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I follow a few indie / Mineral Make up review blogs  and noticed  – in their own very supportive circles that they have their own awards, and give out badges. Reminds me of those old webrings for fan sites and the such.

There are also Tech Blogs that get ‘awards’ from things all the time – but usually they are more serious things, and such things like the Weblog Awards  ( I don’t even think a Gaming blog so wow specific would even qualify for a nomination in the Tech section) maybe the internet doesn’t take our little corner of the blogging world seriously enough to merit notice,  and besides  we do blog about a very centric topic.

I’m also not really an appropriate authority to be handing out awards of any merit, and besides happy feel good awards like ” best blog,  Funny of the week” – “up and coming” – “drama” of the week  the only ones I can think of worth handing out are

  FIRST!  commenter award ( going to Klep)

and a Google Fu award to a particular reader  with good google fu.

oh and every one who mentions how awesome Shadow Priests are gets a special ” Best in Game” award.

I guess to give out ‘awards’ we would have to have a recognised central body that has the reputation and the authority to hand out these ‘awards’ then of course we can start wars over who is considered the ultimate authority  – and then what qualifies as a blog,  does it fit into a theorycrafting category – a screenie blog, a blog with odd posts that go off topic  and disqualification if 50% of your content is not actually useful in anyway.

We have had a  Bloggers List of 2009 ‘awards’ list which was well thought out and presented for things like Design, content, ,  but no badges!

Since we are too serious to be handing out badges like ” I love your blog”  Can I just say I LOVE ALL YOUR BLOGS – and no you don’t get a badge because my love should be enough.

and this post is partially  because I am annoyed with a comment this weekend ”  why would you actually read a blog” 

Though to qualify their opinion – I asked ” Do you read anything?” with which they responded “No”

Edit – I was thinking more about this,  not sure if this will update your feed readers as well  but  – I mean I reckon I have more readers and google hits then some of the blogs that get nominated,  so what about about the bigger people  – that thousands find entertaining / informative   why aren’t WOW bloggers trying to legitimise our writing – Find some Blog awards and nominate the people you love reading.


It’s an idea.

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  1. 4 Larisa April 12, 2010 at 6:25 am

    I for one would love a more proper awardish thing for WoW blogs. Actually I remember writing to Matticus and suggesting him to run a thing like this a couple of years ago, as I started to blog. He never fell for the idea, so I did it myself. But I feel very very amaateur like as I’m doing it. The criteria are very vague and the judge isn’t to be trusted. she has her moods… This year I tried to involve the community a bit more. It was fun but also a bit overwhelming. It was hard to take care of the responses systematically… Maybe this could be a task for one of the community nodes such as Blog Azeroth/Azeroth United, whatever? I don’t know. On the other hand it’s kind of fun to do it. So I guess the PPI award will live on for a while longer, even though I don’t have any badges… Hm… Might ask someone to design one for me maybe?

    • 5 Pugnacious Priest April 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm

      I think the ‘who’ is the ultimate community node to handle it would be contentious, and perhaps split up the community rather then unify it – but the yearly thing – maybe try and encourage other people to do their own on a thought out / detailed scale, then the ‘decisions’ remain personally justifiable

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