What counts as Real World PVP

My Warrior is in the Tundra questing now at 70/71.  So I have been running into Horde –  it being a Pvp server and all, and outnumbered, by at least double.

I’ve been dotted to death while mounted flying – Damn 12k – ish health

Get a frost bolt in my back while killing quest mobs and end up chasing mages  with charge and intercept while they blink away ( very frustrating)

 I’m also getting more Pvp aggressive. If I see you and you’re in range of my charge – Vroooom.  Smack  Got a couple that way. I don’t hang around to gloat. You were there, and now your dead. Enjoy the corpse run. See I have to kill you 0r you may kill me.  The half health player I ignore 5 min ago, comes back when they are full health.

There was a DK hanging around the beryl sorcerers. At first I thought it was a player of my level attacking me, so I went about doing my thing, untill I realised when he started laughing at me he was a level 80 with 3o k health.  Oh well I thought – So I kept trying – but died.

I thought maybe he attacked me as a target of opportunity. Maybe an Miner on a run.

Nope he was hanging around ganking lobies. Guildy questing in the same area confirmed.  He tried to gank me again  and I was able to fly out of reach,  so I logged into my Main,  who I had positioned extremely nearby  for such occasions, and smacked him down.

I let him rez, and mount up on his flying mount. In the interim another player asked my main ” have you seen a dk around”  So I pointed him in the right direction, and we both flew up, and hung out in the sky with the DK  – while he continued to laugh at me  – and tell me ” No – not going to happen”

Hanging out in the sky is rather boring – and I wanted to be questing.    I made my point. I am bigger then you – you can gank a lobie,  but I can gank you.

I got bored,  relogged my Warrior, and went back to questing where the DK killed me another 2 times  before I dinged, 71 and left the area.

My experience with world pvp so far has been rather brutal and short.

I am either out gunned tremendously,  and by chance beaten them, or the people I have been pvping  have been my level, and died rather easily.  Quite possibly because I got the jump on them / better gear / better class

But is that it?

I mean I’ve seen epic battles fought outside of Kara, or Ulduar  back in the days where you flag for fun while waiting for raid.

The tunnel to ICC is often filled with the bones from victims of people who had that one person who did not die quick enough when a wipe was called, and people are trying to run back in.

But Player V Player  – there is no facing off like western gun slingers in honorable combat.  It’s all about the Sneak & surprise,  or out maning.  ( gank teams outside ICC  portal)

I’m not moaning about being on a Pvp server,  its a choice – a better raiding environment then my old sever,  and as for leveling Its interesting questing, bging, and dungeon running to level.  I like the variety.

It’s also a different kinda of alert on a pvp realm. You can’t go afk without consequences.  Attacks can happen at any time.  Keep your health up.   Don’t fly too low to the ground.  Be prepared to escape untill you have a better vantage.  Eg if you are on a mount.  If you can avoid it, don’t get off it.  Dispersion while mounted saved my butt many a time on Main.  Read local defence messages. ” Under attack” messages may mean the local guards that would help save your butt  are already dead.

It hasn’t been unmanageable.  But what do you actually enjoy about this so called  world PVP buiness.  It’s not the ‘fair’ fighting that’s  for sure, and I’m not sure getting joy from beating up on weaker players is the kinda joy I  find admirable.

14 Responses to “What counts as Real World PVP”

  1. 1 Narx July 26, 2010 at 6:45 am

    I think the coolest world PVP was Halaa. I saw this on WoW.com and I had to agree. Halaa was the best implementation of World PVP to date.

    I still remember flying up on top of a building and shadow bolting a warrior flying around who has just ressed. His dismounted corpse parabola’d down to the ground.

    I am keen for World PVP when it happens – but I don’t think Blizz have got it right again yet. And mindless ganking is exactly that. I know it’s not griefing per se, but it’s still annoying regardless. I just usually change zones if that happens.

    I agree with flight path height. Never fly low unless you want to ask for trouble. Always camera pan around or get your back to a wall if you can. And alt cold weather flying tomes are golden.

    • 2 Pugnacious Priest July 26, 2010 at 11:51 pm

      Pity it’s so quite now – if you were in the area you could see when it needed to be defended, or when someone got up an offensive group, and you could join in. Epic flying on Alts is diamond studded. Was going to wait – but worth the gold so far

  2. 3 Okrane S. July 26, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Ok here it is: the guide of survival of leveling chars on PVP realms.

    1) Rule 1: Twink your character.

