Grey Warriors – The guild

It took me about an hour,  of standing in Stormwind, and making occasional trips down to Goldshire to get my Sigs to create my own guild. Blackrock has people playing at all hours,  but  AEST peak there weren’t as many people as there would be back on Dath around the lobie areas, and Stormwind.

It was  a bit of a marketing experiment

I  was prepared to pay 15 gold a Sig, but as Gevlon Suggested I offered 10gold.  My target market was  unguilded people under level 40. 

Because I wanted to stay local I offered in Stormwind General Chat   ” Paying 10 gold for Guild Signatures”  that got me one response” After waiting a min or two I tried again,  and got me no one.   So I headed down to Goldshire, a level 1 priest who promptly got in my bike when I located him via inviting to party, told me to drive him around.

Got his signature , and I did a lap around Stormwind for him – and headed back to Goldshire –

I found another person and targeted her with a  “Hi!  – Im paying 10 gold for a guild signature” – she signed, got paid, and I offered her a lift to Stormwind, 

Thinking I was onto some brand new marketing strategy after driving her to SW  – I advertised in General in SW again “Paying 10 guild for  a guild signature – with a free bike ride!”

No one responded.

So for the next 40 min,  I stood in SW  psting people with my Hi! message to lobies and bank alts,  and slowly and surely I got my 1o, and only needed to get one friend to pull out an Alt in SW for a signature. 

I tried one 80 – and even after offering 20 gold and an explanation that I was after sigs for a ‘bank’ guild  – he wasn’t interested – but yeah 20 gold to me at 80 means nothing so I understand.

At the same time there was a low level Warrior,  shoving a guild charter in guildless peoples faces ( including me)  demanding they sign.  He was doing better than me, and that annoyed me.  I was being polite – Offering decent compensation – and even taking people for rides –  I traded them the gold first and then requested signature, and yet here was this noob with no manners, no compensation getting more sigs then I.

Truth be told I think I may have stolen one or two people off him

There was one hunter who I had to explain  the significance  of the signature to,  and he wanted to stay in the guild when it was created,  but I had to kick him like everyone else.

When the guild formed – I thanked them all again,  and the ones that were still online I gave the option of Gquitting before I kicked them.

We will see how long it lasts – at this point of the game  all I want is reasonable access to content,  and on this realm I will get it.  I can probably count on one hand in the last 12 months the times I have used  a guild supplied flask.  I put down as many fish feasts as I ate,  and always have my own flasks, and appropriate buff food on me.  I used some guild repairs on progression hardmodes back in the day – but stopped donating gold to the guild bank into one guild when it would disappear into officer only repairs.

I have not liked guild banks since being an officer in one guild, and seeing the inequality of those who gave – and those who took.  I guess that’s life – but there is nothing a guild bank can provide me, that I do not have the resources  to provide myself.  

As for company – have more ‘friends’ on BR then I do on Dath – so even as a Grey Warrior I can’t see me lacking for entertainment.

5 Responses to “Grey Warriors – The guild”

  1. 1 Dusknoir April 9, 2010 at 1:58 am

    You should have posted you were looking for signatures! I’m certain at least 10 people would sign on Blackrock to help. Best of luck with the guild. :]

  2. 2 Pugnacious Priest April 9, 2010 at 2:36 am

    @dusk then I wouldn’t have had a post on the marketing failures of value added incentive for guild sigs 😛

  3. 3 Dharmabhum April 9, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    It’s a good call setting up a gbank for yourself. I have my own guild on a server with plenty of alts, and even though it’s a guild for some IRL friends too they don’t play very often so it just ends up as my own. The gbank is great to easily transfer things to other toons, hold reserves of whatever non-soulbound stuff you have, and its just an amazing space allotment with second and third tabs being relatively inexpensive. I love it!

    I’ve also run into issues though. A guild wanted to pick me up for their 25 roster but as I’m GM of my own guild, I didn’t really want to leave. But its a nice excuse if you DON”T want to leave too!

  4. 4 Bri April 30, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    I’ve found one of the best incentives to signing a charter in low-level areas to be Netherweave bags.

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