Buff Mana regen in BG’s

Because of the resilience changes,  it’s taking a little more mana to cut down the people who have resilience – or top them up when they are getting cut down. Which means I use more mana.

Someone takes damage  -Heal Heal ( Shield) Heal Heal Heal…   OOM.

I think they need to balance mana regen better,  at least for priests in Bg’s a little more. Especially when there is healing to be done,  there isn’t much time to sit and drink ( easy gank target)  you can’t stop healing the flag carrier to allow for some regen, your fiend is on 5 min cool down,

NO I”m not going Disc!

Maybe it’s my fault for having a PVP heal set.  Not as much mana regen going on there,  and I already lose one of my resilience trinkets by replacing it with my Mp5 one.  I am really only as useful as the  size of my available mana.  Unless I pew pew on my wand. 

I healed and dps’d this weekend in a few Bg’s on my main. I am trying to farm my honor for a complete new pvp set.  1.2 k resilience now in my dps kit,  and I’m still getting carved like butter by rogues.  I can pee them off.  Trinket out of one of their stuns, and get a fear off  but then they vanish and come back.  I hit disperse,  they stop their stabbing,  wait for disperse to finish, an they stun me  again.

 Curse you rogues! May you all get eaten by a troll 

( and yes I know that’s a human rogue – but I made this image for another post – and it’s the only rogue eating one I had – Apologies to trolls – I’m sure most of you don’t eat humans)

I found healing on the Isle a little funny.  You’re not really an affective player in that Bg while healing, unless you’re healing  the taking of a node,  or are behind enemy lines healing the people  doing the bombing of the gates inside.  

I was getting my butt whipped by disc priest healers in WSG  but then they introduced a reduction to shield spell effectiveness  so they don’t seem to be scaling as comparatively better.

Pee’d off by a Warlock who told me to drive so he could dps in the Strand.  “I is healer!”  I said and rode off looking for people to heal.  As a dps I like being a vehicle passenger.  I can fear, I can dot, and flay, all the while  – but its a bit hard to heal the people defending the vehicles if I am driving.

Well that was some of my weekend adventuring. The other half of it was spent on a Cardboard battlefield.  (and yes that unpainted warrior   is mine..   I found a better figurine to use.  This one actually has plate armor and a proper weapon, and as I am playing a fighter is more appropriate then my pirate wench. And Kudos to G & J for bringing  Cheese, Olives and Biccys!  Adding some decadence to our gaming sessions

7 Responses to “Buff Mana regen in BG’s”

  1. 1 teac77 February 8, 2010 at 5:43 am

    I suppose Psychic Scream doesn’t help much against rogues either.

  2. 4 tavita February 8, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    I think it’s because blizzard is trying to make pvp gear un-usable, or at least less desirable in the pve environment (i.e. smaller mana regen and mana pool for casters, and not enough +hit for dps’ers). Once upon a time back in vanilla you could use the same set of gear for pretty much anything (within what your spec was anyway). I have to say I kinda liked that much more, but they had to change it for the arenas so they could “balance things out”. Ah, fond memories of running around in my knight-captain shoulders on dwarf pally though Molten Core swinging my unstoppable force : )

  3. 5 Ngita February 8, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Healing I have litle issues, sure I can run oom, but if I havd done 200-300k healing and they are not dead yet? Healing is’nt the problem. Cleansing? can be a fast way to run oom, I can burn 20k mana cleansing a dk’s dots running the length of wsg and he is’nt even hitting me for significant amounts ,its all ranged.

    • 6 Pugnacious Priest February 9, 2010 at 12:25 am

      I do, do a lot of cleansing in bgs – I can see it’s there on my mod, so I cleanse it as part of my healing, didn’t even think about it as it has just become so habitiual Cheers for that! – no more cleansing ( or less )in bgs which will imrpove my mana.

  4. 7 Catsevii February 9, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Resi has been buffed AND healing has been nerfed when in PvP, making BG healing rather dull and underwhelming.

    I was playing on my lvl66 Disc priest last night in BG’s and found it rather difficult keeping myself alive, get an MS effect on top of that and you may aswell /sit.

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