Where do we go from Here?

My 2nd priest is now on BR, and has already netted me 2k Gold in a GDKP  4 boss ICC

So I now have 2 somewhat ok  geared Priests on one realm,  and lots’s of  stuff to potentially do – and really only one goal. 

I wanna see the Lich king.

Wtfismygearscore has  my main Zahraah shadow set as 5925

Pugchecker  has me with an Average Item Level of 260.24

Wow Heroes  ( Go to the Realm Tab, and use the filter)  had me at 69th on server on my main  , and 22nd Alliance for gear  ( but that was a few peoples names not recently refreshed,  and I don’t want to refresh them all. 

Be Imba has my highest PVE score at 725.42

Warcrafter  has my Gear Score at 2124

Either way – no matter what measurement you use I’m not really up there  – but I’m doing ok, considering I have not been in a raiding guild obtaining gear – and I’m happy where I am at – just need tweaking, and 2 upgrade tokens for my Tier .  I’ve seen 10/12  10’s and 25’s ICC,  done some, and working on some hardmodes,  ( and not just hard mode loot boat)  

Everything I’m wearing  ( except the Wand  which came from my now 2 week regular 10’s)  has been Random Pugs /GDKPs / crafted and Badges. 

But WHY?

I mean I ho-ed my self out as heals when it was necessary to get inital ICC runs and they were more likely to take a not as geared/experienced healer.  ( amazing how prepared to change your play style when your goal is big enough)   Ran POS 22 times for a trinket,  Ran TOC 25 as often as possible for Reign –

I’ve got drive when I want something bad enough.

Worked on my gear – made sure I did the Random Daily for badges,  had some luck in pugs,  enough gold in GDKP’s  all to keep my gear at a level I would still be proud to wear if I app’d to a raiding guild – and not need gearing up so I can could see the Lich King.

But I didn’t app – and realistically I won’t.  I don’t have to.

It sounds rather unsociable.  But I am really liking the flexibility. Sometimes I have to wait to get a run I want, but ICC 10/25, Toc, Togc, Ulduar achievement runs, Naxx undying, The weekly,   Ony,  VOA  ( in the rare hours we have WG) are all accessable,  and my gear/experience means I usually can get what I want –   ( one day I will do Undying ) apparently opportunity is even better on Horde side.

Though what I do miss – is the downtime hours of a raiding guild when people always want to do other stuff. Hence the need for a grind for something do to / aim for / Tanking project

I’ve decided My next mindless grind will be  100, 000 Honorable Kills.   The reward is the title reward ‘Of the Alliance. ‘ It still will take a while, and it will give me something to work on.  Now I don’t need to worry about rep and honor = badges = more gold

I’m currently at 61638/100,000 and considering I got my  50,000  in December last year 11638 kills in 5 months – Let’s just say  – I have a really long way to go.

I will probably end up doing a Heap of AV for it.  I will see how hard it is to make decent progress – probably end up healing – gets me closer to the action and more kills.

I guess what’s more of a concern is that I need a grind to stay interested.

I’ve started playing Supreme Commander  because I loved Total annihilation,  and I have devoured Plants V Zombies on my Iphone,  and on my PC.  I guess when you want to hear  ‘Braiiinnzzzzz’ instead of ” Charrrrggggge” means I might be  clutching at straws to stay engaged.

4 Responses to “Where do we go from Here?”

  1. 1 Legendary May 18, 2010 at 2:30 am

    Can ya say burnout? Typical of the sit-back-and-twittle-your-thumbs part of the expansion. This is when I aim to level an alt for Cataclysm. Or maybe you don’t have those raid nights to look forward to? Either way, setting goals is what keeps you attached, instead of logging in to just grind VoA/Dailies/etc.

  2. 2 Drakenrahl May 18, 2010 at 3:20 am

    One thing that I’ve found while playing is that people will set their sights on some random achivement that’s hard to get, then feel somewhat disapointed when they get it, but don’t feel exited. Presonaly I think this is just because many people don’t get exited about completing a grind, nomatter how much work they put it or how rare or awesome the title you get is. The feeling is more of a sense of freedom from not having to keep grinding for it. What I would recomend is going for something that takes a group, some cordination, and a little bit of luck and see how you would feel once you reach the goal your group set out for. The only achivement I could relate to you geting justicar is 25 LK, however I got carried (I’ll admit it) to this during a trial period in my factions top guild, the feeling was nowhere near what it was after we killed HM deathwhisperer (I was present for all the attemps, so there was no feeling of being carried) or when my group of friends downed LK 10 regular. I don’t think its the rarity of the achivement that makes it feel good to get, I think it’s geting something that you were not sure you would be able to get.

  3. 4 Narx May 18, 2010 at 5:51 am

    AV or Isle of Conquest are good.

    BG9 Alliance AV runs tend to be zergs….

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