I am not a Raid healer.

They made me heal a ICC 10  on my main –  it was a pug run,  being run by a guildy alt.

Well,  no one made me .I did protest  something a long the lines of  ” You serious – I’ve only raid healed Ony – the rest has all been 5 mans and pvp.”

I had my eyes on 3 more bars to a new Ashen ring with a proc!  ( Squee) 2 badges to a piece of Tier ( Squee) so I was easily convinced.  I said yes ( with massive disclaimers)

I healed,  and hotted, and mended, and circled and did all the stuff a healer is supposed to do.    We killed the first 4 bosses easy – I had some difficulty with the next wing.

When we got to the two doggies,  and the decimate the shammy healer was having a go at me for not dispelling  something.  I’m like.  the doggies don’t do stuff u need to dispel,  and besides my VuhDo wasn’t showing anything.     I even linked him the recount for dispels/decurses/cleanses  for the run so far,  showing me  3 times as high as him, and the Resto druid,   She said instead of trying to prove something I should “f’ning do my job, because she had spent the last fight as a slime.

Oh..  a Slime.

“Can we kill the scientist before we kill the dog?”  I ask.  ( see I did know what I was doing?)   we had been pulling a scientist and one of the dogs at the same time, so at a decimate and my healing mod had everyone at red meaning ” heal heal heal  which overides the purple dispel prompt.  So I did fail, and probably have earned the animosity of the shammy for life,  especially since I pointed out to the shammy that I wasn’t the only dispel capable healer in the raid, so I hoped that they were having a go at the tree as well.

We killed Rotgut,  and called it on Fester, and considering I had only killed Rot in a pug, and tried Fester in a pug at Dps,  I am somewhat happy, and besides a new ring,  and Tier gloves I got new shoulders and a new offhand.   I did ok loot wise.   Still find it silly I need to heal to get upgrades for my DPS set, but what ever works right?

The experience also  made me realise how much more I need to learn about raid healing,   some of its mana regen,  some of it’s trying to determine the pace of steady and spike damage which is not as predictable as 5 man healing has become.  Knowing the fights as a healer rather than as a dps, not getting health bar fever,  and getting one shot because I was staring at other peoples healthbars,   it’s an adjustment in mentality.

I did ok,  I was 2nd on heals,  slaughtered by a resto druid,  but I know numbers don’t necessarily mean anything,   ( esp when the druid was at 67% over heal) and there was no wws to properly evaluation my performance.

The Dps player in me was ok with the healing when it was easy, but when it got harder,  and there were slimes, and spores to worry about – then I didn’t like it so much.   

I hesitate in caring, and it’s hard,  I found an area I need to improve in,  and the achiever in me  wants to challenge myself again,  and throw myself to the wolves,  sure!  I’ll heal – but then my shadow self,   the skin I feel most comfortable in  – says Nay don’t go there. 

Even my 2nd priest in all her holy glory ( and now 4.3k GS ) cringes a little at never do more than a 5 man.  However what else is there to do,  but challenge oneself?  (  or level yet another alt..  )

2 Responses to “I am not a Raid healer.”

  1. 1 Calrisian January 25, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    That frustrates me with vuh-do as well.. but still vuh-do rocks hard when it comes to healing. I just run decursive as well, one less batch of mouse binds on vuh do as well .. and it works oh so well.. left click the box dispel, right click the box abolish disease

  2. 2 crankyhealer January 25, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    If you want to really see how well you’re doing, you need a world of logs parse. WWS doesn’t count pw:s.

    I’d say install loggerhead and set it to log when you enter a 10 man or a 25. That way you don’t have to turn combat logging on or off (this saved our butts last night when husband said “oh crap i forgot to start the combatlog” and i said “now are you going to get loggerhead, noob?”)

    (Also if you are logging combat to put up the stats later, you can turn off recount which is a HUGE MEMORY HOG.)

    Hang in there. Raid healing is a wild ride, mostly triage, but rewarding when you can save a squishie from the jaws of death. Or not if he needs to be taught a lesson… “oops.”

    I haven’t had a problem using Grid & Gridstatusraiddebuff. It’s updated very well, and it shows you raid statuses on the raid members – sometimes raid statuses that are not poisons, diseases, etc.

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