all were dc’d and dropped from party as soon as we stepped on the boat.   When we got back I levitated group ( a work around someone advised?)  and we managed to get on the boat but were teleported before we could open the captains chest.

So I patched,  load,  updated mods,  played with gear sets  – regemed some healing legs with Haste,  bashed dummys,  talked to other shadow priests  

”  Hi!  Just want to know if your replacing your Shadow Word Pain Glyph?”  I mean do we really need base mana back?

“Hows your AOE going in your 10 man?”   

“How much haste do you have, and hows your damage going in comparison ” 

I’ve managed to  get 625 Haste,  I have also chanted my Weapon with Black Magic for the haste proc.  My two trinkets have a + sp proc –  It seems that we do need the Mana regen from Glyph of Shadow Word Pain.  It’s no longer


The Glyph now is : Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain: The periodic damage ticks of Shadow Word: Pain now restore 1% of the priest’s base mana with this glyph.

and our Mindflay Glyph for extra 10 yards  has been changed to…

Glyph of Mind Flay: This glyph now increases the damage done by Mind Flay by 10% when the target is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain

I had been hoping to use another Glyph – any really.. but now,  It seems we need the mana, which I find stupid considering that we already have a 2 min Dispersion, and a Fiend, and replenishment – We were the mana battery’s, and now we need a glyph.  HA! How the shadow priest has fallen.

I ran a plethora of random dungeons with a guildy using the new LFG – only ran into the same person once – most groups were pretty op, and we were running 12 min Heroics – easy gold, badges,  and enchanting mats. Wait times were only seconds long,  and only extended if a DPS refused the invite – not sure how popular it will be  in a months time,  now its a novelty,  and the ease of running a random  dungeon just takes so much less time, and fuss to organise. 

Well thats my first impressions of 3.3 – might be more later…

6 Responses to “I want my Ball back!”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic December 10, 2009 at 12:12 am

    This angers me. How DARE they remove yet another ball. As if it wasn’t bad enough when they removed the swirly bad for rogues’ detect traps. Now dispersion too? What’s left? Before long we’ll have no balls at all.

    • 2 Pugnacious Priest December 10, 2009 at 12:45 am

      @Klep – Blizzard might be ballist? – Or they could finally have some women on their development team….

  2. 3 Cassandri December 10, 2009 at 5:19 am

    I thought I had accidentally hit Fade not Dispersion, the two look pretty damn similar.

    I imagine this is in effort to fool people in PVP into believe that they’ll still hit you hard and therefore waste cooldowns etc trying to kill you as opposed to waiting for you to regain your normal shape.

    I don’t PVP as Shadow so IDK. I do like that Dispersion is more subtle now.

    I HATE that we have to glyph for mana regen, but I kind of need it. We got through to Saurfang in ICC last night and even with Fiend+Dispersion I was having real problems. There’s a heck of a lot of adds (that are near immune to AOE, of course) that need dotting.

    I just wish they’d built in that mana regen somewhere else. Or boosted our Shadow spells cost less mana talents. Sucks to *glyph* for it. Glyphs should feel fun and optional.

  3. 4 Bhorg December 13, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    I have been running disc since the patch to get into randoms faster, so I haven’t had the opportunity to miss my ball. It’s a shame it’s gone. So many of the graphical changes have been upgrades, it seems like this one is a step backwards. Now I’m a mildly sad panda.

  4. 5 @valkyrierisen March 28, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Dispersion was ninja fixed at some point. Not sure when it happened since I was a bad spriest and forgot to hit it for the longest time (and main spec disc). But yay bouncy ball of black evil goodness!

    • 6 Pugnacious Priest March 28, 2010 at 9:31 pm

      I believe pvp was touted as one of the reasons why it was bought back because other peeps couldn’t tell we were dispersed and wasted their cooldowns

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