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Because I am passionate about writing – a potential fad in the making.


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  “A daily brain dump” – Or a place to write your 750 words which is the equivalent of writing 3 pages long hand apparently – read the intro  on the site as for the reasons for 750 words.  If you read me and don’t blog – ever thought about blogging -or don’t want to do a journal style public blog, and your not sure where to start – then this sounds like a great place.

I signed up for 750 words and wrote my first piece yesterday.  You have the option to share it on twitter on face book,   and sign into it via Facebook  – you can ‘lock your words up’ and that basically is an additional password on top of your facebook connect. You also can’t make the entry public unless you share it via FB or Twitter. ( as far as I could see)

When I signed up it was free ( yesterday) – but apparently its popularity has caused server issues, and the creator needs funds to keep the new server up.  So I got an email this morning from the creator , Bustor Benson advising its current members some of the following.

1. All existing users will get 3 free months

2. New sign ups will get 1 free month ( or, the remainder of the given month)

3. People will not be forced to pay… I will not turn off the site or people who aren’t paying but will let others help subsidize these users by gifting months.

Subscription fees look to be  $4 a month for a single month $3 if you buy in bulk month.

It has a points reward systems and badges. ( What is with everything leaning now towards ‘achievement’ orientated rewards systems.)

Where you write is rather clean and uncluttered – no ads. And it gives you a running word count, and when your done a time graph and some other analytics.

 I’m not sure I would pay for this.  Sure its only a small amount,  but I have several other free platforms available to me to purge my brain.  With any Fads or start ups- as is this case – they have a real life cost to the people who start them up.  It’s refreshing there are no ad’s, and he is trying a different approach – and maybe it will keep the servers up till it gets big enough to attract people who want to put ads on the site.

There are some things it does do which are a little different from other writing platforms,  and this is where a little time is needed to consider it’s use  from the screen shots below.  My obsession for coffee comes out even in random typing.

It doesn’t look like it likes the browser I am on at the moment ( I SS it after my post last night and saved it to my WP Media), and it’s slow on my Iphone so I can’t tell you what I wrote – but I did 800 odd words about stuff, which included food. Coffee and writing.  I am not sure where it got affectionate from, unless my ‘love’ of coffee has confused it with affection, but I am going to try and use it daily and see what happens and what the stats look like after the month.

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