I am a raid healer!

Monday night, with really no more gear upgrades for badges for my holy priest  Ostara  on Dath’remar I was faced with making money to buy/craft upgrades  or find a raid for better gear.

I saw someone looking for a healer for Toc 10 last night in trade – I told him I was a holy priest, I don’t have the achieve but I had 4.7 k Gs and had done it on my main – I got an invite and tottered along, and spent the next 2 hours wiping on Beasts in Toc 10. 

There was someone in the party who had never raided before,   and the two healers were having a lot of difficulty keeping the rest of the raid healed up after their fire or acid dancing of the rest of the party.  A Third healer to replace a low dps did the trick and beasts died.

We wiped a couple of times on Lord Jaraxxus before people had to go bed/get ready for school the next day.  

We were having  a conversation while waiting to see if we were going to call it,  I suggested that anyone who didn’t have it already get  DBM,  at the least – it would help get them out of fire quicker. ” I don’t need no stinking add on’s”  was one response.  A Elitist group  Summary on the those still left in the party  /eg summary  showed a druid with no gems, and no echants, and others missing bits ( will post more on my findings on using Elitist Group when I have more to say on it) Another player had ignored whispers from both me and the other healer  the entire run about them using a lower ranked molten armor ( spam whispers from the add on  Rank watch) So I explained on vent they needed to put the higher ranked one on their bar and use it, and it would shut up the add on.

As much as I want to raid,  I am not sure I want to go back so far in content,  but I also realise that with my gear ( 225 average) and that I am learning to raid heal – apparently doing well, that, that level of content is probably suited for  that toon,  but certainly not my main.  I am also missing I guess the professionalism I found in raiding guilds. No gems,  no echants  /cry   no Dbm or Big wigs /cry  Give them their due they made sure everyone had flasks and food and they seem like a great bunch of people, and to take the advise of an ex guildy and fellow blogger Silkwow  there are other nice people in guilds out there.  ( I do still lament on occasion the demise of my old raiding guild – especially since news of more of  my ex guildys leaving raiding, and the game reach my ears)  

They asked if I would join their guild,  which I politely declined  but I said I would raid with their 10’s again – so I have calender invites for their 2 raid days this week.  So I see how we go.

Ps  I may be a raid healer now,  but I am not a holy priest blogger….     yet    /clings tightly to my shadowy skin

5 Responses to “I am a raid healer!”

  1. 1 Sephrenia February 2, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Look to the light – “It’s so beautiful”…. I’m enjoying bubbles as well at the moment 🙂 Good luck in future raids.

  2. 2 crankyhealer February 2, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Honestly, you don’t have to be a hardcore raiding guild to require DBM or Bigwigs. Most guilds that raid at all require these. My little casual-raiding guild requires it for raiding, along with Ventrilo, and we “strongly encourage” Omen or another threat meter.

    “I don’t need no stinking add on’s”. Well I don’t need you dead on the floor either.

    I find it helpful to configure rankwatch so it only tells ME that someone is using the wrong rank. Then I go ahead and tell them “are you aware that…” in whispers, vent, or whatever.

    • 3 Pugnacious Priest February 2, 2010 at 11:33 pm

      I shall do that with my rankwatch – I didn’t expect it to be so spammy – though part of me belives if you are using a lower ranked spell, and still continue to do it after being told you probably deserve to be spamed till you fix it 😛

      • 4 crankyhealer February 3, 2010 at 12:06 am

        Well, I have been guilty of using the wrong rank before. Actually it’s quite easy to leave rank out of your macros, and they simply auto-update to the highest rank. The problem is dual spec. Blizzard a few patches ago decided to auto-update your ranks of spells on your bar when you learn a spell, so we no longer have to get out our spellbooks and fix them all. However, it only updates the icons for the toolbars of THE SPEC YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN. So if I learn some new ranks of moonfire in my cat spec, it will not update my moonfire on my toolbar in my resto spec. For certain talents that you use in ALL specs (inner fire comes to mind), this can be an annoying problem.

  3. 5 rynaa February 2, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    I might see you around on the server 🙂 I just transferred there a couple of weeks ago.

    I hardly raid at all yet, would like to do some casual raiding, but I still have omen, DBM, and vent. Even in 5 mans I find DBM useful

    I might have to ask for some advice later on about shadow stuff as well, as I’m just starting out a new priest (level 12 currently) for shadow

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