It finally dropped! No more POS for me.



Well actually – since I still heal the odd heroic the odds are I will get it again.

My Nevermelting Icecrystal dropped for me on Sunday

Saturdays POS run “Your going to die”  I tell the tank running into the pull after Ick.”  he dies

“Uh.. healer is over here still.”  Am so glad I can type chat and eat/drink

Tank leaves party – fail healer!

Sundays POS run – Tank charges into tunnel quite literally. Charge puts more distance between  the tank and the healer who has no speed abilities. Tank dies because he never noticed he was not in range of the healer or the dps running as fast as they could behind him, but after a rez  we killed it, and end boss droped my trinket to my complete disbelief – oh yeah it has been worth it..

Given I could see the sunshine, and was  no longer being forced to heal pos on a daily basis I re-evaluted my animosity to tanks that I didn’t know or train. Maybe it was me, am I a bad healer? because I don’t like following tanks like a dog, feeling that my needs are redundent, and secondary to those of the tanks need to cover ground as quickly as possible.

 Besides my other weekend incident that was not so much about my healing ability but more that I called oom before using my fiend one trash pull before a boss. Sif I use my fiend on trash before a boss. 

  I don’t have issues in any other instance with healing. 

Maybe I expect too much from tanks that just want their experience in that group to be over as fast as they can.   Notice the increase in speedy – silent tanks.   Are they getting bored?,  or is the presence of strangers so intolerable?  The popular demand for tanks – the endless need of the dps masses crying out for tanks. 

I was on my hunter – and the priest healer is saying  ” Slow down or you will die” ” Don’t start the boss till I get there”

I sent them a pst letting them know I support their cause, and told the tank to slow down.  Did he ..  no.. 

Maybe if I distracted the tank more.    Flattered them – they wouldn’t pull so fast.   Oh my Mr tank  – I love your armor.    Ohhh  where did you get that weapon from?  Oh Mr tank your Hp is SO big.  Can I touch your Pauldrons?Golly Gosh Is your Epeen real?

Mmm might try that..   I mean if he is too busy preening himself in the flattery – he might not run so fast.

……  Off to make some tank flatter macros.

13 Responses to “It finally dropped! No more POS for me.”

  1. 1 Anne January 11, 2010 at 2:55 am

    Gee…that sounds familiar. I was playing my lvl 60 priest when someone wsp me, looking for a healer for one of the instances in Hellfire. I said sure, thinking it would be easy. Baaaaad idea. The tank was in a hurry because his mom was harrassing him to get off the computer so he wanted to finish the dungeon at a full run….and we were all at-level. Oy… After 2 wipes because of his crappy crowd / pull control (all the while me saying “I’m out of mana! Don’t pull!”), I left the group and logged off that toon. No reason for me to allow someone else’s scheduling problems to ruin my fun or up my blood pressure.

    I fully believe that these “crazy tanks” should be required to level a priest….maybe then they’d understand…..

  2. 3 gevlon January 11, 2010 at 11:01 am

    PuG healer tips:
    – speed increase enchant to boots.
    – Renew always up, even out of combat.
    – When the pack is almost dead, run to the rogue (who is behind the monser). You’ll have better chance catching the tank.
    – If you want mana break, wait until the pack is already low, let the tank die, drink up and res the tank. I actually did that and claimed I went OOM. Actually I had 1K left and innervate ready.
    – Tell the party that you are a girl IRL. Chances that they will slow down, since you are “just a girl”. Con: you’ll get sexist nonsense and stupid flirting in chat.

  3. 4 cadrys January 11, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Congrats! I got lucky and got the Crystal pretty early. But no Belt from Ick and no Snowshoes from Tyrannus after 15 runs, so I have a feeling I’ll be running it a while longer:(

  4. 5 kamiken1 January 11, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    I actually have both a tank and a healer for characters that I run through the pug-o-matic every day. I tend to run my tank first through the grind with my healer being second.

