Do you dream about WoW?

I dreamt that there was a special shadow Priest Cave, and I needed two extra talent points to be able to jump high enough to get into it,  and I didn’t have those points anymore, and I was disappointed. I remember standing at the bottom of a  cliff trying to jump.  I don’t remember though if I was me, or my avatar trying to jump.

Remembering dreams for me are a funny thing.  I need to go over them, pick it to pieces and try and recall all the details as soon as possible in the morning.  ( usually in the shower)  If I don’t keep thinking about it for the next hour and put it into long-term memory – it’s gone.  I remember remembering it but not what I remembered.    I know some people never remember their dreams – so I am somewhat lucky.

Maybe it’s because I have dream catchers  through out my flat

I went through an exercise years ago where I wrote them down as soon as I woke up.  Reading back on them – I still remember the pictures in the dream. 

I only remembered the cliff dream because I remembered it in the shower,   and on the way to work 1/2 an hour later made a note of it on my Iphone.

I don’t think I have ever remembered dreaming about wow before.

I’m not going to pertain to know anything about the unconscious and dream interpretation.    However I think that  knowing  if it’s me standing at the bottom of that cliff or my Avatar  is important.

Is my brain putting what I am missing in RL into Wow terms so I pay attention and or understand it,   or am I just anxious about my character in some way?  If my subconscious brain has to put dreams into Wow speak for me to  understand it I think I have a problem.     Dreaming about Wow – I am then literally playing while I sleep.

1 Response to “Do you dream about WoW?”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic December 12, 2009 at 5:46 am

    Were you playing soon before bed? I learned to never ever PvP before bed after I realized I had dreams of being chain-snared or stunlocked. I wouldn’t quite call them WoW dreams, since they were more of a re-visualization of past dreams which were effectively about helplessness. Well that was a bit too personal.

    “Is my brain putting what I am missing in RL into Wow terms so I pay attention and or understand it” – Yes

    “Am I just anxious about my character in some way?” – Possibly

    “If my subconscious brain has to put dreams into Wow speak for me to understand it I think I have a problem” – I’d think about this some more. I doubt it’s truly a problem; probably just your brain trying various ways to talk to you, and stumbling upon one that works. If you can visualize the world in WoW terms, that’s not bad; if anything it means you have one more perspective and that’s valuable. But if you can only visualize in WoW terms, that’s a problem. It’s not addiction, but it does indicate that you need to focus more on real and virtual worlds as separate places.

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