Weekend round up.

and then..  and then.. and then…

I did stuff.

Got kicked out of HOR

Got Glory of the Hero   ( Finally)  and a red proto drake.  Apparently you can roll need  on orbs if your group is  5 premade.  We had to pug the 5th spot for a couple of the achieves we had left, and in telling them we were doing *blah*  one pug was like ” Do I have a choice?”  and nope – 1/2 an hour wait – or a  instance run with massively overgeared people and an achievement to boot.  What do you think he picked ?  He stayed of course.

Got that little bit closer to Justicar–  248 flags to go and I keep running into an ex flatmate/friend in WSG from another server. It’s kind of funny because I don’t see them them for months and months, and thenI run into them at the supermarket after work, and then I keep seeing them in WSG. If you were a believer in the Celestine prophesy then you would say that they have a ‘message for me,  or I them’ and fate shall keep throwing us at each other untill we work out what piece of information we need to pass on.    Or it could just be that we both like/have to do WSG. 

I won more then lost  – alternating between heals and Dps as I got bored of one.   Sometimes ended up healing as shadow as required anyway – I know healers are important in a Bg, but I love to Pvp, and chasing  flag  carriers like a obedient puppy dog is not fun.  The Grind to Justicar is long and hard, would rather lose  more ( does not mean camped)  and play – then grind, and never want to set foot in a Bg again.  I’m not big on achievements,  but this one means / will mean a lot to me – it’s supposed to represent something I love to do- rather than an achievement for the sake of an extra few points.

Pugged a 10 man ICC on main. 

Got told ” It’s good that girls play wow” by a pug rogue in one of the chattiest Pugs 10 man ICC’s I have ever been in.  ( I listened mostly – promise!  except adding suggestions for strats  – Like get on Marrowgars Hitbox)  I ended up putting down a few fish feasts just to get them to eat ( I find it amazing the amount of people still who ‘raid’ without food and flasks.)  

We got the first 4 bosses, and we did Heroic Gunship, Rot, fester, and Princes. Heroic Midnight Sun dropped on gunship – it went to the Shammy healer.  Better for him..  but it still would have been an 100 sp upgrade for me, and they has asked me to go 3rd healer after the first wing – so technically I probably could have called at least a fair shot on it because  a) it was a pug,  b) they did want me to heal c)  it was a significant upgrade . I didn’t kick up a fuss bar – I’ll have it if he doesn’t want it.  Mp5 is a wasted stat,  but 100 sp!  – I am allowed to lust after it – but I would have been upset if I were the Shammy.  

I might be getting a regular Gdkp 25 – and there is a pug 10’s group forming  every 5 min  ( ok not that often) but almost! – So there is no lack of opportunity.  Just need to work on making some more gold so I can bid the stupid amounts some of the things are going for in GDKP.

Thats the most exciting of the Wow stuff for the weekend – Hope yours was as fun

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