The battle has ended – This battleground will close in 2 min

Have you ever stayed at a club long enough to get kicked out? It’s kind sad – you never want to be the first to arrive to a empty dance floor ( unless your there to stake the pool tables out) and nor do you want to be the last to leave,  kicked out by the bouncer. It’s just not kool.

Once a BG ends no one stays around that 2 min to gloat,  or cheer about a victory. You may have just overcome the worst odds to achieve greatness with awesome teamwork, proven the naysayers wrong ” Omg no one here is over 5k GS – we are going to lose.”  ( well we won that one one anyway *blows raspberry) but no one gets to cheer about  the victory – everyone has already left.

Often there is no warning you are about to achieve a victory – you still locked in combat – when suddenly your dots stop ticking,  your weapons  return to their sheaths  and  your combat embrace freezes, and the  battle has ended score chart fills up your screen. It’s too late to even say “Hey awesome job guys!”  No one is there to see.


Is there anyone out there..


You have won, or lost, and you leave as quickly as possible.

You see a sports team after a victory patting each other on the back, engaging in manly hugs that don’t touch fronts  – or some jumping around big smiles on their faces.

When we win a battleground,  there is no time for expressions of joy and elation. We slink off to our own realms stoic. Ho hum..

Would more people Pvp if they could get a sense of accomplishment from it?

I still think its kind of amazing how quickly a flock of sheep players who don’t know each other, can work together to achieve a goal, and victory.  Sometimes it just works – you click together as a team, and sometimes it doesn’t  and enough finger pointing happens in the game that 2 more minutes with those people isn’t going to accomplish anything. On those rare occasions when you do have that perfect synergy.  It’s sad when it ends. Because they are the battles I look forward to, and hope to find in the myriad of crap.

It’s a shame we  don’t have the option to keep the same team going into another battle, much like we can do in LFG’s

This sentiment is because between now and Cata I’ll be in BG’s a lot .   Raw gems still sell well, and I am 36500 odd honor kills away from  “Of the Alliance”  I might see how much of a dent I can make in it in the next few weeks because I am running out of things I want to do.

I am back to holy priest healing in BG’s again in a mix of Pve/Pvp healing gear  cause I am working on the theory that healers following people who need healing means that they are killing things   = more Honor kills. Means I am being productive in a BG without HK farming the in the middle.  Grrrrrr.    I tried doing some more Av Premades,  the honor was awesome, the Hk’s not so, and it sounds kind of bad but the best thing for Hk’s is a Av Turtle, but yes the object of the BG is to win first.  Hk’s 2nd.

9 Responses to “The battle has ended – This battleground will close in 2 min”

  1. 1 Bee September 16, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    I ❤ this post. I agree with you 100%.

    If I'm in a BG and we were able to pull out an awesome victory, I will say something after the BG has ended. Most of the time, I will see my chat text in Off-White because everyone else has left and I am now the Battleground Leader. Every once in a while though, one other soul has stayed. And i'll get a "gg." or a "yah! awesome!"

    I also would love to see the option to requeue with the same group, although with the random battleground que system it would be difficult (most specifically with the 40 man battlegrounds). I'd be happy just to see it with 10man's, though.

  2. 2 Klepsacovic September 16, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    I blame it on short queue times and shorter BGs. After you win a five day Av you stick around to say how great you all are. Then you do it some more in general channel when you zone out to the city.

  3. 3 theerivs September 16, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    @Klep – Ahh the good ole days when AV was an event, 3 hour queue time, and 12 hourse of fighting, and the 10 bots hopping up and down.

    @Bee, and Pug – Talking after a BG is like cuddling after sex. Guys really don’t wanna do that. 😛

  4. 6 Shiva September 16, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    You might want to get rid of those gems. The changes to badges and honor means the market is going to be flooding very soon. (For what it’s worth, the most efficient distribution seems to be to use honor to buy red, blue or yellow. Use badges to buy orange, purple and green. Transmutes will vary on a per-server basis, but I am willing to bet either red or green tends to be the least valuable and yellow being the most valuable transmute.)

    Further, on the PTR, it appears the gem vendors were removed.

    C’est la vie, maybe we will face each other in rated BG’s when Cataclysm comes, if you see a priest named Physique, that’s me =p

  5. 7 Ngita September 17, 2010 at 3:09 am

    Pre-merge? Blackrock used to be 15 minutes for the Horde, Alliance actually outnumbered Horde for a while but even then the horde pvp’ed lot more then alliance. Post merge was instant. Proudmoore as alliance? Queued as you logged in the hope a game would pop before you logged off.

    I sometimes hang around enough for a good game or to grats a person on a pretty awesome job.

    Shiva>> the emblem to gold conversion that blizzard is using values a pre-triumph emblem means your going to get 55g for your 10 emblems. Both servers I play on the price for uncut allready dips down to that. Considering that triumph and frost look to be able to carried forward into cata I wouldn’t be suprised if people stop converting those into gold. Technically the flood has already happened. Uncut Reds went from 120g to 70g two months back.

  6. 9 Cynwise September 17, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    I have found that on the really awesome victories, folks do stay around to chat. Good games get some chatter, some “gj folks!” and cheers.

    But on the awesome victories – defeating a twink premade in the last 2 minutes, playing a WSG with 5 resto druids, stopping the enemy at the Titan Relic as time expires – those get some celebrations.

    Unfortunately, those games are far too rare. 😦

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