Spot for Sale on a Wow News site

I had to ask – and yes I know what site,  and I have an uncensored copy.

I thought of a few things when I saw this –

1) scam –  but they are from a very respected guild on the server and further investigations seem to imply that they are one of the founders of the site . Or at least share the same first name.

2)  Trying to drum up readership? –  their feed has 2 rss readers according to google reader

3) Desperate for gold – willing to sell a spot on your site for gold.   This here being the land of milk and honey for gold. ( well not quite the land of milk and honey – but if you have motivation –  it’s not hard).

4) The person who actually pays – whats that saying ” A fool and his gold is soon parted’ you won’t even be paying for a decent readership – and if you had any readers the appearance of a post – talking about someone – and it looks like this is a random person at that – ” So what makes you so news worthy?” is going to call into question why that person  was picked to write about.

“My name is and I like hanging out in Dalaran  – my sword glows real pretty”

I have my own blog for my own front page spot  – I was curious what site it was, because I’m sure someone who reads me has a opinon about this, and also because it calls into question,  in my mind the integrity of what you write.  I needed to know it wasn’t from somewhere I respected.

Mostly I am just sad – I mean I am not sure if taking gold for a spot on your Wow blog site,  is a breach of Blizzard TOC,   or at a stretch – fall under the FTC for not disclosing payment received for a post.   But I guess pushing a person, or a guild is not considered a product.

Maybe it was all a joke,  but it wasn’t a one-off post in trade.

Maybe I was the only person silly enough to ask for more information.

If I do see  a post about a person,  or a guild on that site,  then I will update.

And no I can’t call them out – because it will just generate traffic for them.  I can say – that their recent content does not seem to be  original  – and is mostly blue post copy’s with the occasional ad lib – so not so much a wow blog per say.

4 Responses to “Spot for Sale on a Wow News site”

  1. 1 HP April 26, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Wait, so were they offering you gold for a spot on your site or wanting you to buy a spot for gold??

    Either way, wow, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of such tactics.

  2. 3 Narx April 27, 2010 at 12:24 am

    It’s amazing what people will do for in game gold nowadays…

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