Showing you the ropes.

“We would like to recognize your tenacity in running dungeons with people you probably haven’t met before.  Hopefully even showed some rookies the ropes in your pick-up groups”

Reads the letter you get from the Wow Dev team when you  achieve looking for Multitudes by grouping with 100 randoms and get your perky Pug.

I’m spending a lot of time in Dungeons,  on my Priest Zahraah as Shadow but most often holy.  ( please don’t leave me – I am still a shadow priest) on my Hunter Zippina, and now on occasion my 2nd priest Ostara.  I’ve healed you – I’ve dps’d  I’ve wiped with you,  I’ve even lead you.

Yes we kicked the tank in Heroic Nexus with 18k health ” You’ve got to start somewhere” he tries to explain when we question why he the pally tank is wearing a spellpower chest. Or get concerned when a druid rolls a need on a green because it’s an upgrade, ( and it was.. )    or when I ask another druid in pure PVP gear including pvp trinkets does he have anything else to wear and he says no.

I’ve told a mage  who gemmed for armor and attackpower on his belt he was fail – but the good news was we could help.  ( and we did.. ) Seen people with gear missing from slots,  I even left a group because someone refused to take off the santa hat and was going to fight a boss in it.

The wording in the letter – “Hopefully even showed some rookies the ropes in your pick-up groups”  makes me reflect a little on how you tell people they are being scrub in these randoms,  but most importantly. That it is their power to change. I don’t check anyone’s gear unless I think there is a problem, eg tank with low health,  me as healer out dpsing the dps.  

I don’t know every class by heart, so I don’t give suggestions to everyone,   but when the mage doesn’t even have arcane intellect on themselves as a ghetto buff, or the warlock doesn’t have a pet anymore.  Those things are kinda of obvious. It could also be part of my work background – my job was for many years working out what was missing from documents.  Signatures, clauses, amendments, pages.

I am learning all about tanks.. ( and things like who should have shields) mainly so I can understand why some people are harder to heal then others.  Partly because its a reflection of own ability if as a healer if I am struggling to keep a 40k tank up.  When I find out he isn’t defence capped then I can go.. Ahhhhhh  It’s not my fault.

I have been critiqued in my healing set – questioned why I had blackmagic on my weapon. ( it procs often enough that I like it for healing  ) but yes heckles raised slightly – and my first reaction was to scoff.  but then I had to laugh

I just recently discovered my 2nd priest didn’t have meditation  – which is why I was struggling for mana) bad priest.

So in the spirit of showing you the ropes,  I will offer advise if its obvious.  It’s up to you what you do with it.

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  1. 1 Ambrosine January 4, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    I proudly tanked heroics in my Santa Hat.


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