New Scaling.

This a post and I get to moan  about a new patch dropping, and am stuck at work while you all get to play with the new patch.  /moan  K over now.

I’ve really not said much about 3.3 wanting to see what actually hits production – nor exactly what changes I will have to make.  As what I  feel will be the right thing  ( to borrow a word from Cassandri from HoTs & DoTs in her post  By a round of Applause How you do you feel   )  as well as some dummy bashing and some good old reliable referencing will determin what I end up doing.

If your following me for my Einstein equivalent theorycrafting, your in the wrong blog

One thing I was interested in very much is the new stat weightings  on our gear.  In guild chat – in whispers,  when talking about 3.3 I have been much excited about this haste business.   I cried when they nerfed Shadow Word Pain,  but held onto the hope that  haste was going to make the difference and make Shadow Priests as a class  ” More respectable”’s thread  Best Raiding Gear  3.3 Edition has the weighting as follows.  

Int = 0.27
Spi = 0.58
SP = 1.00
Hit = 1.41
Crit = 0.88
Haste = 1.00

See that haste is now weighted evenly with spell power.  I can’t debate the mathematics behind the weightings,   they know more then me,  and more then I care to know, but that sort of weighting has really made it all the more clear that It’s something I need to worry about.

I will only be sitting on about 511 Haste when I put on my TOC normal Haste trinket the Abyssal Rune ,  maybe a little more if I can swap in a piece or two of healing offset I picked up without affecting my other stats too badley. 

 There are suggestions to regem for haste – Change my weapon chant to Blackmagic – Should I keep my second trinket as one that proc’s haste,  or Proc’s Spellpower? All these things I & others will discover in the next couple of days,  but for some base information,  I found  A Darkened soul’s Shadow Priest 3.3 Cheat Sheet  to be most useful.

I can’t find anyone with the Haste cap as a hard figure, it’s all ” Around 800″ as a soft cap.  All the discussions on it skirt around the issue by not declaring what it is – so I am either being a noob because it’s considered assumed knowledge, or no one knows and are afraid to talk about it.  A Search on’s results for Haste Cap is here

So to all you Shadow Priests : Best of luck in getting your gearing/geming/chanting/spell rotation right.    Now is our chance to Shine

To everyone else.  Be prepared for some butt kicking on the charts by us Shadow Priests.  I shall debate if losing the status of a unique snowflake  is a good thing as a class once our performance in comparasion to pure dps is better determined.

4 Responses to “New Scaling.”

  1. 1 Jormundgard December 9, 2009 at 4:18 am

    The soul of this game died when the spirit of adventure was replaced with DPS meters.

  2. 2 Shy December 9, 2009 at 11:23 am

    I love the game of improving my performance. I find it challenging. In fact, if this game was only about adventuring I would’ve been finished with WotLK like 8 months ago.

  3. 3 Juzaba December 9, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    I don’t think there’s much of a haste cap. Even a soft cap. At 50% haste (40% gear haste + raid buffs), we’ll hit the GCD for our dot castings and MB, but Flay and the dot ticks will still gain the effect even past that. I think stacking haste and spellpower in equal amounts will provide the most benefit. We should still have some crit pieces though, as the more haste you have, the better crit becomes.

  4. 4 Saeric December 10, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    Haste is a fickle mistress. At certain points, the cooldwons and casting times of your spells interact in such a way to completely change your casting order, and so the “scaling” value of haste basically changes constantly. The 1 haste = 1 spellpower figure is somewhat of an average for if you are under 800 or so haste, while after 800 haste each point seems to suffer from some diminishing returns that will push haste to be worth slightly less than spellpower. There is a pretty good discussion about it in the 3.3 BiS Gear thread at, a little too much to worry about I think when a good general rule of thumb is just to equate haste with spellpower, then after 800 start valuing SP slightly more.

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