Is an Offset – really a complete offset.

I was thinking as I changed into my Pvp set  – at how many pieces I still had on that were PVE  It was only my weapon, offhand and wand because I don’t have an arena rating to get them, but then I did some more fiddling because I was told that anymore then 1k resil  is not really useful in arena.  (1.3 resil with a resil flask in a bg) , so I swapped back in a trinket for an extra 111 sp ( that never melting icecrystal Boo yeah!)

My healing set on my Shadow Priest is similar. I use some of my dps gear as my healing gear out of necessity – which is fine for the content I am healing now.  5 mans – the first 6 bosses in ICC –  It’s a gimped out set of mixed pieces of Dps, TOC, ICC, and badge tier 9  – It’s not really a complete set.  It does the job  – but it could be better. I always feel a little guily healing.  I have done the best I can with my gear, on, and offspec – but I am not really a healer.  So my priorities on gear for offspec will aways be lower – and I am not going to put in as much effort and thought.  I think I am doing ok though.

The  just announced via Facebook that ICC Raid Buffs are now live.  Yeah for %5 more damage and healing.   That there is going to get us  Rot tonite. ( well at least help.. ) and I hope we use it – because apparently there is an option to tell the buffage dude to go away. So if I end up healing or dps.  5% is 5% . Looking forward to see the difference.

With this offspec business though,   there has been so many stat changes,  of recent,  that the pieces and stats that have been interchangeable  but with the new stat changes being introduced – and stuff like spirit being more for healers – the gear may not be as flexible.  I think I might need to build a true offset ( when it happens)

2 Responses to “Is an Offset – really a complete offset.”

  1. 1 Ngita March 3, 2010 at 12:27 am

    The problem with complete offsets seems to be lag.

    So I have my hit/haste with gem socket neck or my mp5 neck. Obvious choice would be the hit/haste neck as I am low on hit. But the dps neck is ilvl 226 and the healing neck is 251 and as such has a lot more spell power.

  2. 2 Jasyla March 3, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    I don’t think my offset will ever be complete. I use a lot of my healing gear for moonkin, and while it does okay my balance of haste to crit is way off. I do find it pretty easy to pick up hit rating pieces for offset in raids though. Most of the real caster dps tends to have an abundance of hit rating and the hit pieces get passed.

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