LFG Horse Blinkers.

In an LFG random I used to check to see what server they were from.  I used to care.

If they were from a guild from my own server,  or from one I knew from back  on my old server – I’d probably be a  little friendlier,  ask after an Gm or someone I knew.. hey does ” such and such still play?” 

I don’t notice people now,  I still do the  Heys! on entry and Cheers at the end,  but for the most people are now only healthbars on my Vuhdoo , I care  even less when I am not healing.  If I am running with a tank I know – I check on his health bar to make sure the healer is looking after him. But I don’t remember who else or what class was in the party. 

I have horse blinkers on  so badly that we did a random, and straight after, me and the tank went into my daily grind for the nevermelting ice crystal that has never dropped for me,  Rages into the void and I was getting whispers from someone on my own server talking to me about their priest,  all about their gear, and they are going shadow and how they are finding the instances.

 “Who be you? ” I asked.  They were talking like they knew me,  checking their guild name,  I didn’t know anyone from their guild. 

” I just grouped with you as healer fool.”

Short term memory fail.

I don’t want to be that sort of player  or person. I’m not going to find my new bestie in a VH run,   and I’m not being rude,  but I should on a human,  or a social level  not consider other players as insignificant that I can’t even remember their name from 5 min ago.

I got Oculus with the new loot thingy last night,   didn’t stop 2 people from leaving right away. I’m like spaming party as the new people zone in.  ” Stay!  Please! – We can knock this over quickly – if you don’t know what to do we can help! ” I have been leading most of the oculus’s I end up in.  Organising the drakes and what not. Using my Island hopping strat on phases. ( move to the next island on the phase) . Mostly from sheer frustration and because people are less likely to leave if they think someone is in control.  I lost 6 dps players the other day as they zoned in. Before the 1st trash pull.  “Crap – Oculus” Such and Such has left the party.

It is such a unique instance  it’s a pity it has become so hated.  Yes its scary because its a little different,  the chance of a drake though didn’t keep the 2 dps in the party – but maybe they didn’t read the changes.  I will stick it out because I am confident I know what I am doing, trying to instill this confidence in other people when you have seconds before they decide it’s too hard and leave has been a challenge.

*edit Spelling of Oculus Fixed! ( wonder if you notice 😛 )

9 Responses to “LFG Horse Blinkers.”

  1. 1 Cassandri January 7, 2010 at 12:12 am

    ooooo Don’t remind me about that stupid Nevermelting trinket.

    20 something days I’ve done H PoS and it finally finally dropped for the first time yesterday.

    I lost it to the Resto Druid who also rolled Need and prompted departed.


    Does these mean it will be another 20 days before I see it again? 😦

    • 2 Pugnacious Priest January 7, 2010 at 1:43 am

      Ive racked up 19 heroics, and I did see it 1st run, but never since. A friend suggested they also need on it if it dropped when I ran it with them, and then they would trade me it. Which is a tad wroughting the system but might be worth agreeing to.

  2. 3 Klepsacovic January 7, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Don’t give up on humanity in PUGs! I had a few fun ones recently, such as the CoS where we all mocked the rogue because T10 is so ugly on them and the mage and I had rocket boot racers during trash. And a boss. I think he won, and lost.

  3. 4 Adam January 7, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    I ranted about this on my blog the other day. To sum it up, the new LFG system is taking a lot of the social aspect out of the game. I am leveling a toon on a new server and I have nobody in my friends list, because I haven’t met anyone. If I run an instance it’s almost always with players from a different realm, and it is simply a race to see how quick we can get through it. Bim, bam, thank you very much, next one … wait, was this supposed to be a friendly game that we’re playing?

  4. 5 Jormundgard January 7, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    I used to care too until everyone I know transferred away.

  5. 7 hpoussH January 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

    What changes to Occulus?

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