When you play. Play.

My Sifu used to tell us at training.

When you eat. Eat.
When you read. Read
When you walk. Walk  ect.

This was as we were learning a new Kungfu form, we had learned the moves, and were just going through the motions, and not executing them with real intent.

He demonstrated to show us how we looked. He started our form and made a block and Fist smash move, then said outloud ” So what’s on tv tonight?” he moved his leg forward in a kick in to the next stance ” I wonder whats for dinner” Grab and pull ” I still need to pay my Telephone bill” Sweep and block  ( he then made us do horse stance for 5 min as punishment )

He could tell we weren’t in the moment – and that our lazy motions, and lack of intent was being caused by us thinking of other things when we should have been thinking about the form. Our performance was not what it could have been – if we had been paying attention to the task at hand.

We go through the right motions when we aren’t paying complete attention to things – but we don’t do them with intent. 

My Duel PC screens are a blessing and a distraction at the same time for gaming.  Australians are already  multitasking our TV viewing and  Computer use   we also listen to music,   chat on msn, Psts in the middle of a boss fight,  browsing web comics, news or web posts, mobile phone,  home phone, friends, Write blog posts..    ( Sorry!) family distractions and so on. 

How much of your gaming time is spent really in the moment.

Honestly. None. In raids I shutdown as many distractions as possible  – if there is music it has to be on my cd /mp3 player in the lounge  not in my earphone , I might go away or offline on msn,  but more often I’m not.  I once tried to have a msn voice conversation and a  guild raid vent  at the same time.  ( just don’t push to talk the wrong thing )  I have a friend who keeps linking me Youtube videos while raiding.  You know who you are! Then there are those “oh shiney” moments and my mouse has skipped over to my 2nd screen.

 Is gaming meant to be about being in a gaming moment? Or only as a layer of activity or awareness.   There are moments when 100% of your attention is needed – but more often not.

You have to wonder if that ugly facial expression on that grandslam tennis players face is because they are Im’ing in their brain – or concentrating on that moment the ball hits the racket.

Does the definition of playing a social game allow for these extra layers of activity and awareness – and does that contribute to a MMORPGs popularity and appeal?

In a raid with my guild someone made a comment about the other activities they were doing while they were interrupting.  He wasn’t missing the interrupts  – still doing awesome dps – but he also wasn’t paying 100% attention.  This wasn’t necessary bad for his performance,  or the raid.   Just a fact that the activity allowed him to multitask meant that he wasn’t as engaged in the moment.

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  1. 1 Arelianna March 5, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Haha is seems like you handle the multitasking pretty well, and I wish some of my peeps could do the same. In fact this post brings back memories of many of my raiders who were constantly AFK or not paying attention, and usually at the most inopportune times…like when a fire wall is coming during a Sartharion encounter wtih 3 drakes up. Ahhh…Sky the resto Shammy, I will never forget your wipe-causing AFKs.
    I wouldn’t say WOW or gaming needs your undivided attention all of the time. Most of the time, even. I mean when you’re doing something routine and monotonous like dailies or farming saronite or what not I know I’m gonna turn on the TV. It’s how well you can “get the job done” and have your focus divided that matters. So if you’re like my boy Sky, your eyes and ears better be glued to the game. If your focus level is slightly more advanced, it’s kind of an impressive skill, I think.

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