    As a tank I do the first couple of pulls at a normal pace to get a feeling for my group to see what they can handle. If I don’t make a dent in the healer’s mana (which I normally don’t since I way way way overgear heroics) and the dps isn’t slack jawed I start pulling at increasingly faster paces until someone says something. Basically at that point I want to get out of the heroic as fast as I can because its not that I hate my group….its that I hate heroics and want to be done with them as soon as possible. Its not my fault blizzard gives me 2 frost badges just for doing the stupid things every day. If I had my way I would never do them again, but I need the starter t10 gear to upgrade it to the good stuff.

    As a healer I actually hope the tank pulls at a good clip as well since I will get bored otherwise. Nothing a good old rejuv/wild growth won’t take care of with an occasional life bloom when I get omen of clarity procs for most of the tanks I see in group. I also always keep near the tank for the reason of them taking off like a bat out of hell. Only exception to this rule is when a trash pack does large ae damage to the group if we are in a tight area.

  5. 6 kavika January 11, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Yeah that charging out of range thing drives me crazy…I wish someone would create a mod that tells tanks when they’re out of range of the healer. That’d be nice.

  6. 7 Jel January 11, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    I’ve had similar issues. Though I try and be very considerate on my tank to make sure my healer has mana odds are that when I’m on my priest the tank won’t. So if we are chain pulling Ill bubble, renew, pom the tank and a rogue or pally that thinks they are a tank and sit and drink. I do the same in h hor in between waves. It gives a little breathing room.

  7. 8 Orcstar January 12, 2010 at 7:08 am

    Having both a tank and a healer (yup a priest) helped me a bit.

    When tanking, I really do try to pull as fast as I can. If the healer has 40% or more mana I don’t think twice and go. I do keep a good eye at the healer mana though and even on trash blow cooldowns when needed. My party won’t die because I pulled too fast and I do take breaks (if needed at all) for a healer to drink mana. My healers are never OOM, though I do stress them.

    On my priest, I run ahead of the pack. Ofcourse I make very very sure I don’t incidentally pull but I’m ahead. So when we reach the next pack I stop just a bit out of aggro range, throw a PoM and a shield on the Tank and start drinking. Even with half mana, most of the time when the tanks needs his first heal my pool is replenished.

    Most of the times there is no good reason to stand at the back of the pack so you might as well position yourself in a way that allows you to drink while the party is killing stuff.

    And about the silent tanks: I can’t really type when tanking, Especially in heroics where I have a very short time to build threat on mobs and keep them on me, I’m pressing buttons constantly.

  8. 9 Cad June 17, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    We are silently wondering if we are going to outdps everyone again this run. We are wondering how people can wear gear that is ungemmed and unechanted. Every last peice of it. And we are wondering if the healer is going to go AFK and let us die again without letting us know. We are wondering why the hunter and rogue keep pulling aggro off of us instead of just using misdirect/tricks.

    If you think healing is stressful, well you’re right, it is. But so can tanking a random heroic with a bunch of noobs who couldn’t DPS their way out of a wet paper bag.

  9. 12 Korenwolf July 21, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Part of the issue I suspect is down to how easy the other 5-man Wrath heroics are with current gear levels. Everyone is so used to just acting like drunk stormtroopers charging through instances, pulling all the trash from the door to the first boss without stopping, not caring whether the dps pull aggro because dps now has health similar to tanks at the start of wrath.

    Enter the ICC5 instances, where a highly geared warlock can nuke himself on the skeletons (how we love spell reflect), soul storm does some significant damage keeping the healer on their toes, get out of the scream of death, poison nova, brand, cc / control in the HoR “room of wipes” and so on.

    We have to do things correctly again, tanks have to collect, retain and re-aquire aggro on mobs, dps have to know the priority kill order, remember in the PoS gauntlet not to do anything until the tank collects the mobs in the middle with the elite.

    In other words, we have to think while playing rather than zerging everything in sight.

    I think it rocks (tank / healer / dps alts 🙂

  1. 1 A tank with no army. « Pugnacious Priest's Warcraft Blog Trackback on October 3, 2010 at 12:08 am
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