Remember That Boss?

It was funny being back in Ulduar, with my new guild, I  haven’t done anything past XT since at least my 10 man Algalon kill in January – but standing in front of Iron council,  and I didn’t even think and asked ” Who is doing Fusion Punch”  because it was always one of the dps that looked after it when I was in there before, and it was always a question that was answered before we pulled.   I went to my dot on the floor for Kolagarn, and my side of XT when we did XT.  I did these things automatically.

Larisa from the Pink Pigtailed Inn wrote her Ranking List over the Raid Bosses of Wrath and Cassandri did hers The 52 Raid Bosses of Wrath , the bosses that they thought were the most challenging, and the detail involved in determining what made each boss complicated made me think about all the stuff I know about those 52 bosses from my encounters.

Add in differences between 10’s / 25’s heroic modes, hard mode methods – and you add an additional layers of stuff you know.

52 bosses,  and I have attempted them all and have now killed them all on at least a 10 man or a normal mode with the exception of Lich

Then add up all the heroic dungeon bosses ( if you don’t skip any)

Ahn’kahet = 5 bosses

Azjol-Nerub = 3

Culling of Stratholme = 5

Drak’Tharon Keep = 4

Gundrak = 5

Halls of Lightening = 4

Halls of Stone = 4

Nexus = 4 ( +1 mini boss)

Oculus = 4

Utgardge Keep =  3  ( one boss encounter is 2 bosses but Im keeping it at one )

Utgarde Pinnacle = 4

Voilet Hold 3 bosses per instance,  but  7 bosses all up possible

53 more bosses / encounters.

So I at least have seen / know something about – and a lot in greater detail 105 boss encounters of varying length and difficulty from Wrath alone.

I could honestly stand infront of each,  and tell you probably  varying things about the boss.  Eg what type of abilities they have – spell locks,  stuns, what your supposed to do. Run when he does – Blah.   Stand there,  don’t stand there,  ( pre being able to faceroll the content) – I’d still need the context on some of them though.  Eg If you lined the bosses up – Id have some issues with models,  but put me in their room, and I would be able to tell you all sorts of stuff.

That’s  a wealth of information on over 100 different things,

I even think back to SSC,  and I may have done it once more after the content became redundant,  but I can still remember  things about each encounter.   In my brain I am standing at Najentus with a Spine through my chest,  hoping to be kept alive.  I am dogging Volcanos running down a hill. I’m In TK with balls flying at me.

Now think of 100 things you know in real life.  Not just learning to tie your shoe laces.  Things that require context that you need to explain, and things you know little bits about Eg celebrities, even family.

It’s amazing what you could drum up about people if you are shown a photo.  Married to.  Starred in.  Named their kid Apple.

Unless your  a total hermit your going to absorb information, and general knowledge.  Even the biggest noobs would be able to tell you  alot about different encounter, and we seem to have an infiniate ability to absorb new things.

This isn’t even considering the knowledge we have gained in navigating Azeroth. Boats to – flights to – run to – where the flight master is in every town and city
Will you remember the road to Stormwind in 3 years time.  Will you remember the boss encounters?

I’m pretty sure if you were stood in that same room. Looking into the eyes of what ever boss it is,  you would still remember  years and years after

Maybe my memory is different,  visual context seems to be important to my retention.   How amazing would this be if we could apply this  capacity to learn, and our passion to learn important stuff like  in the real world.

I went back through Kara for the first time in Ages with a good friend on their warrior recently   ( 😛 ) ,  and we two manned it all the way to chess.   ( Failed at 2 manning chess..    such a pain) but standing there with the doors to what ever room closing behind you – going.  Crap – what does this boss do again, and we were like ‘ Oh yeah..  this and this .. ”

Am I going to be 80 one day going.   ( in old ladies voice)   “When I was your age,  I had use key bindings – and some bloody noob would always move during flamewreath!”

4 Responses to “Remember That Boss?”

  1. 1 Klepsacovic May 25, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    And the children will laugh because noob was out of date 40 years ago.

  2. 3 Shiva May 25, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    I feel the same way about Molten Core… and that was only 5 years ago! No one even remembers what it was like to be the first group on your server to pull Lucifron. Lucifron was hard once.

  3. 4 Narx May 26, 2010 at 5:02 am

    Most content was hard once.

    It’s sad how easy things are. I mean look at Heroic Shattered Halls. That place was a nightmare and was probably close to H MgT as far as difficulty is concerned… yet now it’s typically faceroll.


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