Weekend stuff.

Not a lot of raiding this weekend for me,  lots of warrioring though.

I tried for a 10 man ICC on my Shadow Priest Main  – but was kicked from group and told ” your shit, and I hate you” before I even left Dalaran  – an inquiry into the person who made that comment turned up that  they had ebayed some months back so they had no idea who was actually playing them anymore.

Either way it sounded like I was saved a torturous ICC run as they were still in trade an hour later filling group, and then an hour after that trying to replace people who left.  A friend of our guild was in the raid and said that they couldn’t keep people in the group,  so am pretty happy I dodged that painful experience, but stuff like that wears you down, but I am sure that if I had of gone, I would have been more peeved off.  So I guess I still won.  

Because I was looking for something to do a 6/12 Gdkp was going with “inspections at eventide” I rock up on my Holy priest  – I lined up for inspection, and get asked what my GS is. ” lol – I say you’ve just inspected me and you want my GS – as if that’s going to tell you more than what my gear/spec/achieves will”  Group was slow to fill. I gave up – thinking I probably dodged another bullet.

and as for Guild raids,  We killed RS on normal, but when we got to Heroic LK attempts Peoples net was fried.   So it was an early raid night.

My shining, pride and Joy of a Warrior – Zahrana. Now with more pointy things.   She ‘feels’ densely geared, if that makes sence.  I mean a mage looks squishy. My Warrior doesn’t look squishy.  She is looking the part of a tank.

I have several things I need to replace, but she got some good pieces over the weekend.  I’ve greeded on some things from TOC5 ( and missed out)  I didn’t need because the drops were probably upgrades but more dps then tanking. I probably should have taken them anyway.  My GS is under 4k ( I know GS means twat, but I need at least 5k ( of the correct gear)  before anyone will take me seriously enough to try to sneak into some raids without achieves, and even then sneaking in as DPS will probably be easier, and cause less issues then a inexperienced/undergeared tank. (  I didn’t want to learn to dps on a warrior! I’m a tank damn it. )  I just want to try tank naxx/VOA though..    Promise I’m not even thinking about ICC  ( YET!)

She’s wandering around Guildless at the moment, and getting spam invites from random guilds. I ended up blocking one person because I would be in an instance, and suddenly ” Such and Such has invited you to *this* guild” more than once.  Not, hi or anything. So I responded with a  ” VERY RUDE” and /ignored them

She got Forge of Souls, and I didn’t move the boss away from the Orbs, on Boss one, and the healer was screaming gibberish,  I eventually worked out what they meant. ” Move boss from orb” would have been shorter and more to the point. Yes I knew that..  but still. Tanking Mentality is taking a little adjustment in some instances.

Not too long after she got Pit of Saron.  I was a little surprised, never  getting even normal POS – and I was thinking Oh crap, I don’t think I’m ready for this.  Well I died 3 times. Once on Ick,  Once on the ramp mobs after Ick, and then  on the skellys on the way to the tunnel  – I concede I was in over my head a little,   but I looked at what heals I was getting from the holy priest, and they didn’t seem to be trying, and what damage I was taking, and they should have been able to keep me up.  Shield, Renew POM  would have been a good start.  I was defence capped. I was using cool downs,  just not getting healed, and I have healed those pulls a lot.  They do require a little more concentration then normal, so while I guess I would have made their job harder. They could have tried more.    We only wiped once though, and the healer ‘dc’d’  one of the Dps went heals, and we had no problems after that.  The new healer told me  to get better gear before attempting it again.  It wasn’t my fault – It popped for me as a random – I’ve not padded my GS with pvp gear,  so blizz thought I was ready.

I do not want to touch HOR yet though so I’ve left the quest undone.

I failed at the Brann event in HOS twice.   The mobs killed Brann around the 3rd Phase.  I tried to keep them at the stairs,  but every time I got agro again, and tried to bring them back up, and keep the new mobs from getting the centre, I would lose agro and they would run at the dps, and  end up fighting them in the centre of the room.

So many things they could have been done to help me keep control,  I can only taunt so many things   and I was trying to charge, and collect as many of them as I could,  but they weren’t dying fast enough, and I couldn’t keep control.  Would like to try again  – I was fine on Normal and I did that several times,  Heroic, I guess is just harder.

I’ve not had  too many bad experiences so far as a 80 Tank.  Had  a group dissolve on me twice now  due to a wipe. I’ve gotten a couple of groups that are relived I am in tank gear ” because our last 2 tanks had none”  and I think I have done everything now at least on Normal ( besides HOR oh and HOL) pretty happy with her gearing pace.

I am scared when they want to do some of the harder achievements and am relived when someone says ” not possible with this group”  I guess I will need to try them at some point.  I care even less about an Alts achievement points then I do my mains, but for something different,  once I am more confident,  I guess I will be happy to try.

