That’s Noooo how you eat Porridge – umm Heal Dreamwalker

Yes I had Porridge for breakfast & this comes from an ad for porridge where a little kid would declare ”  that’s noooo how you eat porridge” in an adorable Scottish accent.” so it’s kind of a catch phrase for you’re doing it wrong.

I have been in the portals once before in Dreamwalker on an achievement attempt as an offspec healer.  Pop green bubbles. Don’t lose your stacks – Heal the big green dragon.

incoming delivery of Cake.

You can do eeet!

I have been healing a 25 Gdkp ICC on my Healing Priest, and a 10 Icc  regularly for a few weeks now.  I usually get out going in the portals by asking for a ‘pro’ portal person. Stroking other peoples ego.  Of course everyone thinks they are pro – so I normally get to stay out.  Not this time. Icc 10.

“Ok the Two priests go in.” 

Oh crap.

I knew what to do in theory – and I was doing fine. ” Hey ma!  Look at me ” ( yes It’s corny catch phrase monday)  I would come up under the bubble and strafe up a little to pop it.  Was getting awesome stackage.   The advise I got was that lag means that sometimes you can not pop it – and I made sure my stacks didn’t drop

“Why isn’t Dreamwalker up yet?”

Heal Heal Heal Heal Heal.


Other priest mumbles something about losing focus or something and losing stacks.

We try again.


“Urhhhhhhh ” I say to the other priest who was holy for this fight .  “Why are you using “Prayer of Healing?” ( Heals all party members)  We are supposed to be healing Dream walker.  I was doing twice his healing on Dreamwalker as target.

“I don’t know – this is just how I do things –  I’m not doing too bad..   I’m not far off the other healer ( me)

“Um – but you’re not healing the dragon  – and a small discussion happens over why he isn’t flash flash flash greater healing instead. So after I clarified his understanding on serendipity – and the target we were healing.  I had to add – Could you also stick up renew on Her as well.  I noticed you didn’t cast it or a greater heal  it at all last fight.

I was telling another healer to suck eggs, and I hate that.  Even because now I am still not sure my way of doing it was the most effective. Renew up all the time. Reapply with new stacks. Flash Flash Flash Greater Heal.   Guardian Spirit where appropriate –  depending on if there is another Holy priest in raid and if her debuff is off),  I’ve seen it done before, so I have had lots of theory to work with. I also stuck a Divine Hymn in  because I noticed it was hitting Dream more than my raid as long as they weren’t taking damage.

I was doing Twice his healing,

I eventually convinced him over to my point of view.   I had to do this on vent,  and I also had to convince him with numbers – eg  the party heal your casting is only hitting a single target for….   yet if you used greaterheal with the your 3 stacks of serendipity  you will heal …    base amount.   Stick renew up as soon as you can out of the portal blah..  I was fully expecting him to blow up at me about doing it his way  

We did it my way – ( mostly.  7 ticks of  Renew on his part >< ) Dream walker:  ” I am renewed!”

Give him his due – whether it was because I was keeping my voice calm and reasonable, and not insulting his healing , and appealing to common sence,  he seemed to take the feedback ok. 

I find it difficult to instruct other people – especially strangers  – of which I have no idea how they will take it, on something I don’t feel confident about.  Even if I have numbers to show that what ever I was doing was working. 

Stuff I’ve been reading since puts priests in their best place outside the portals yet we sent the two in as holy  ( he was disc for some fights) and kept the Shammy outside,   It certainly was doable.   Would have been even better if he had put renew up! 

As for the rest of the raid.

We got Sin down  two shot, which is not bad for a  pug.  We would have had H Marrow if the mage hadn’t have been on the phone( ><  x 2)  On our way to boat. ” Oh Hai guys my dps should improve now that I am off the phone – like I have been the last 1/2 hour”

Several attempts at the LK – with the ‘best tank on the servers dps alt”  Yes that is how he was sold to us as a replacement when one of our dps had to go raid 25’s.  Best tank refused to get on vent because of his tendency to scream at fails apparently.   In vent ( where the  best tank was not)  I was told by his friend  not to mention that I disagreed with his self-declared title of  best tank on the server. Cause I know one that’s better.

