Patch Week one.

I was lucky to get a Battered Hilt  for Quel’Delar in the very first ICC 5 man instance I hit on Patch night,  and after discovering they were selling for 4k on the AH  I figured – I have 12k ( at the time)   I’d rather the small upgrade it was then 4k.   So over the weekend I did the quest chain and got

I then found out they were going for 18K gold because the drop rate was nerfed , and I’m like  ” Aweee but that would have  helped me get my Rein  in a GDKP! 

The quest chain was a little running around but I thought it was fun, and not bad gold as well. It doesn’t call for you to do anything beyond your abilities. You do have to go into the new 5 man ICC’s to make your weapon. 

I healed them.   Yes.  Me.   The Shadow Priest who rants and raves about not healing has discovered that I am not too bad,  and having fun too.   ( Instant Random group love!! )   I over use Prayer of mending,   do predictive renews ( silly boomkin standing in bad stuff the whole run) and flash.   Greater heals if I feel lazy and  need to regen a little mana.

I healed all three ICC 5 mans for my hilt quest,  without the support of a tanking friend that I could trust and not get upset with me if I failed.   Everyone else was doing their thing, and I was looking at the chain,  thinking,  I can do this..  and donned my healing set and went into group.  I actually like healing Halls of reflection.  It’s a little crazy – but fun.

The chain also sends you to  the Isle,   You also get to go into the Sunwell  and then you get shackled for your efforts and accused of being a traitor.  It all gets sorted out, and  you continue on.

I don’t have my Perky Pug yet,   I need 11 more people to be random with!  I do like the Random Dungeons,  it’s making getting emblems of frost easier for heroics,  there is always something to do,  and as a healer  I get instant love,  sure I have let a few people die,  but I am running recount so am waiting for someone to tell me I fail,  then I can link the damage they just took  and tell them to GTFOTF –  ( thats only if they try to tell me I fail – it’s called forward planning)

My best Random Dungeon experience was in Occulus – a mage as we zoned in said ” I have never done this before”  and we were like  awesome!  Follow instructions  – we will help and you will be fine.  We did, they did,  and we one shotted it. Happy warm feeling.  I thanked them for their honesty.  It made the experience better for everyone.

  Worse Random Dungeon experience was also in Occulus  – Someone wanted to do an achievement  so we wiped 5 times,  they were the first to die on their drake every time  because he never ran from the explosion.

There was also someone who was Afk for all three bosses  in a run,  a undergeared tank who rage dc’d ( didn’t even leave group) when he died after  pulling too many packs  – the dps died first and I couldn’t continue to keep him up.   Two DPS that left after the 2nd boss in a run – people missing basic chants and gems,  low and lazy dpsers ( HOLY DPS FTW) ect.  But yeah.  Have been happy with it so far.

,Between a ICC 10 man clear, and two bosses on ICC 25  I now have 31 Emblems of frost badges,  so by this time next week I am planning on buying the 60 Badge cloth shoulders,  because I am not guaranteed a spot in any raid as I am only casual,    I did some 10 man ICC farming to get halfway to friendly with the Ashen Deathsworn, and after the ICC 10 and half of  25 I got my friendly ring,  which isn’t an upgrade,  but the honoured will be.

3 Responses to “Patch Week one.”

  1. 1 D. McPhee December 15, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Aaaaaaand here I am again. I think I’m getting the hang of this iPod thingy.

    Patch week one has been, for me, a rather enjoyable experience because I’ve put more levels into Kat (my now 77 hunter) and I’ve really never been at a loss for groups or instances. You do have to take the good with the bad. I’ve had some groups that have worked like the engine of a ferrari, beautifully that is to say. But you don’t always win.

    I’ve discovered my dislike for silent groups. I’d prefer to wipe a dozen times on the uber-cute mammoth boss in Grundak than have a group that says nothing. Atmosphere is an important reason for my playing the game. I’d rather not feel like an instance is a chore. I play to have fun, the gear and rep is really secondary.

    Sometimes an experience is just lousy.

    I did VH the other day and a cloak dropped which was not really for my class and certainly not for my spec but everyone had passed on it or selected disenchant so I politely asked if anyone minded is I needed it. Apparently I might as well have asked if it was alright to eat someones child. The Druid in the group told me that if I did he would refuse to heal me. Another yelled that I shouldn’t. Some said that they didn’t care and the last demanded justification for wanting to. I explained why I thought it was better and they disagreed. So I rolled greed on it (and won). For the remainder of the instance I was “Bad Hunter”.

    I suppose I could have left but we had already finished half the instance and I typically dislike abandoning a group. What shocks me is the lack of politeness! I know it’s not for my class and that’s why I asked, but for most of them common ettiquette went out the window! Do you flip out if some asks you to go in front of you at a grocery store line up? Hmmm.

    That’s my worst so far. The good? Plenty. Take the bad with the good I guess.


  2. 2 Pugnacious Priest December 15, 2009 at 4:58 am

    @ D.Mcphee Hunters really do get the short end of the stick – and There will always be loot drama – at the momement enchanting mats are flowing, and everyone is getting some. So If someone really wanted a blue not for their class – I probably would just roll my eyes and say whatever – but loot goods shined upon you so I hope that cloak is working out for you. Though given I think the blue cloak that drops ( strength stam, Defence and expertise ) is certainly more a tank or melee dsp cloak? – You might need to talk to your pet if your getting hit that much

  3. 3 D. McPhee December 15, 2009 at 6:02 am

    Forgive my argument on this because I’m not suggesting that the gear was ideal, simply better than what I had. In my guild I have a paladin who is, due to it’s stat boosts, often clothed in cloth. I like that it’s quirky.

    Now yes, not disputing the validity of the “need” and focusing more on the attitudes of the individuals is my point. Yeah, we all roll our eyes but in my eyes there is a massive difference between asking and justifying AND being a loot ninja. To me these two are fundamentally different one is worth courtesy and considereation while the other deserves ire.


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