Random Weekend Purge.

This is one of those  – not enough words to dedicate to it’s own space sorta post and when 4 80’s and 2 side project alts are just not enough to keep you entertained.

Pugnaciouss is 20   and is mounted, and is enjoying popping into SAN every  now and then. Healing at <20 as a holy priest involves Renew and Sheilds.  I usually renew, and shield the ‘tank’ as well as the druid in bear form  pretending to be the tank,  and then go about smacking things with my staff or wand. It’s been refreshing to do the lower content as it should be done.  I did Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep to level me to 20 ( never been in Shadow Fang before.. )  and I now have flash!  yeah! I don’t think LFG group woes change at any level.  “Anyone got any water”  “OMG your only doing 10.4 dps”  How did you get rez  sickness?,  Why are you needing on gems?

9k/21 to Justicar.   342 flags  & at least  114 more wins to go.  35 REP a flag   I am stilll trying,  and I believe it will get easier the next patch.

The suckiness of the server can be determined by a) How many Ninja posts are in realm forums,  b) How many Douchebad/Bad lists / don’t group with lists people try and start c) How many people post “Realm transfers LFG or or “5.7K GS Pally LF raiding guild  d)  ALL OF THE ABOVE

There is a guy who pops up in random realm trades looking for a in-game wife,  I chatted to him once,  not because I was interested  – I was curious.  He wasn’t coming across like a 14 yo out for a thrill and a Deep Run Tram Cyber Session.  So I asked him was he serious.  He said he was.   He was lonely – worked long hours, and wanted to have someone to talk to while he played.  He was willing to transfer for the right woman,  and was keen to have a vent conversation to get to know them first. He also had maxed out his cooking,  so 450 cooking wasn’t a requirement.  ( yes I asked) and I wished him the best of luck finding the right gal. 

I almost App’d  – ok I filled in half the App & gave up. To Bigcrits  “a reality show about an end-game World of Warcraft raiding guild” I was looking more at being one of those silent guild members  that doesn’t get featured. I thought I could be that kooky Aussie chick shadow priest whose accent you could make fun of.  Yeah.   Then I thought  about lag / skill – don’t think I am good enough /  and did I really want to get up at 1am in the morning and raid untill 4am, ( if I was accepted.. and I think that was the right time conversion.. ) and no I don’t want that sort of attention – But it sounds worthy of following to see how they go –  if only to write about it.     The App had a “Do you blog” question which I thought was interesting.  I’m following them on their Facebook  and they have a joined/left guild feed up,  and someone has already left!  Drama already… ?

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  1. 1 warrior guide April 22, 2010 at 9:20 am

    “OMG your only doing 10.4 dps” LOL xD

    The story about the guy searching for an ingame mate sounds awfully familiar… Wasn’t there a story about 1year ago when a couple that got to know each other in WoW actually got married RL?

    Or was it about a breakup where the girl broke into the house of her friend and DELETED this chars as revenge for something? Because he chatted with another girl? That’s why I don’t share passwords! 🙂

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