But yes we failed.  Defile. Running into orbs, disease not coming off quick enough. Shammy cleansing totems bouncing the disease – only half the raid had seen the LK before, but we were getting better.  We are probably locking it out, and spending next week working on him in the 10’s group.

Healing ICC is SO much easier than dpsing.  Can I just say that.

13 Responses to “That’s Noooo how you eat Porridge – umm Heal Dreamwalker”

  1. 1 Narx June 21, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Ah Val…

    I’ve seen a lot that says priests aren’t great healers either for Val. But from what I can tell based on numbers last week it’s not so bad. I must admit though, having seen attempts with priests in portals and outside… the priest’s not healing Val seems to have worked better.

    But! Shammy’s BL at 85% makes that fight cake now – especially with the 20%.

    Sindy is a cakewalk once you get into it properly. Especially when your lag prone shammy’s go into ghost wolf before she pulls in with Icy Grip 😀

    Ah… I am so close to my LK kill… reliably into P2. Oooh – here’s one for you – do you find healing a Soul Reaper’d tank who is still MTing LK doable?

    • 2 Pugnacious Priest June 21, 2010 at 4:09 am

      I don’t even think we got that far healing. MT was fine, we lost the offtank to a massive disease tick that was like 600,000 damage which I think was bugged, but it one shot him anyway. Dps’d the kill on my main but not healed it. Yes I am odd. I have a Dps priest wth an healing offspec, and a Healing priest with no offspec.

  2. 4 Inquisitor June 21, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Healing? Easier than DPSing? Really? (I’ve healed 10/12 as disc, but respecced my priest shadow to give us a second AoEer capable of blowing up Vile Spirits, which was what we needed to make p3 not an RNGfest – so, within an hour of my first DPSing in ICC, we had our first LK kill, with me about third on the meter – the healing actually feels hard, and stuff).

    Erm, yeah, anyway, priests in portals zomgwtf? Our shammies can break 10k single-target HPS without either the zone buff or the portal buff. Priests, not so much.

    Narx – we actually run asymmetric tank roles, now. One with stamina, and more stamina, who tanks the LK for p1 and most of p2, and eats the Soul Reaper – with the other tank taunting off him during the Soul Reaper only. If the other tank misses the taunt… well, it’s not killed us yet – but it did proc Ardent Defender once – it’s generally fine if both healers are functional. (The other tank runs as much stun and slow as they possibly can, for Val’kyr chasing – a warrior tank makes a lot of sense, but I did it last night with a tankadin in a non-cookie-cutter setup (glyphed HW, talented HoJ, armour trinkets) – I’d use an UH DK tank, for that matter).

    We 2-heal LK, by the way. It’s worked with druid/disc and hpally/disc, now. Getting to the point where I’d be happy to 3-heal it, but I have to say that having enough DPS to blow the Raging Spirits and Val’kyr out of the water is very nice, and it’s the one setup where I can see us losing someone and still getting a kill.

  3. 5 Ngita June 22, 2010 at 12:45 am

    Pallies->shaman/druids->holy priests->disc priests in the portals. Having said that if someone sucks at portals its best to put them outside,But if you practice enough you eventually get better, I am proof of that.

    LK is really not suited to a tired raid that has allready cleared 11/12 with 1 or more heroics. Our current phase seems to be centered around getting at many alts ,kingslayer 10 as possible. But even when you have a experienced raid with enough heals/dps and the tanks are geared enough a tired raid can wipe for a hour or two,come back the next day and 1-2 shot.

    600k tick (of necrotic plague) is not bugged, It stacks higher and higher as it kills ghouls, shamblers. Cleanse it and it bounces to shambler, ghoul or if their is nothing living in 10 yards it is removed.