7 Responses to “Weekend stuff.”

  1. 1 Foo August 23, 2010 at 5:15 am

    The second most important thing about being a new tank is finding a friendly healer (the first being defence capped).

    If you have a friendly healer, you can wipe all day until you learn what will work, and the DPS will just come.

    From my experiences, for Bran/Phase 3: Dont chase them. Arange for a ranged (or even melee) DPS to drag any loose mobs back to you. “Lightly slap” as many mobs as you can, with whatever AOE abilities you have.

    Keep the DPS close behind you rather than in the centre of the room. As they are likely to overgear you, let them know to watch their agro. Keep your taunts for your healer, and/or DPS returning with stray mobs.

  2. 2 Celendus August 23, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Another tip for Brann: Don’t be afraid to let a well-geared plate dps steal aggro. With T9+ gear, the melee mobs barely tickle against plate and you can focus your effort on other mobs.

    Also, the casters come in every 30 seconds on the dot, so if shockwave is a 30 second cooldown, use it on the casters and you’ll always be able to tell when they’re about to spawn (because shockwave will be coming off cooldown).

  3. 3 mageic August 23, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    yeah I play a fury warrior, and love whirlwinding the other side of the stairs from where the tank is in that event. I get the aggro on them and drag them across to where the tank is standing. I can take a fair beating if required, but they normally get them off me pretty quick.

    I’m trying to get a tank set at the moment, so I can get some faster queue times, almost up to def cap. but don’t want to try anything until I get there, any tips for someone who has never tanked before? (leveled arms, then switched to fury, I have a prot set for PvP currently)

  4. 4 Anonymous August 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm


    Phase 1: Wait for mobs to spawn, quickly select one, charge and thunderclap. Drag them back to stairs, shockwave them all and forget about them. (Well, maybe assist your dps members by using your available skills for eliminating mobs faster; but after the shockwave mobs have no chance to deaggro as they have not that much health). Repeat.
    Because the mobs have charge too, the key is that you charge FIRST. If you don’t charge, you’ll have no rage.

    Phase 2: There is two ways to handle it. You can save thunderclap for casters or you can deal with casters without AOE. Casters do not hit hard on your DPS players.
    If you’re not saving thunderclap, deal with melee mobs exactly as in phase 1. When casters run in, intercept the closest one or run to it by foot if short on rage. Use revenge if possible or other skill. If you’re lucky, revenge will hit both casters and give you instant agro on both (if dps didn’t take them earlier).
    If you’re not lucky, the second caster have stopped some distance away and is throwing lightning on your healer. Use shield bash on mob you’re close to. If you’re talented properly, shield bash will silence caster and force it to run along you instead of casting. With first mob silenced, run to the second and hit him with whatever you want.
    If you’re saving thunderclap for casters, you still charge into melees but this time you use cleave and demoshout (cleave and heroic strike can be used simultaneously with other abilities beause they are on-next-hit attacks) and pray that mage don’t swich their aoe right away. Drag mobs to stairs and shockwave them. You’re safe. You always want melee mobs on stairs so you can easily reach casters when they appear. If mage does aoe straight away, well, you just need to run to them (or their corpse) and shockwave mobs there. 🙂

    Phase 3: the same as phase 2, but you get out of beams and use Taunt on golems when they get in range. Golems must not hit anyone beside you. Of course, follow up your taunt with a few revenges/shield slams.

    If things are getting a bit hectic and there is a mob of mobs, and every dps is chosing its own target so you can’t kepp up to them all, remember that you have an emergency button: Challenging Shout. Use it when Schockwave is almost ready so you can feed them Shockwave when they gather on you.

    Glyphs of sunder armor (when you devastate one mob, puts sunder on another close mob) and cleave (cleave hits not 2, but 3 targets) are of a great help on this encounter. They are also top for any trash clearing in all heroics.

    You can still wipe as a perfect tank if people stay in the rays.

    • 5 Pugnacious Priest August 25, 2010 at 12:43 am

      Wow.. you have provided many detailed comments over several posts. Thankyou for your advise 🙂

    • 6 Pugnacious Priest August 25, 2010 at 12:46 am

      I use/devestate with the sunder gylph, it’s a bit annoying, because 1 devestate puts on 2 on my target, but only 1 on the 2nd. I’m also not in the habit of cleaving. Found the swing times were too long, but I picked a faster sword from POS, and leveled up my swords, so the 1.7 speed weapon instead of 2.7 I think that my mace was, and 2.8 on my heirloom, will make it a lot easier to use. Cheers!

  5. 7 Anonymous August 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Celendus is misinforming you. Shockwave is on 20 sec cooldown (thanks God).

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