Not prepared.

Hope you’re not looking for patch information.  I ain’t got it.

I have been a little more restricted with things I can access at lunch so I can’t link the neccesary places to go,  but google fu will not fail you.

I think I stuck my head in the sand for too long not going out of my way to read spoilers have put me behind the eightball, I do have some sorta of a checklist in my head as to what I need to look at.

Hit, any new training, reforging, stat balances, talents, selling what I don’t need and can make a profit off – eg enchants, and raw gems.  

 I didn’t expect it to drop this early, and Geez it’s a big one.  Finished downloading it over night.

Silly me planned something sociable for tonight so I won’t be logging in for a while – this could be a good thing because I might then escape the sever instability that most likely will occur, and since I’m not a raider anymore there is no rush.

ARHHH at the patch size.

4.69 Gigs that become 4.76.

My monthly download limit on adsl 2 is 20 gigs So if rumours are true and theres 16 gigs of patch data comming pre cata then I might be in trouble, if 2 patches fall in my monthly download limit. Or this will give me an excuse for escaping Optus’s ridiculously expensive adsl2.

I have a small collection of Triumph badges, and Frost badges, as well as some honor bought red gems saved up on my main.  Bought some glyphs before they get expensive, but I am not prepared. Maybe a little more so than others,  but maybe going in a little blind will be more fun ” Ohhh what does this button do now.. ”

I should maybe start worry about this guildless thing though too.  I am not the most stable of raiders. 3-4 months seems to be this invisible self destruct date for my guild memberships for a variety of reasons but you’ll get 100% attendance while I am there.

8 Responses to “Not prepared.”

  1. 1 KiwiRed October 13, 2010 at 4:56 am

    I think the 16gb of Cata consisted of a version of the live client + cata updates, so you’ve now got a substantial quantity of it installed (sans new Cata-only locations and related data). I noticed goblin and worgen player data getting patched in with the rest while 4.0.1 was installing, so I’m suspecting that we’ll already have most of the pre-lvl60 Cata content installed and ready to go before it starts.

  2. 2 Ngita October 13, 2010 at 5:36 am

    Their should be another 1.x gig once you run up the launcher and I noticed it downloading a couple of times while playing. I ran with 10g on telstra for a long time but between steam and wow I finally bit the bullet and went to a 50g plan last month.

    But we should not be hit with the 16gb unless we buy online. The dont normally try and optimise beta for space but live they do.

  3. 3 gevlon October 13, 2010 at 6:35 am

    You can copy the downloaded patch data from some other player (he writes it to DVD).

    Too bad that you are in Europe, you’d be very welcomed in our guild

    • 4 Shiva October 13, 2010 at 7:23 am

      I think she’s even farther away than Europe.

      Anyways, you’re in luck. Most of your gems should be correct. Don’t mess with reforging unless you are under the hit-cap and need more hit — keep in mind unless you are a goat you need the full 17% hit now OR you are over the hit-cap and need to drop hit.

      Spirit > Hit Rating since Spirit has a small tangible benefit.

      Make sure to visit the trainer and grab mastery. If you’re using a blue gem or purple gem, consider using a Nightmare Tear.

      There, you’re all set!

      • 5 Pugnacious Priest October 13, 2010 at 2:14 pm

        glyphs and talents and essential mods sorted on 2 holy priest specs And one shadow spec. Need to work out reforging and regemming when I am not so confuzzeled. 🙂 have 518 hit 19.75 so I can reduce that – shall work on it!

  4. 6 Narx October 13, 2010 at 6:48 am

    As an idea to your readers.. (Proudmoore might be different) but things like gems and glyphs have skyrocketed. Gems are going for 200g min and glyphs between 80-100g.

    And there is all the extra pretty’s you might want to learn (like Mastery, which is about 20g, armor specialisation, 10g etc) before the hell that addons introduce 😦

    I think I have spent around 2-3 hours trying to sus out 3 characters. Even though I looked at talent trees etc, and played with the PTR, its still a nightmare sorting it all out.

  5. 7 Nosnum October 13, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    All the features and changes aside, from a purely administrative standpoint it took me forever to get my rogue straightened out last night. Redistributing talent points, replacing the Arp gems that had magically become crit gems, sorting out the glyph situation. It was intriguing yet frustrating at the same time – be sure you don’t have any pressing business for a couple of hours when you do manage to log on.

    I am not looking forward to having to repeat this for each of my 80 alts. On the plus side, I’m making gold like never before on the AH 🙂

  6. 8 Katherine October 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Information on patch stuff: spinks has two links to places that have guides for every class/spec just about. I found them a great resource.

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