New guild week 1

I’ve been raiding 3 days now with my new guild, Done 10/12 Heroic modes on ICC 25, Killed TOGC 25, and almost done on Ulduar

I’m just the Yogg achievement off getting my 310% drake – and all going well we should have that this week.  

My old raiding guild disbanded when we were in the middle of doing all the Ulduar hardmodes – and working on TOGC  – never thought I would get to finish it off this side of Cata. 

In the fights so far, I go through periods of hell yeah – I rock at this fight –  Eg I did well on Hodir,  because I was chasing the person with the “Storm Cloud on me”   because not everyone understood how to get max dps and yes I still had damage  on  the ice tombs  –  It was like being back in Ulduar wiping on hard modes all over again,  except this time it was a cake walk.

Hodir 2010

Hodir 2009

From my post I could say that my DPS was rare  – and I found out after that Shadow Priests were getting 14k, and 16 k then back in Oct 2009.   So my Almost 19k dps now doesn’t look so hot. 

And then     I get hit with a Shadow Crash on General. I moved.   I swear.  I had been dodging shadow crashes  easily,” Shadow Crash on me”   Run.  Cake.  I may have run into someone elses. Either way.  Fail train went Toot Toot again

Some of the ICC heroics,  I had attempted  / read about / done on 10’s /attempted on 10’s so the 25 mechanics aren’t too different, but there were a few I had never done before,  and spent most of the time repeating – Do not fail in my head in between non verbal squeals of  omg green stuff! ( So much green stuff in plague)

I’m enjoying the intensity of it.  They actually count down pulls!   So pre- potting a pull is less guess-work.   ( lesson learned  Prepot on 2 – not 1)  

 I also am looking at getting something like Lowerping, one of the guildies gave me a link to one that’s free – but the tech specs were too complicated to understand at 1am in morning on a work night so I’ll have a look and work out exactly what it wants to do with my PC and if I am ok with that.

I’m also shopping around /playing with mods,  and am extremely glad my App didn’t ask for a pic of my UI.  Mostly because I have the default UI for Bars –  and there is still massive discrimination against the default UI.  Then after discussion with a friend  I downloaded Bartender  – and found you canhave like 10 bars of stuff! , and hide things – and its awesome.  So I am setting it up on my alt, to get used to it, ( after I got over the initial panic where it dumps everything in the middle of your screen)  and I then I get to work out the bars on my main, and make it pretty!  I have tried to stick to the philosophy of if it’s not broke don’t fix it,  and the default Bars do ok for me. – except – the ability to customise it now is a lot more appealing.

I am also looking at what other Shadow Priests are wearing / Glyphing / Specing / Talents It matters more  now – and checking things like armory crawlers, and the like.

Been looking at a little bit.  It has some interesting class stats, eg enchants,  gyphys and so on. Like all the other ones you need to manually refresh your characters data,  so that means the stats will always be off.  The majority of players wouldn’t go refresh their profiles to resync with the armoy on all the armory crawlers. 

Looking at the class statistics page for priests  I notice that the Shadow Boot enchant at 80% is Tuskers Vitality +15 Stam and Minor Speed increase, and Icewalker is 17%  


I looked at boot enchants last year,  and even checked out Blackrocks stats on it then in my boot enchant  post where most people were still using icewalker  ( 12 hit & 12 Crit)  Checking Wow Hero’s  Statistics again  now shows that Icewalker is still way more popular then Tuskarr’s on that crawler.

So which crawler is  right? The massive discrepancy makes me doubt any of the stats on both them. 

Did you know. I have a bad shoulder enchant.  ( Which I need to fix)  do you know how bad that is, buying the wrong shoulder enchant. I’m wearing 18+ sp 10 crit, instead of 24sp 15 crit *hides head in shame. No idea how long I’ve been wearing that one.   It’s getting fixed tonite! Promise

Apologies for the brain dump  – one of the reasons why I blog is to keep record, and it’s funny to look back at my old posts, and see that some issues do repeat themselves.

9 Responses to “New guild week 1”

  1. 1 Coreus May 28, 2010 at 4:39 am

    I used lowerping for a while [I’m in Canberra] but got fed up with it crapping out when the service got busy [ie raid nights] leading to a situation where tunneling through their servers would actually induce more lag and diconnects that I would otherwise get with a naked connection.

