This is Why I really don’t want to have to rez one person because your too lazy to run back.

My two cents on “Harming others for being fair”   I’m sorry Tamarind got kicked from a group for sticking up for principles.  If I had been in that group,  then I probably wouldn’t have been so fervent in the principles of making them run back,  I would have rezed them.  Because it was POS and I want that trinket,  so yes I would sell my principles  for 5 min,  BUT! any other instances – I really have nothing to lose  so I can stick to my guns as much as I like.   ( I stand by leaving an instance cause a scrub dps made himself more scrub by wearing a santa hat and refused to take it off)

 I disagree that rezing one person because they were lazy can be more time efficient,  sure arguing with them is counterproductive,    but here are some numbers for you to consider from a priest healers perspective.

It Costs me 5.5k ish mana to rez on person you if you die in a dungeon –
2317 – Resurrection
1197 – Shadow Protection
1043 Fort
1004 Divine Spirit

So after a wipe add an extra add an extra 3k mana if I’m applying group buffs. Which I can’t do untill the person needing rezing pops up, and 
yes I have to rebuff everything or people get upset.

When I rezed into the instance I had  around half my mana pool of  23.6 k mana available,  so 11.8 k mana

To rez that one person,  heal them to full , top up the rest of the group that didn’t sit down and eat ( usually the non mana party members)  I am down at least 9-10k  mana – so all the while my mana regen is ticking,  I still need to inner fire myself, and sit down and drink myself back up to full mana.

Then the tank pulls because he is ready, and so is the rest of the party – its just that stupid slow healer  that is holding you up.

So the pull starts with me on 2- 3k mana.

Silly  – if it’s an easy pull – we survive,   but who wipes on the easy pulls in POS  – So if its one with flamebearers,  and diseases that need cleansing,  dispels that need dispelling,  group damage.  3k mana just doesn’t cut it.

 I am then expected to blow a cool down – a mana pot,  use my fiend,  to make sure I have enough mana to heal you because I don’t want to die.

Cool downs aka oh sh*t buttons should not be used due to impatience.

(working on the assumption in this senario the tank doesn’t wait – doesn’t have raid frames and is impatient – which is about 50% if the pug tanks I heal.  )

So the harm..   yes the harm is you might just wipe again…. 

I found out an interesting thing on Krick and Ick the other day – a tank made a terrible pull while there were too many adds up in the local area – the dps all blew up because they didn’t run out and no healer can heal through that..  so when Krick was running at me – the last party member alive. Ground shaking – his eyes ablaze.  I Shadow melded.

Meh – the only thing your failure cost me on that was the silver for the buff reagents. I can live with that.

7 Responses to “This is Why I really don’t want to have to rez one person because your too lazy to run back.”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic January 8, 2010 at 3:18 am

    These are the times that I miss the kick power of the leader. In my experience, tanks are good, honest people who know what they are doing. To give them the power to remove the undesirables is for the better of all, except the undesirables who can go wait in LFG for another hour for all I care.

    Then again, I always tank for myself, so I have a skewed perspective of tanks.

  2. 2 teac77 January 8, 2010 at 3:30 am

    When I’m in a party, I’ll rez corpses straightway but I think more urgency is in getting full mana before I give any buffs.

    • 3 Pugnacious Priest January 8, 2010 at 4:03 am

      @Teac77 then you have tanks or gung ho dps that pull without buffs because they don’t notice 😦 that only happened once though

      @ Klep Im happy with the voting option – unless of course its 4 guildys v you and they kick before loot ( I have heard that happening) I think esp with the randomness, and that people don’t care about people from other realms one person to have that sole power would just be too tempting.

  3. 5 BAK January 8, 2010 at 5:05 am

    If you’re going to be that obstinate you honestly have no place in a pug (referring more to Tamarind than you, PP).

    The best thing about the LFG Tool is that you never know what kind of group you’re going to end up with. You might get a fail group with a tank that can’t see a healer is out of mana, DPS that refuse to run back, pull extra things, pull aggro, do less DPS than the tank (although if its a paladin tank that can sometimes be acceptable), and clearly have no idea how to play (Mage with AP Gems!)

    You might also end up with a group of professional raiders or their alts, with gearscores approaching infinity and be in and out of the dungeon before the 15min “LFG Exhaustion” has worn off.

    The vareity is what makes it fun and having run random heroics as two different types of tank, a healer, and dps, I can honestly say I enjoy rolling the dice and entering the unknown.

    If you don’t, and are unwiling to roll with the punches, perhaps you should go back to forming trade channel groups.

    That’s not to say I haven’t had my issues – there needs to be a basic level of communication – and there are some things I won’t tolerate. I joined a Halls of Lightning where the tank (clearly denoted by the icon of “Tank” next to his unitframe) rocked up in Ret gear. When we asked him where his tank gear was, he denied he was tanking. He eventually gave in when the whole group arked up (his tank gear was very reasonable! mostly 245!) but then when a DPS disconnected and we requeued to replace them, he queued as DPS not tank. I ended up leaving the group over that when he refused to queue as a tank.

    It’s not all sweetness and light but that’s the fun part. Not knowing what you’re going to get, and adjusting to the level of (in)competance in your group.

  4. 6 gevlon January 8, 2010 at 6:53 am

    The pull was not caused by the res, but by the dumb tank. You will run out of mana for other reasons and such tank will make the pull. So don’t blame “ressing” for the wipe. The ressing is responsible for waiting until you mana up. If someone doesn’t wait, that’s a different issue.

  5. 7 Matt January 11, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Leveling my druid in LFG, the only places I res people is in BRD, UBRS, or a couple other confusing dungeons… Screw them, I run on my dps toons, or Vanish and try my cables on a healer.

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