I Blograge.

Partially inspired by Tamarind from Righteous Orbs post Don’t  go wasting your emotion because

“……… the only emotion you’re allowed to have / express in WoW is rage”

Bloggers aren’t really respected. Our writing is rarely legitimized. Sure bloggers entertain / inform /provide slants on the world/ can get more hits then a journalists news article but the general impression is that we blog to rage in a forum where the niceties of journalism isn’t really necessary and mostly we do it for free to anyone who will listen.

Maybe if more ‘serious’ media decides to push the paying for content business, then bloggers will get more legitimacy as leatherbacked swivel chair reporters.

I like raging about public transport. I mean people put the puh in public, but human interaction with people who aren’t those we choose or care about is part of daily life.   I also see nice things on public transport – sweet things – in those times people dare to make eye contact – offer seats,  move out of the way without being asked or poked – give someone their newspaper – pick someone up off the floor when they fall – insist  a tired pregnant women sit down when she looked like she was about to collapse, but I don’t want to talk about them.

We chose how to live and interact – we chose how we blog.

I don’t want my blog to be a pile of seething rage over the bad things that happen to me in WOW – as I type I can think of several ‘moans’ I would like to make.


Suppression successful.

But one day I will stop playing – and somewhere in google cache I am sure my words – my record of my experience in Wow will  remain.

One of my first web comments is still viewable as cache.  Back when I started using the internet in earnest – and I had regular access  via Uni,  and also back when websites liked you commenting to say that you had been by in guestbooks..  remember them?  I was 18! Forgive me for my language.

^^ Me!

Stuff I wrote ,  Well that comment has survived for more then  a decade.  A Decade let that sink in.  I am sure there is more out there if I looked.

We play a MMORPG : a public game – and nice people or the people who just go about their game aren’t worthy of being talked about much – but I guess that’s the same in real life as well

Everytime someone does or says something nasty – I am thinking I should SS that comment and blog about it.

I’m blogging this panties because they don’t have the tshirt anymore via Thinkgeek

.  Mumbles at fail druid in WSG that complained that I should shut up and stop Rp’ing because I said ” I love the smell of WSG in the evening.. ”

It was supposed to be a “I’m a nice person – lets play together- and have fun  because I have just broken the ice and tried to establish some sort of comradery  with a bunch of strangers”

But he stunned the rest of the BG into their little shells and no one else said a word bar screaming over Bg Chat. ALLIANCE NOOBS

I don’t write about many things that make me feel all gooey inside. Random strangers can’t really do that. I don’t have many moments where another random player has made made me feel like  squeeing or think that was a  gooey and good experience”

Sure I have good experiences – funnily most of them haven’t been by actually playing the game as intended – its been sneaking into places –  spending time with someone ingame – Role playing superheros in Gnomeraddon, working out how to get  into the horde inn in Dalaran and dancing on their tables, and flirting with their waitresses. Going on road trips through the barrens on our bikes killing flightmasters  ( hehe) – Guild events like our Guild Tauren Race, Ive talked about them.  But not so much good moments of playing the content.

I think I balance my rages out with things like silly posts on chickens and putting pictures of panties in my blog.

But I must start documenting good stuff – happy stuff.

Toddles off to find some.

2 Responses to “I Blograge.”

  1. 1 theerivs March 25, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    I’m sorry I blacked out at the nerd panties.

  2. 2 anexxia March 27, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    the stop RPing comments seem to be this week’s trendy putdown. 😦

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