I haz a bucket and general nonsensical musings

Lots of randomness.

STOP AFKING IN GOLDSHIRE FRACKERS – BSG has done much for my Vocab.

A part of this post was supposed to be my post for yesterday but I never successfully follow any sort of posting schedule. I certainly have days I am more likely to write and days I don’t want to, and today I may not make sence.  2nd warning – you may wish to skip. It’s friday and I don’t want to be serious.

I have 300 odd drafts in my draft folder.  Most of those become the ‘don’t want to’s’  Some are workable ideas,  others require some research, and some are like my diary entries from when I was nine.  How I was feeling at the time in true and unadulterated glory.

If my chewing gum packet, and my water bottle can use the word “unadulterated” so can I. Actually my chewing gum packet is confusing me “Unadulterated, mind numbing, euphoria inducing, earth- shattering, long lasting, and humble enjoyment.   Sounds more like a good lay then a stick of gum.

Oh Back to the bucket.

I’m not sure as to how the mathematics works exactly,   I assume for the daily Headless Horseman quests  the more people in the area with the quest,  or just in the general area will cause an increase in flames. More people = more flames = more people needed to put out flames, and if you’re sitting AFK near the barrel your making it harder for everyone else.

In travel form I can throw more buckets on my druid then you on your bike or your little feet can.  I am guessing I hold the bucket in my Teeth or in my fur, either way I can’t see it.   I would show you a picture of my druid in her NE form holding a bucket, but I’m not home right now. However it looks like her leg is in it.  I’m not quite sure how  – but  so is the water.  

“There’s a leg in the bucket dear liza, dear liza… ”  My mother used to sing  “Theres a hole in the bucket..  ”  to us on long trips.  Maybe  because she couldn’t stand us singing to my dad’s Bonny M holiday tape,  and us kids didn’t know what ” My friend jack eats sugar lumps… he’s been traveling everywhere….”  really meant.  Maybe my mum did, hence the distraction.   I ❤ Bonny M –   Ma Baker,  Rasputian, and Nightflight to Venus.  

But I digress.

I wish people would stop trying to duel me while I throw buckets

I also really wish there weren’t so many Afker’s – if only I could use my teeth and grab onto their cloaks, and drag them away from the town centre, into the middle of a field,  where hopefully a lobie defias will have killed them hp point by hp point  by the time they get back.

But I have wiped often on this daily because the fire is so big, and I kind of get dizzy, and bored running back and forth to the bucket and the inn or Blacksmith in travel form.  Sometimes If there is fire on the entrance roof, I can just stand infront of the bucket and still reach the roof. I like that xp I get from it though,  so I will work hard to do my part.

That’s pretty much all I have done this week.  I do the Holiday instance on my 2 priests.  Run around on druid in a instance or two – put fires out. Then log into my main standing in the middle of Dalaran in Holy spec speed bubbling people as they run past.  Their reactions at their sudden and increase of speed is funny.  

I am also doing Nanowrimo this year – the title and concept includes what I get out of  a Pendulam song, The Island Pt 1 Dawn   The first verse goes  “You arrive In the rising sun The hidden passenger That I have been taking Close your eyes, lets forget again As you drag me down I will take you in.  So it will be called “The Hidden Passenger”  1666 words a day for all of November.

May my muse give me the strength, passion, and motivation to see it through.

I was told once I had awesome ideas,   but needed to work on my delivery eg grammer/spelling   It’s one thing to give your work to someone to mark, and have it handed back to  you at a later date,  but watching someone rip apart your work in red pen in front of you.  It’s heartbreaking and I wanted to cry.  But I sucked it up,  reworked it, reworked it, and then got paid a small token sum for that piece.

4 Responses to “I haz a bucket and general nonsensical musings”

  1. 1 Foo October 22, 2010 at 4:36 am

    Not so sure that players in area influence strength of fire (though it would make sense if it did).

    If you think that it’s likely ‘Rescue’ another village – the village out of exodar would only have those that are very interested. (Hardly anyone plays in the Exodar).

  2. 2 Bri October 22, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    As Foo suggests, head to Azure Watch outside of Exodar. Everyone who happens to be there helps with the fires, for the simple reason that there’s no other reason to be there besides questing lowbies. You couldn’t pay me enough to make me want to spend time in Goldshire, on any server.

    There is a correlation between number/level of players, and the amount of fire. With only 3 players there the last time I did it, only the closest building was on fire for any length of time. And when the Horseman was dismounted, he was level 17.

    For Horde players, Falconwing Square is the best one to go to.

  3. 3 Stu October 25, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Also, instead of just rushing around throwing buckets, you should look into making a fire brigade. If you can get 1-2 other people you can simply toss buckets to each other to put the fires out on the far sides of the buildings.

    • 4 Pugnacious Priest October 25, 2010 at 6:47 pm

      That worked once when someone threw them to me – but I tried getting someone to do it once and they wouldn’t stand still so didn’t try again – may rethink approach – picking someone that can stand still to catch is important

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