Blogging Identity V Real Identity

Looks nothing like me but its a morph of an old pic and my Avatar

I know this is a topic that has been covered by others,  but not by me,  and people got mixed responses from the people who commented on their posts as to how much your blogging identity and your real identity should mix with each other in a blog such as this.

The popular consensus was  – It’s your blog write what you want to.  Most don’t make any money from it – and I guess few would make enough to make a living on blogging about Wow so therefore your not obligated financially at least to provide content that people want.  ( am open to suggestions though if there is something you want me to talk about)

I was prompted to originally write about this because of an experience of someone who twittered under a fake name and got a lot of media attention in Australia a little while back, and lost a job because of it. Leslie Nassar wrote in The Punch Why it was time to kill the Fake Stephen Conroy

He says ” If you mix your personal and professional, or personal and satirical voices online, nothing good comes from it. It destroys the mystique …..”

The Pugnacious Priest is a persona – that probably slips more then is kept up.  It’s part of me, but I ‘m not like the qualities that the definition  suggests all the time. Pugnacious  Tough, callous, Hardbitten, ready and able to resort to force or violence, rough, aggressive, quarrelsome.  I was doing a martial art at the time of starting the blog – and could describe in detail what the purpose behind every move in our forms were for.   Smashing,  breaking, ripping  I’m opinionated  I’ll defend/stand up what is mine and what I belive , I  think I have a pretty good moral compass. But I think I am also warm, caring, funny, ‘mothering, ‘ creative,  I can also be flakey, unreliable ( lately) , a little calculating,  perhaps too brash, forward, and maybe even too flirty.  It’s my fault maybe for picking a descriptive word as part of my identity – but I’m rather attached to it now.  Not interested in changing it. I just don’t write pugnaciously all the time.

I was prompted to post/relook at finishing this post because of Tobolds Whine  for Whiners day yesterday on  the complaints he gets when posting personal stuff, it’s your blog and you can write what you want to ..  write what you want to , I also remembered a post he wrote about his Buzz account and the wanting to keep parts of your life separate. I fail at that sometimes – its a little bit of work trying to keep yourself seperated – usernames passwords, different social media,  and there has been a lot of chatter recently on keeping your identities seperate – Ingame – Real life- Blogging  – I get called 4 different names now,  My real name, my blog name, my main toon’s name,  and my online nic I’ve kept for  15 years – I don’t know who ‘I’ am anymore.

I am finding  that it is now  much harder it is to separate my  identity, ingame and  outgame with my blogging persona, and the slight increase of my own content where I probably have been a little more open, is the result.    

An increasing amount of people I have interacted with be it in game /real life  know about this blog. I got a whisper from someone last night from an old guild letting me know they read –  “Hi!”  I’ve met them at a guild meet up,  broke bread, and sat in a hotel room full of guildys and gotten drunk with them. While it has all been good feedback so far – I feel a little censored & exposed because of who might read this – and not like what I have to say. 

Ok.  I can’t hold it in.  “ That 25 ICC run on Friday night really got my heckles up, and I wanted to smack most of you down for way you spoke to each other and B*tched and moaned the whole time. I mean no wonder you only wanted 4 bosses.  We had the Dps – just not the right attitude to keep going even if we tried. 

^^ No idea if the people in that raid will read it,  but yeah  if he knew and told her,  who told him, who told him ect. 

 What used to be well guarded information is not so private and I think it’s because  I miss being able to talk about the blogosphere openly when I play, SAN has been good to pop into on weekends,  but  it’s not part of my during the week playing and raiding.   Having people in my guild that wrote about Wow was like a complete new level of gaming fulfilment.  They heard my voice – and my writing voice.   Though sometimes hearing someones writing voice can make you think you know you more than you actually do about them – and get disappointed when it’s not quite the person you thought they were.

So while the content of this post is probably as I wrote earlier ” probably a little more open”  ( I also seem to get more comments when I’m bleeding my heart’s blood on the screen)    – I’m reluctant to talk less about what I experience as what I experience is tied up into being me even if the lines are blurring between keeping myself as a pixelated avatar – and telling you that I had Satay noodles for lunch and they were nice.

Will nothing good come from it?  I don’t know?  I guess I shall keep plodding along.

2 Responses to “Blogging Identity V Real Identity”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic March 18, 2010 at 4:28 am

    I am fortunate to have great simplicity: My online identity in any location is Klepsacovic. This is the “not me but me” identity which I can choose to make whatever I wish. Or so I tell myself. My real life identity, that is a different name. I have next to no overlap. A few friends could tell you my online name and a few online friends could tell you my real name, very little overlap. My blog and game identities aren’t secrets, I just avoid putting my blog identity into WoW; though the reverse is not true. Oh then there are my two other blogs; one slightly political, the other more than slightly and intentionally ridiculous.

    I was wrong when I said I had more simplicity.

  2. 2 Cassandri March 18, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Great picture merge btw!

    I sometimes wonder my readers would think of me if they played in the same guild as me (after knowing me only through the blog). I’m sure they would be surprised.

    I’m a lot sillier and also a lot more impatient than I think comes across in my writing.

    A guild member posted a link to this list on MMO Champ:

    And it was interesting to pick myself out of the 25 “types”. I know which one sounds the most like me, at least the most like how I think, but I think I hide the most impatient and demanding (and bossy) side of me from my guild and DEFINATELY from my readers.

    Hmmm topic for a post?

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