I hunt for you with bloodied feet

Some Level 59 fresh out of the starting area DK tried to gank my level 50 warrior in blasted lands.  He failed. Basically by bouncing around ,  stunning him when I could,  bashing him, meleeing,  taking a health pot. He died eventually. 

That’s still  a 9 level difference.   Maybe it was lag that made me harder to kill, or his inexperience,  or the fact that I  have learned that  standing still and doing stuff in a pvp situation is not always a good thing.  So I bounced.  I have my stun in a good keybind, and I used it every time I bounced past.   

Even though I survived.  Just – I felt unfairly targeted as an easy kill.  That I was not an easy kill meant nothing because he still felt like ganking me to prove he was bigger and stronger.

While sitting and eating myself back up to full health after my skirmish with the DeathKnight I thought about the fairness in the battle.  9 levels is a lot  – and I considered this  out of my ‘fair game’  zone for pvp.   So I logged out, and retrieved my level 80 Priest who had been waiting around because farming all those bits for the quests are easier done when you can one dot a mob to death, and I watched him rez, and I killed him with a dot.   I went about killing some more mobs for gizzards, and brains, and jowls – he rezed again, and I killed him again.

He didn’t release for a long time after that, and I had to log out anyway so I left him.

I play on a  PVP realm.You don’t need to go outside the protective walls of Cities, and Instances much as a raiding level 80 much.  However I decided that my Human warrior tank would level through some of  her 40’s and 50’s by questing, get to see some of the old areas again before they change. 

Alliance are outnumbered  by 2.9:1  ( according to warcraft realms data) which is not too bad, and I decided to risk venturing out and questing. 

Sure I have been ganked before,  usually when taking on 3 gorilla’s to find that there is a 4th, and a hunter shooting arrows at me too.  Or a Skull level will fly by and one shot me for fun.

I got my first honor kill  on this toon in Tanaris Pirate cove,  where a druid a couple of levels higher then me attacked me,  but then I died very shortly after.  A rogue got me a few times when I was trying to collect a quest item off a Dew collector down the other end of Tanaris, but that I think that  was partly because he wanted my quest mobs, and I kept comming back to try and kill him.

I know there is nothing ‘fair’ about pvp.   The skull level players that have ganked me so far usually smash me, and move on.   I have blown kisses to horde  I could have killed  as  I run past them. I’ve waved, ignored them, been ignored by them,  quested along side of. I just don’t have the urge to hunt. I am not offensive in a  world pvp enounter,  I just want to do my quests and move on, I will try and survive if you engage me,  but I’ll never start the fight,  in this case though  I didn’t mind ‘punishing’ him.

Was it fair that  he attacked me thinking I would be an easy kill?   Was it fair I punish him three times,  once by dying to my warrior, and twice by dying to my Level 80 priest. It’s a PVP realm.  I’ve been reminded so many times by so many people  – there is no such thing as fair. ” Just deal with it”  So I feel justified because I can.  Just like anyone else can target lobies.

Getting interrupted when questing is a pain in the butt, and I really don’t want to inflict that pain on someone else.

But I felt I had to make my point to him that there is always a bigger fish.  Did I have to do it twice more? Maybe not.  It was bed time anyway s0 I logged – just in case he bought his main.

8 Responses to “I hunt for you with bloodied feet”

  1. 1 Narx July 12, 2010 at 6:39 am

    I remember levelling my pally and seeing this kind of dick behaviour.

    I know it’s a PVP realm, but in all reality unless there is a good reason, I avoid outright dick ganking.

    Then again, I also tend to be the prick who ganks at River Heart when people AFK at the FP.

    Generally I enjoy World PVP when I am with others, but generally don’t try to pick fights I know I will win ‘easily’. I enjoy the challenge of outplaying the other person, as opposed to overpowering them.

    Classic example – WSG. My DK is in Unholy PVE DPS spec, with 7? pieces of PVP gear – all unenchanted/gemmed. Running with a prot pvp pally friend.

    We both assault the enemy FC, who is a 50k prot pally. He eventually runs, and his 45k prot warrior mate shows up. We destroy them both. It was hit and miss for a while, with ghoul pets, avenger’s shields, chains of ice, gargoyles, and plenty of other things going on – but those 2 HKs were brilliant and totally worth it.

  2. 2 Key July 12, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    I’m on a PvE Realm, so I don’t really see this much except during the holiday achievements. I normally just leave people be – I’m not much for World PvP.

    When I put out the fire in Durotar for the festival (just put out the fire – didn’t kill any questgivers or anything), this little level 8 warrior started attacking me. o.O

    I stood there for a moment, wondering what this guy was thinking. Yeah, I one shot him and no I wasn’t proud of it, but sometimes you just have to learn not to bite of more than you can chew.

  3. 3 Jim July 12, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    In all honesty a DK @ 59 – you were prob the first PVP encounter he had and he was just excited to fight someone lol.

    It was prob not necessary to come back and kill him like that, but we’ve all done it haven’t we? 🙂 It can be suprisingly satisfying to gank others after being the gank-ee for so long. I’m happy to be on a PVE server these days – much more productive out in that dangerous world!

  4. 4 calsong July 12, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    I’m of the oft held opinion that PvP is supposed to be brutal. I gank everything. Leveling my warlock, I attacked other players 6 levels higher than me. On my priest, I do everything I can to solo aaliance players in WG who have 13 stacks of tenacity (chain CC and pump in the damage).

    I say you’re always in the right to teach someone not to start a fight they cannot finish.

  5. 5 Nosnum July 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    My personal rule on my main is not to attack anyone more than 3 levels below me, and typically not even 1 level if they’re questing or doing things that I myself would be ticked about if I got ganked. But other level 80’s are fair game no matter what – if I don’t get the jump on them (I’m a rogue) then I’m at a major disadvantage.

    I also used to park my main in whatever zone I was questing on alts. And whenever I ran into situations like yours (I’ve never beaten anyone 9 levels above me, though) I would log my main and gank mercilessly until it looked like they logged to do something else while things cooled down. Basically sending the message that you leave my toon alone or you pay a price for it (except for a special character key, the names on the toons were the same, so they KNEW it was the same guy).

  6. 6 Katherine July 12, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Even on PVE servers people can be dicks e.g. killing all the questgivers and the flightmaster in Tarren Mill or the Crossroads. Usually I bring my main and kill them til they go away (or if I fail, til I’ve distracted them long enough so that my questgiver/the flightmaster respawns). And my main is a holy pally with no PVP gear, so I’m always surprised when I can kill them 😀 I figure if they start it they are fair game for as much gankage as I feel like and am able to provide.

  7. 7 Dyre42 July 13, 2010 at 3:20 am

    Personally I only camp people that were causing trouble (killing quest givers and such). I’ve only managed to successfully kill a player 5 levels higher than me. Considering I’d only been playing a few weeks at the time that was pretty big. Plus it was a hunter vs hunter fight. Had to re-kill him 3 times to get him to go away. Finally tally me:4 him: 2

    My proudest world pvp moment was the time I ran 5 horde out of Darnassus by myself. They were all spread out over the city, not well geared, and I seriously doubt they pvped any. I killed each of them 3x. If they’d had any teamwork at all they could have creamed me. But it was awesome literally chasing the lot of them out of town.

    • 8 Narx July 13, 2010 at 3:27 am

      This reminds me of a time when I was questing and some hunter tried to gank me whilst I was mid-fight with a mob.

      I got him back on the res, then went back to whacking mobs. He had another shot when I was low, and so I camped him 3-4 more times before I finally just left the zone in disgust.

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