    Crafted Blues, Profession Bonuses, Engineering, PvP gear, all these help make your character much stronger than the current level. This means you can take on multiple similar level characters in a fight.

    Being pimped up also means you will kill mobs very fast and lose very little health while doing so.

    My level 76 warlock easily killed a level 80 rogue along with the level 73 shaman he was escorting around. Good gear makes all the difference.

    2) Rule 2: Spec for PvP, not PvE.

    Frankly, those 6k health mobs die just as fast with either spec. Also, dont choose bad pvp specs when leveling. Dont be a Fury warrior or a holy priest. Go with the pvp specializations.

    3) Rule 3: (Very important) If it’s red its dead.

    Doesnt matter if the enemy is a Female Blood Elf priest named Prettyflower. No matter how harmless it looks you must kill it. Again and again until you are done with the area. You must assert your teritory, its the only way you’ll be safe from backstabs.

    4) Rule 4: Dont give the ganker satisfaction.

    If a high level you cannot combat comes to gank you, dont try to run or fight back. If you know you have no chance, just sit there for him to finish you off. It takes out of his satisfaction of killing you, thus decreasing the chance he will camp, etc

    5) Rule 5: Park a decently PvP gearead level 80 in the area you are questing.

    Most lowbie griefers are not top PvP players. They are usually in Pve low end epics, attacking the only players they could actually kill. If your main is decently geared he should be able to deal with him.

    Very important: make sure you gank the shit out of him. Camp him for 20 minutes if you must. If he brings his friends, no problem, just logout and do something else for half an hour.

    • 4 Pugnacious Priest July 26, 2010 at 11:49 pm

      If I’m in an area long enough I go to the effort to make sure my main is hanging around in her pvp gear. Good list 🙂 /4 is hard for me – I want to have have a go, because I have beaten someone much higher then me, but a serial ganker I can see this working – does /mock /lol make them madder?

  3. 5 servitob July 26, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    I played on a PvP server for ages back before BC and it was fun for about five minutes.

    The endless ganking and camping by high level players really starts to wear thin really quickly for me.

    The worst part though was the fact that most people were specced for PvP to increase world survivabilty, making PvE groups severely gimped – this was in the days before dualspec!

  4. 6 Fangtastic July 26, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    I’ve never played on a pvp realm so I probably have no idea as to how bad it can get. The reason I want to try leveling on a pvp realm is the added element of risk and thrill in even the most mundane things.

    I’m sure it is a pain in the ass when you’re not in the mood for it though.

    • 7 Pugnacious Priest July 26, 2010 at 11:42 pm

      It’s probably the ideal time to level, people aren’t playing as much so it’s not as busy, but I don’t mind running into the odd person and having a go – it certainly keeps you more on your toes looking for the attempted gank.

  5. 8 Dunwich July 26, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    “If I see you and you’re in range of my charge – Vroooom.”

    now you get it… told you its the shit!!

  6. 12 Katherine July 26, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    @Okrane S. “Most lowbie griefers are not top PvP players. They are usually in Pve low end epics, attacking the only players they could actually kill. If your main is decently geared he should be able to deal with him.”

    This is usually true IME. Killed some 80 DKs and even a hunter that were killing questgivers in Tarren Mill using my Holy Pally (still in holy spec and raid holy gear, mostly T9!).

  7. 13 theerivs July 27, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    “Most lowbie griefers are not top PvP players. They are usually in Pve low end epics, attacking the only players they could actually kill. If your main is decently geared he should be able to deal with him.”

    Except for me. I am filled with hate so I go on what I call Tombstone rides. Remember the scene in tombstone where Wyatt Earp goes, “You tell them I’m coming, and Hell’s coming with me!!!”

    Then the next scene they are riding down Cowboys.

    Thats sort of what I do I start on one end of the zone, and sweep through the zone. My PvP gear I have 1k resil, though I usually do it in my PvE gear which 5.5k gear score. I do have a frost pvp spec, though not wholly hardcore spec.

    World PvP glory days are gone for now, I hope something in Cataclysm brings it back. The best times were before BG’s were even around Tarren Mill/Southshore battles were legendary!

  8. 14 soyinka July 28, 2010 at 6:33 am

    1) everything is usable (engineering, potions, etc)
    2) the environment is different and more interesting than arena (fear into mobs, mc down the cliff, rez, etc)
    3) the odds are always changing, but most of the time it’s you against several of them : might get frustrating but there’s no bigger challenge in the game

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