    Now I use Gamepath, which is good maybe 96% of the time. Prolly a good idea to shop around or ask people you know [and who raid at the same time as you] for recommendations. Lowerping might be better these days for all I know. =)

    Oh, and 8% movement speed > ~0.8% stat increase. Easy decision when you think about it.

    • 2 Pugnacious Priest May 28, 2010 at 4:54 am

      I think half of canberra plays wow.. I meet/play/have played with more canberians then sydneyites – I probably will talk to a few more arena people ( since they need the lower ping a lot more) and see what they recommend too – My heals set have the Minor speed increase too – it’s just too valuable not to. I’m just curious to see how many people actually use it though ( hence the Stat hunt) and at least those two crawlers can’t agree.

  2. 3 Cassandri May 28, 2010 at 5:54 am

    Wow – I’m so envious we’re pretty stuck on 9/12. Have you done Heroic Sindragosa or Putricide? If so, tell me what you did/how you approached it! Spriesty tips please 😛

    We’ve also gone back to finish of Ulduar hardmodes (mostly because I bitched about it so much) since we’ve been struggling to get 25 raiders. And… you can definitely do better DPS than that! I managed to reach 22k DPS on Hodir last week. Proof:

    22 185 DPS

    And, yeah, back in the day I think I hit close to 12k in Tier 8 gear and was pretty happy with that. Never could out-DPS the Mages though.

    • 4 Pugnacious Priest May 28, 2010 at 6:18 am

      I might end up being one of the 8 healers for H Sin – we are hoping to get the attempts in later this week – Heroic PP was a bit of a mess – I don’t have logs for it yet, am hoping to pick them apart 😛 – I think I did ok because I stayed alive the whole fight – but we ended up with quite a few dead – it was my 1st time in an attempt and it was rather confusing

  3. 5 Dusknoir May 28, 2010 at 6:09 am

    Great to hear your guild is doing so well; mine’s still at 6/12 on heroic, but I’m pretty confident we can go much farther. I’ve never been a very serious raider, but it’s great to join a guild where you don’t hear the fail train very often. That, and it’s great to be the only person who still needs Conqueror tokens. :]

    I agree with Cassandri; do you have any cool tips about heroic ICC bosses from a shadow POV?

    • 6 Pugnacious Priest May 28, 2010 at 6:24 am

      Survive – only advise I can offer in detail for now- When I get my hands on the logs ill pick it apart more – I feel a little carried on some fights – others the mechanics or just that I survived favoured me a little bit. I also was a little more confident in the Heroics I had at least attempted before – some were not as different from the normal

  4. 7 Necro May 28, 2010 at 6:47 am

    Regarding the boot enchant for high end raiding speed increase everytime. I’m an officer in a 11/12 ICC25 HM guild and if people apply without this boot enchant (or run speed from talents) its definately a mark against their app.

    12crit/hit is nothing where as minor run speed can save your ass. As it did my slow little gnome ass on putricide last night when I fell asleep as the red add targeted me 😛

  5. 8 Shiva May 28, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    I wouldn’t trust WoW Ranked or any of those similar websites. Simply put, the masses are often filled with idiots.

    Speaking on a similar grounds to Necro, I am an officer of an 11/12 ICC25 HM guild and the only acceptable enchant in place of Runspeed (Tuskarr’s Vitality) is to be an engineer with Rocket Boots.

    I’d say your best bet is to armory known top shadow priests; either from World of Log parses or from known guilds (though this could also lead to complications, sometimes they’re just downright weird OR they need to situationally do something for a certain fight which causes them to gear/spec differently than normal).

    For example, this would be a good starting point:

    1.) Using World of Logs to find a list of the current top DPS scores from Shadow Priests. Be careful for variation and gimmicks though, for example some guilds may use extraordinary measures like chain-PI stacking to get up here

    2.) The current record holder (and since I play on NA, I prefer to look for NA players/guilds).'Ganis&cn=Mynameismuse

    Though possibly this is a bad example since she’s using Rocket Boots (armory doesn’t seem to show it, but 24 crit rating means rocket boots).

    Fun sideproject:

    Top DPS for a Shadow Priest on Hodir appears to be 39k. However, since that’s a solid 5k above the next 3, I’d say that’s more of a fluke and top DPS appears to be around 33-34k.

  6. 9 Jaedia June 2, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Gonna back up everyone else on the run speed too, it’s very useful!

    Grats on your progress too, I’ve just joined a new guild my first raid should be tonight, they’re only on normal modes at the moment which was really what I was looking for.

    Good luck with the drake.

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