Patch – Night one.

When I got on I fixed my main first. Of course. With the help of Bible of Dreams “My Shadow Priest’s Planned Patch Day Build and Glyphs”  and at the moment I agree  with her that  picking a Shadow Word: Death  Gylph as a Prime for now might upset your healers, and or kill yourself, much like I  was watching a Shadow Priest get awfully close to doing on the Training Dummies.  The type of healing we will need when we are chaining Shadow Word Deaths when the cool down resets is going to get stupidly dangerous and we risk becoming the newest glass cannons.

I think current dungeon content,  the healer would be ok  to keep up a shadow priest with a death wish ( plus our VE healing) however warlocks lifetapping at the most inappropriate times, and not draining life upsets me as a healer – imagine what a suicidal shadow priest is going to do.

“Do you HAVE to use that spell…” was down when I went looking last night 😦 well it was for me so I haven’t looked at reforging yet, and I wanted a little more feedback and thinking  before I started cutting up/replacing gear and stats.  has the top specs/glyphs being picked by people for quick reference if you want a one stop shop.

New stuff:

Shadow Orbs: I got balls – but they circle my ankles, and I feel like I am going to trip over them. I guess they couldn’t put them in the same place as a Shammys, but ankles? Head would have been better I think. I’ll set up a power aura so I know when I get 3 stacks.

I also have these Shadow Apparitions that walk slowly towards my target, and disappear in my targets hit box. They are slow versions of me, sauntering rather than strutting.  I half expect them to turn around and giggle at me.

I’ll never be lonely again.  between my Haunted momento, my Fiend, and my Shadow apparitions I will always have friends.

I also sold my stock pile of raw red gems  ( only for about 120 gold each though)  and have purchased some Dragon’s Tears on Shiva’s advise ( +10 all stats)  I’m already rocking  +10  Intell  & +10 Spirit Gems – but the Tears seem to be weighed better than the single +20 Spirit one I now have. However I am guessing that the plus all stats are Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Spirit?  and 10 points of Stam is not that hot, and Strength and Agil is useless for my Shadow Priest.

Mods – some will still work,  others won’t – has a list of mods that have been updated for the patch so I was able to pull the essentials out – recount, DBM, Vuhudu, Quartz and powa Auras,  there’s a couple more that I am missing, but didn’t load correctly as an out of date add on


I went holy first on my main in halls of stone, and my Deathknight tank I was healing ‘felt’ squishy, but he could have just not been spec/gemmed correctly.  I dc’d once, and got vote kicked because stupid me hadn’t extended my tunnel subscription and I was dcing every half hour because I had been moved back to trial, but I did a VH has dps and threat was a massive problem – again it just could have been the tank. I can ‘feel’ a haste difference. Casting doesnt seem as smooth.

Than I fixed my holy priest back on BR, and ran an instance with her – healing numbers were fine,  but again it felt like people were taking more damage then normal. No mana issues at this stage though.

I hate lightwell.   Nuff said. Chakras is interesting.  It makes pretty patterns.  

I need to do some more challenging content in both specs to really test them out. 

I then tried a BG in my Pve/Pvp gear as healer which has about 700 resil.  I was being cut through like butter. So I tried to heal in my PVP Dps set while still in holy spec, and still with 1.2 resil It didn’t make a difference.I am also getting stunned a heck of a lot more. 

I guess this is where I might be forced to use my two priests. Keep my main as Shadow, with a Shadow Pvp as offspec, and  have my Holy Priest as heals main, and gear her up for Pvp healing. Because from what I can see. Pve talents in a BG now is not going to cut it.

My repair bills seem exceptionally high.  Like 100 gold for dying a lot in a BG.

If I am not doing stuff tonite ( real life interference)  I shall do some more playing around.

15 Responses to “Patch – Night one.”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 14, 2010 at 12:31 am

    As a healer, I have two simple rules.

    1. If you pull, you tank it, and I will not heal you.

    2. I do not heal suicides.

    Was doing randoms, and ran across a suicide priest. He stayed dead during the whole run after the first pull. He never got to roll either since the boss was too far away 🙂 (<– i love that dungeon change).

    Locks get the same treatment.

    • 2 Shannara October 14, 2010 at 12:39 am

      Umm, the above was my post, there is a bug on this site that doesn’t correctly log me in … bleh.

