Its not my fault you die in POS.

I’ve been doing H Pit of Saron on practically a daily basis for the Nevermelting trinket that drops.  I want it.  I keep getting outbid on GDKP runs for Reign, and  no one is running Ony anymore –

I think healing H POS shows my dedication  for  a trinket upgrade. *removes the bitter taste of healing from the back of my mouth.   You should hear my cries of relief when I am allowed to dps. 

I don’t hate healing.  Now I have better gear/ more confidence  it does sit a lot better with me,  just all this healing business has been for the express purpose of getting me better dps gear. 

I find healing POS difficult – because so much of it depends on people being aware of their own surroundings to reduce the un-necessary damage to themselves  – all the while I chase whatever selection of tank I have managed to get in the dungeon finder ( or a friendly tank) and keep them alive.

This is the instance where the pugs link damage done, and wave their Epeen about,  and I cut it off with a link to damage taken asking ” Why is the tank number 4 on the list? 

I have been at fault for getting too many stacks of Permafrost from Garfrost on myself  because I didn’t let it fall off due to chasing of tank/dps with too many stacks, I try and pick my own health over the DPS’s on the LOS  – sometimes they die. Though when I survive,   so does the rest of the DPS and tank.  It is easy to get tunnel vision on this one.  

If a DPS dies  on Garfrost –  they also seems to die on  Krick and Ick – most often blown up by a poison nova,  or walking backwards rather than running when being chased by Ick.  I heal my little heart off in this instance,  because I have to,  theres no way of half heartedly doing this one. So if you die,  it’s not because I’m not churning out heals,  look at your stacks or where you were standing.

I’ve lost a tank in the Tunnel on the way to Tyrannus – he did the “lets see how fast I can run with a healer getting beat upon by skellys,  and only able to renew, mend, and shield on you while running for dear life.  He gets to the end of the tunnel going ” Wtf? – where were my heals?

It’s not so much a b*tch post about the randoms,  there have been some awesome runs, and some ok ones, and a OMG fail however  I’ve been lucky enough to see every one , I have run all the way through.

There have been a lot of blog posts about the randoms that bloggers have been encountering and peoples with varying perspectives.  My hunter is now 80, and I am about to be throwing her at the mercy of LFG’s  – she is scrub,   has a few Ah bought Purps,  is BM,  and am paranoid about my pet. After being so confident as Dps on my priest,  and even now as a healer – I can heal without issues any random you throw at me – putting my scrub hunter, with green gloves into heroics or normal runs with strangers scares me.

  I liked these perspectives on the Random Dungeons from bloggers and are definitely worth reading to get a better appreciation of random experience  and quell those evil thoughts when it comes to the performance of people in your own random.

 Tobolds  Most embarrassing Pug ever   – When it’s you that might be having the off day

Matticus’s I can Carry you    – “brute force healing ” those who are taking too much damage / don’t know the fights

Honor’s Code Enjoy LFD Now   – feel lucky you’re being grouped with people who can carry you now – because they will be otherwise occupied with the new wings later.

2 Responses to “Its not my fault you die in POS.”

  1. 1 Jeursey January 4, 2010 at 4:07 am

    I have only successfully run H POS once as a fairly new resto druid. Apart from me scrambling to figure out what was going on on WoWWiki because nobody was stopping to explain, it went well and was fun, in a stressful way. But my most recent experience was like yours… 3 guildies from another server competing to see who could get each other killed fastest, a tank not noticing that I was getting stunned from behind in the tunnel and going slower and slower to the point of getting hit by icicles (then they had a whinge about not getting the achievement)… and then they had the temerity to blame me for wiping on Tyrannus. By then I’d had enough and dumped them. Wish I’d thought to bring up “damage taken” before dropping the group – I’m sure I would have seen the same issue, from DPS ignoring Overlord’s Brand.

  1. 1 Learning the Wrong Lesson Trackback on January 10, 2010 at 11:36 pm
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