Pay attention to the signs

We all hate people who give up easily.

The person who leaves after one wipe, or at the first sign of trouble  that sort of thing.

Well  you need to add up some things before you judge them so harshly. Because at least 3 people managed to escape the drama that enfolded by making a judgment call and leaving when their tolerance for bullcrap was reached.

6/12 ICC was going,  which was perfect for my healing priest who isn’t doing much at the moment,  so even though  the Raid Leader was guild-less,   it was still kind of low risk,  it was only 6/12  so expectations weren’t high,  killing 1st 4 is easy and my tolerance was going to be determined by how bad  a wipe on Marrow/Marrow trash .  If we did that  I would evaluate the situation, and see if it was worth continuing.  That was my tolerance. I wasn’t going to be saved – and I would have only had my time wasted.

So,  someone pulls while we are still forming, people die,  – and we lose a tank because I guess their tolerance was a little lower than mine.

We get in,  the lazy people summoned,  and find that someone has turned off the buff – we all leave instance  – walk into the arms of horde outside the instance  – wipe at the entrance,  and we lose another person from the raid because their tolerance was reached.

Its getting kind of clear by now what sort of group this is  – I’m still not saved so no skin off my teeth yet.

Rogues don’t disarm trap 1 – we get a skelly with adds,  its ok we are fine

Rogues still don’t disarm traps, and we get 3 skellys at once.   Its ok we get 2 down before we wipe.  We lose another person – guess they had a 3 strikes your out kinda thing going.

Marrow dies ok,  Tank had add issues on Lady,  H Gunship is all good,   and then! GUESS WHAT HAPPENS ON SUARFANG

Besides stupid people, and silly tanks Aoeing adds, and us getting 3 marks and awesome healers such as myself were keeping everyone up.

Raid leader Ninj’as DeathBringers Will after looting a mark of sanc to his friend Champo ( who Dc’s straight after)

Of course I should have expected this  – so Gargran of no guild from Blackrock,  who will probably faction change or name change or whatever anyway.  You suck.

I mean I don’t care about DBW  – not like I can use it,  but you’re an affront to fairness and all that stuff.   As for his friend Champo – can’t prove he was or wasn’t in on it. But he certainly benefited from it.

I report him and Champo,  add them both to my ignore list, tell the raid to do the same – Whisper the Ninja that he has been reported, and then  some brave soul says! Hey lets continue!  – and after some mumbling we go sure.  We are saved anyway.  Assists are given out. Some people leave then anyway.

When suddenly the Ninjas is invited back and the new leader tells us to summon


Well considering his friend was a lock, and is no longer in raid its a bit hard.

At this point I decided my tolerance has been reached, and I tell the raid,  well if your willing to invite the ninja back attack of conscious or not ( how many ninja’s change their mind..  really..  my guess was he only accepted the invite to play further games.  I mean come on,   This guy planed a whole raid around getting his DBW  ) I told them I was no longer interested in being in the raid, and left.

Oh Look! Both him and Champo seem to be ex members of Cherry Sauce  – there’s some collaboration for you.

Sat in trade for a little while longer watching various people advising trade of the ninja,  so our ninja that was invited back doesn’t seem to have stayed in raid, and I feel a little sorry for the poor person who tried to keep the raid going by recruiting in trade with  a RL Ninja logged..   looking for more! message.

So looking back you could see several signs where this wasn’t going to end well, and also why people don’t do pugs, only so much crap you can tolerate before saying this game is no longer fun.

6 Responses to “Pay attention to the signs”

  1. 1 Shiva September 11, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I am sorry.

  2. 3 Blandest September 11, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    I find the only way to stop pugs ninjaing is to demand a full run through of the loot rules. This includes how boes are handled as well as saronites and any other drops. Also ask what items are reserved and get them to list them as well as how the normal loot is rolled and how many items per boss are allowed.

    Ninjas normally wont list all this and that is when i leave but if they do and proceed to ninja then the GMs can take the loot away from them.

    If they arent stated then GMs cant do a thing about it as the RL is in charge of loot so he does what he wants.

    • 4 Pugnacious Priest September 12, 2010 at 5:06 am

      MS > OS was repeated often enough, as was rules for BOE – 1-25 run of which Champo was also a winner of one roll after the wipe on the 3 skellys, and most of the raid didn’t see the roll, but we took it on faith. I just hate that we have to treat anyone who wants to lead a pug with such suspicious lengths. He was back in trade today advertising for a 10 man icc . The Bad guys are winning

      • 5 Blandest September 12, 2010 at 5:31 am

        Well i get even more specific asking how the MS>OS will be rolled for and if they dont state loot rules i will just leave.

  3. 6 Coreus September 13, 2010 at 6:36 am

    The only way to protect yourself is to always, always ask the raid leader to state in in-game chat how the loot will be distributed ahead of time. That way if they do something different when it drops, it can be proven as blatant scamming and it’s an open and shut case once reported.

    That’s the only reason it can happen; there are enough people who can’t or don’t protect themselves, and who are ignorant of how and where they are putting their trust into other people who may well abuse that to their advantage.

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