These boots aren’t good enough for raiding anymore.

I think I had this delusional idea,  that as long as I  kept my gear neat and tidy, ( gemmed and enchanted)   that with the state of loot today I would be able to either badge gear / make / buy boe’s that could keep my gear at a comparative raider level. 

It hit me as I healed the weekly on my main last week- all the while I was surrounded by people in 4 set tier 10, and much much better gear then I. I realised that  I won’t be able to catch up.

I’ve just geared up two alts to practically the gear level my main was at before ICC came out, and seen so much more easily obtainable loot available that the  makes the of wipes and clears on all the Wrath content  I ‘suffered’ ** through a waste.

It’s my fault.  I enjoyed the break from raiding too much  I blinked,  and now all the wings in ICC are open. I’ve missed out.

Of course I can always go in when everyone else burns out  – and raiding guilds start to lose their raiders after they get what hardmode achivements they can. Or I wait till I am  85  I am sure it will be a cakewalk.

I think this is me giving up on progression raiding on this side of cateclysm.

I need to raid to get better gear for my 2nd priest, and I finally managed to sneak into a Voa 10,   all the other times ive  tried to get a Voa pug   – I don’t have the achievement so I couldn’t link  – almost 3k sp, 5k Gs – and no one would take me.  Even as a healer.  I would explain – no achieve  on this toon, but my main has cleared it .

No response.

I am getting rejected by people who wouldn’t know how to dodge the firewalls on Sar 3d long enough to actually kill the drakes properly, and not zerg.

I am being rejected on loot pinyata kills. 

A friend offered to link me his achievement  – on the off chance that they didn’t check the name. I told him no,  that If I couldn’t get it without being honest then I didn’t want it. So no I am not making a fake achieve either.  Pride will be my downfall – yeah I know that.

On the other hand  I have played with enough ‘bads’ to know that an achievement link may be false and isnt a measure of skill, or care. So you do your best to filter out what potential ‘bads’ you can,  or like  an Ulduar 25 attempt my baby priest healed.   You wipe twice on Flame Leviathon, and then twice on Ignis trash before the raid keels over because the people who know what they are doing lose patience with the people who don’t.

So I shall continue to try and sneak into places on my 2nd priest for potential gear upgrades  and whittle away at my Justicar Goal on my main priest 7100/21k  Silverwing Sentinals . I will get there.

** not really suffering – yes some of it was painful,  but I did enjoy being a raider at the time.

4 Responses to “These boots aren’t good enough for raiding anymore.”

  1. 1 Akasza February 16, 2010 at 12:33 am

    That’s why I love my server. Everyone everywhere else is talking how you can’t do anything without achievement and gearscore…

    What have I done?
    Saw WG won.
    Opened LFG.
    Few people there.
    “Wanna join voa10?”
    “Yeah sure.”

    Some people spam trade “Rogue xxxx dps lfg voa10.”
    Ask and invite.

    Spam trade a bit “LFM voa10 class run need warrior tank, priest healer, lock and hunter” etc. blah blah, in the meantime some people ask around their friends and guilds. Raid fills up.

    We go.
    We kill.
    And that on my 4 level 80.

  2. 2 Klepsacovic February 16, 2010 at 1:58 am

    If only you were on my server. I don’t ask for achievements, I don’t do the crazy gearscore checks. Just don’t run around in crap and I’ll give you a try. Other people seem so afraid.

  3. 3 KiwiRed February 16, 2010 at 7:08 am

    What are these “raids” you refer to?

    *goes back to playing other games*

    (Still, I’m tempted to get the crafted cloth legs on my now-idling priest just so I can say I made them…)

  4. 4 Calrisian February 16, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    and that is why gear score is retarted .. not for nothing you seemed to be better geared then my disc priest (sporting about 4900 gs and 2500 sp or thereabouts) and me and a druid (less geared then I).. 2 healed voa10.. I am sure there was alot of luck there or some fantastic dps .. but either way .. gear score is just silly..

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