Misc thoughts that don’t deserve their own post.

Am looking for a new country to live in.  Am thinking maybe Finland – I love Australia,  but this internet censorship thing is really concerning.  Especially when our politicians are already hiding a specific cloud tags on their own site by editing ‘borrowed’  ( link is the the code writers blog request for the minister to remove the code from his site)  code to to avoid the phrase “ISP filtering”  appearing.  The UK  also seems to have it’s own issues with its Digital Economy Bill.  What I am sure that they don’t realise  – in both these cases.  That the coders, and the tech people that they employ to implement all these things and pay them pittance  are  verses a whole community that will quite happily try find loop holes for free. 

Have not managed to get past level one on Star Trek Online

I have commenting issues on some posts because of the browser I use when I do a lot of my reading at lunch.  Nuff said.   I can’t see buttons – or validation pictures so I have these wonderful comments and then can’t publish them. So I don’t want to read the posts untill I can comment on them,  and then they pile up a little.

When I left my server to go to BR I think I was the 14th or so best geared Shadow Priest on server. Coming back,   I am now like number 60 odd, and that is with  2 piece tier 10 and ICC crafted boots and legs. 

Was introduced to music from Bat for Lashes, and Poets of the fall, and am really liking them.

I have to be careful with theseFrozen Orbs. They are an issue again.  I am still finding runs where everyone rolls greed.   I normally skip the selection on the Orb untill I see what other people are doing because some people still select greed.  Am now trying to get in ” Everyone need” on orbs before the roll – because occasionally 4 people will roll greed, and the last person will roll need – and you can’t realllllly call them a ninja . I am not sure why blizz can’t make it a straight roll.  Who would have thought pixellated balls of ice would have so much drama potential.

Tea bag coffee tastes flat.

My holy priest ( priest #2 )  was picked on because she only dinged 80 in 2010.  His 2009 dinger was better then my dinger even though I outgeared him ” Do I get bonus points if this is my 4th 80 I asked and my first dinger was from 2008? ”

Found cat hair in my work’s mouse wheel when I pulled it apart.  Am scared to think what my home one is like.

When someone you have played with gets flamed on forums,  and even though what was said may be true – that they are a terribad player – I feel uneasy cause they are a really nice person and quite and sweet   I honestly would never want to raid with them where their dps was essential, and they are unlikely to read the forums  – but they have enough friends   that I am sure would tell them  – and I was thinking how hurtful to be told that there is a thread dedicated to telling  you to delete your toon. 

Has been thinking about trying to write a little more seriously about gaming.

5 Responses to “Misc thoughts that don’t deserve their own post.”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic March 4, 2010 at 1:13 am

    I fear for you Australians. All societies need some anarchy to stay sane and stable. This is why the past sucked so much: too much control everywhere. But anarchy is dangerous. So put it in the safest place: nowhere and everywhere.

    My mousewheel only has crumbs. Sometimes I take it apart and wash the entire thing. I did that once with my keyboard too, but it took too long to get all the keys off and to try and then get them back on.

  2. 3 Sunborn @ Hellscream(EU) March 4, 2010 at 11:50 am

    >Am looking for a new country to live in. Am thinking maybe Finland

    I nearly chocked on my morning brew (tea, in my case 🙂 upon reading this. I’ve never commented on your blog but I read it, daily. Several times per day actually.. (I blame my job :-P). Apart from the content (which I find very relevant for obvious reasons 🙂 I just love your style 😀

    Now, Finland would be an experience for an Aussie I’d guess – we’ve got the same temps as you, but true to our bright and warm nature we slap a negative on the front :-P. Not quite as bad as getting “50 DKP MINUS” but -20 is normal and this year we got two weeks of below -30. Talking of centigrade here, of course, no Imperials for us. 😛 Plenty of snow too. Oh, and btw the official definition of a “heat wave” is +25.

    But we’re friendly bunch – and quite a few fellow WoW’ers here.
    So, if you ever get beyond mere musings, be sure to tell that on your blog and I’ll get back to you. And if you really get over here the first beer is on me 🙂


    • 4 Pugnacious Priest March 4, 2010 at 11:52 pm

      I guess your beer would be even colder then ours but does it taste as good? It would be a big weather adjustment though cheers for reading, and good to hear from a first time commenter.

  3. 5 Arelianna March 5, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Move to Italy. Lots of sun, lots of food, mild winters, lots of good food, laid back society and goverment, and LOTS of GOOD FOOD.

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