Bug meets Power Supply

My Pc exploded with all the gusto of a  fireworks spectactular this weekend.  Bright lights,  loads of noises.  Took out the power in my flat. 

So a call to a friend to let him know I wasn’t comming back online, and  after being told how naughty I was for not putting my pc through a surge protector of any kind.  ( I know..  and would you believe it I have two basic surge protectors in my desk draw – ) we determined that it looks like I had killed the powerpoint,  and killed my PC’s power supply. My lights were back on once I flipped the circuit breaker back. 

I was fine to start with –  then I got a little anxious – thinking of the consequences of not having a pc – running through my brain – how long could I survive? – When could I get it fixed / replaced  – it was only a new PC – I had paid a bit of money for it – its close to christmas  – and that I would need to ask someone for help – and no wow – no music, or dvds ( I don’t have a TV because I wouldn” watch it. – and I was frantically thinking what writing have not backed up. 

So with the help of my friend to keep me sane – and give me hope that It would be ok, I talked to my brother the next morning, after trying to sleep with knots in my stomach – my brother came over, and pulled my pc power supply apart to see the above. 

Killed by a bug. Death by cockroach. 

My brother tested to see if his spare ps would power up the pc,  ( using a different power point) and and then we went and bought a new Power supply for me and a surge protector board.  Even though the board wouldn’t have saved the PC because it came from internally and not my power. 

But it works – it’s all good now  – apparently incredidibly lucky it didn’t fry anything else.  We run it through a 3d mark test to flex it’s muscles a little,  and performace was fine. 

So I am thanking the tech gods for allowing minimal interrupted pc time. 

The lesson –  I have no idea how that bug managed to fit in there – .  Am extremely glad it doesn’t have any friends.

2 Responses to “Bug meets Power Supply”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic December 21, 2009 at 3:15 am

    Or does it? They may want revenge.

  2. 2 Ablimoth December 21, 2009 at 6:35 am

    Ah Sydney, fabulous place that it is… I haven’t had a cockroach kill my PC yet, but at the last place I lived (for all of 6 weeks) I didn’t use the kitchen.

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