      The list is wrong (they should know better but ..), Quartz and DBM have not been updated as of the time I type this. 😦

    • 5 Jim October 14, 2010 at 4:22 am

      16k crits per hasted cooldown and i almost killed myself too – laughing the whole way down!

    • 6 Katherine October 14, 2010 at 9:11 pm

      Harsh… I at least res suicides, providing they don’t blame me for it. Otherwise every time I did FoS we’d be 4ing it after the first pull (boomkin + spell reflect + eclipse proc = lol)

  2. 7 Cassandri October 14, 2010 at 4:26 am

    Hmmm you’re not the first person I’ve seen bring up the expensive repair bills…

    My reactions to the Shadow Priest of today was similar. I think my shadowy apparitions are kind of silly. I’m almost embarrassed by them (like I would be if someone saw me chain heal 1 target). I’ve yet to see them attack anything.

    I find it quite hard to identify by looking how many orbs I have floating around my feet. 3 orbs looks like just 2 to me. I couldn’t get Power Auras working unfortunately.

    Other than that I really noticed the Haste difference (now that our Shadowform increases everyone’s haste by 5%) and I’m really looking forward to the promise in Cataclysm that our DoTs will not be shortened in duration by Haste, just that we’ll get more ticks.

    I thought my damage output was a *bit* higher than normal but nothing compared to what our guild Hunters, Mages and Shaman were reporting.

    Then again I didn’t spam SW:D ever (why – when I’m on a target dummy?). I know that Ghostcrawler has already announced that Shadow Priest DPS is too high at present, but he also goes on to say that might be because SW:D can be spammed.

    I hope they muck around with SW:D spamming (because this is simply not realistic in a progression raid) and not other spells.

    But overall I felt we didn’t change much as Shadow Priests.

  3. 8 Anonymous October 14, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Spamming SWD on the run after 25% is the biggest DPS currently possible in the game, as you do not only do major damage each GCD but spawn a mob of apparitions (because you’re moving). People do 36k DPS with this “strategy”.
    The drawback of course is that raid needs 1 extra holy paladin per 2 shadow priests. Also, this is stupidest example of 1-button DPS rotation ever seen. BC destrowarlocks at least applied Curse of Doom sometimes.

    • 9 Anexxia October 16, 2010 at 6:43 pm

      It was no surprise that Blizz nerfed SW:D as quickly as they did and came out and said directly they never intended it to be the top shadow priest damage spell. It was not going to be a thriving strategy for positive team gameplay 🙂

  4. 10 Kathella October 14, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Yeah, they’ve normalized the cost of repairs, so your cloth is going to cost about as much as your tank’s plate!

    I don’t know why our shadow orbs swirl around our feet on live. On beta, they’re very pretty and sit about where earth shield would. I keep finding conflicting information about whether to mindblast on cooldown, or to wait for three stacks of shadow orbs and THEN mindblast. Just in case, I made a power aura for when I had 3 orbs, then linked it to when mindblast was off of cooldown. When both criteria are met, it hisses in my ear and the mindblast icon posp onto my screen. I’d post the script here, but I’m not on my computer 😦

    I healed a few randoms as holy last night as well, and noticed that with my pocket tank holy was amazing…and with RandomDK we wiped. And wiped. And then wiped some more. *shakes fist* Damn you, PoS. damn you and your relatively challenging mobs!

  5. 12 Gronthe October 14, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    I can’t say why for sure, but while running just a couple random heroics last night on my SP I was easily doing 2,500-3,000 more DPS than I normally did on dungeon bosses. (8K vs 5K)

    I had reforged a lot of my Spirit (I was at 26% hit) into Crit, and some of my Haste into Crit as well. I was hitting big numbers before the SW:D spam session, which never killed me, I’d like to add.

    Perhaps it’s the boost in haste from talents compounded by more crit than I’d ever run with, but whatever the reason I was having the time of my life.

  6. 13 Katherine October 14, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    As well as normalising the cost of repairs, making repairs more expensive overall, I believe they did this by increasing the maximum durability of all your gear, without increasing the current durability. This means that the first repair after the patch would have been more expensive than otherwise expected. I could be wrong, this is just what I’ve heard reported on other sites.

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