    2 heal means you have the dps to go into transition with only 1 one shambler? with the 20% buff and 3 healers dps on valkyrie etc has never been a problem for us, its mainly about sufficient cool down for soul reaper. Having your tank go splat while spam healed with no cooldown:( Our very first kill we did lose a healer in p3 but finished. Mind you with the different combinations of healers we use we rarely have a disc priest available.

    • 6 Pugnacious Priest June 22, 2010 at 2:10 am

      We traditionally get stuck on Sin ( its a half pug every week) so I suggested we do Dream/Sin 1st after the 1st 4 so we were fresher, but yeah by the end of the raid on LK with theAmericans in the raid party falling asleep at their keyboards because it was their time 6- 7am – they were tired.

  4. 7 Shiva June 22, 2010 at 12:53 am

    I can tell you with near 100% certainty… a Resto Shaman is the best healer to send in the portal and a Holy Priest is the worst healer to send in the portal.

    Additionally, the difference between Flash Heal and Greater Heal (and Renew — However, you can cast Renew while running) also depends on talent specs — not all priests will take Empowered Healing, Serendipity, Improved Renew or Empowered Renew.

    Additionally, you have to factor in the 2-piece set bonus (this is more important for Discipline actually, it’s _mostly_ the 2 piece set bonus that pushes Flash Heal above Binding Heal specifically for this fight as a Discipline Priest).

    As Holy though, I am relatively sure (but not certain) the maximum theoretical thoroughput would be Binding Heal -> Binding Heal -> Greater Heal (this is actually based on math Nidaba/Constantius did at the start of Ulduar, but it should be relatively sound). Binding Heal has a higher base heal and one talent modifier more than Flash Heal. The only thing Flash Heal has going for it is 2-piece bonus.

    Additionally, Surge of Light LOWERS your heal-per-second, because the Surge of Light Flash Heal cannot crit, so either you need to /cancelaura Surge of Light or talent-out-of it. However, it’s probably best to keep Surge of Light and use Binding Heal, when you need to run, use Renew first and Surge of Light second while running.

    I think I am going to shut up now before you punch me.

    • 8 Shiva June 22, 2010 at 12:55 am

      By the way, the assertion of Resto Shaman vs. Holy Paladin depends on “standard” spec. Paladin’s can be highly competitive with Resto Shamans with a non-standard spec/glyphs. (And if anyone is wondering why Resto Shamans do so well, it’s because of Ancestral Awakening double-dipping. The percentage modifiers a Shaman get with both Guardian Spirit and Divine Hymn are also quite nuts).

      • 9 Narx June 22, 2010 at 1:40 am

        And then you bloodlust. And with Riptide’s dropping the cast timer as well…

      • 10 Ngita June 22, 2010 at 4:42 am

        I was pleasantly surprised at my alt shaman performance last night in a pug 25 last night. 7 million healed, but what non standard spec do Paladins use?. As your stock standard holy/prot Pally I switch to seal of light glyph for Heroic dreamwalker. We normally call for hero around the 25 stacks mark with 3 healers in the portal and its fully healed by 10 seconds into heroism phase. Double dipping on divinity and pet talents has lead to 350k splash heals from glpyh of light.

    • 11 Pugnacious Priest June 22, 2010 at 2:07 am

      We did it though.. No screenies or Logs to show, but we were getting 14-15k hps but I will talk to my RL about his healer choices for portal – Shammy was really unconfident about going in.

      • 12 Shiva June 22, 2010 at 6:32 am

        Sorry if I come off being rude, just trying to help/offer insight for the next time, not to incite.

        • 13 Pugnacious Priest June 22, 2010 at 6:37 am

          don’t be silly.. you weren’t rude, and there was no name calling 😛 I like discussion… / healthy debate and I’m learning more about what other people do. All good 🙂

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