4th 80 and its another priest

My second Priest  Ostara hit 80 over the weekend.

Yes I now have two.

Once upon a time, before there were duel specs , there was nasty rumours about people trying to make my main Zah heal. Besides the not wanting to cop the respec costs on a weekly basis, especially since I didn’t have epic flying. I didn’t like healing.
(It turned out.. I just didn’t like healing them.) I rolled a 2nd priest with the idea that if I was being forced to heal, I would say ” Fine – here is a healer.. gear her up if you want me to heal.” Of course that didn’t  work out, and she was abandoned at 70 in Wrath.

So because I really like priests She leveled 70-72 in bgs ( before the xp nerf.. ) and most of the rest has been done in Instances – less than a week later since dinging 80,  she is now on a Gearscore of around 3600  *  considering that  my other priest is healing the same instances with a Gearscore of 5300 ish in my healing set,  I don’t think she is doing too badly.

Her gear is mostly chanted, and gemmed with at least blue quality gems,   2 pieces of Tier 9 and as much Ilevel 200 gear she can get her hands on.   What is mainly failing her is trinkets.  Once I get them fixed then she will be uber.

I cashed in all hers and my Hunters Stonekeeper shards earned with the multitudes of instances done lately,  and got 40k honor from them,  so I bought a Pvp healing ring, more so that it was one piece of gear I wouldn’t have to replace in too much of a hurry,  well at least with the gear that’s obtainable so far.

She is however another 80 that won’t raid.

My main went a whole week without a raid,  not even an Ony,  or a GDKP  – I didn’t try – I spent more time standing around then I did playing her when I did log in.  I never got to kill putricide,  and now a new wing is out, and a little part of me is crying at all this missed content.   I was  in Naxx 1 hour after hitting 80 on my main,    I was in Ulduar on the day it came out,   I was in TOC the day it came out.   I look upon the ICC  instance portal with little pulls on my heartstrings.

*while gearscore doesn’t translate into skill,  I find it useful for at least tracking the majority of the quality of gear I am wearing on what ever alt

** Love the model view on armory,  I can post pics and not need my SS folder when I am not at home.

3 Responses to “4th 80 and its another priest”

  1. 1 Chaous January 20, 2010 at 4:14 am

    congrats on the priest 😀

  2. 2 Mia January 20, 2010 at 4:16 am

    Grats on the new 80. I have an 80 troll shaman and I have a tauren shaman that I made after duel specs came out. Why? because my husband has 10 toons and I want 10 toons also…but I HATE rogues. I can’t stand them at all. I try to give love to them…but they piss me off too much. I hate the class…so another shaman 😀

  3. 3 KiwiRed January 22, 2010 at 1:36 am

    Grats on the priest – you can never have too many 80s 😉

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