Aussie Holidays that should get an ingame event.

 ( Even Google recognises our very important horsey race – Image from Google)

Melbourne cup – a horse race today,  is “The race that stops a nation” in Australia – well it certainly stops Melbourne because they get the day off as a public holiday.   I’m in Sydney so we don’t get a day off,  but we do get to celebrate it.   I made  a hat for our lunch – which won’t be a fancy Melbourne cub day lunch,  but it’s still a lunch on Melbourne cup day so I am still happy. I made a facinator  ( kinda like a hat) to wear at lunch, and I have 3 different types of clips to secure it on my head. ( Butterfly goes up top)

This is Before I took to it with craft glue.  My Coffee table has become my craft space.

But now that I have shown off my Facinator. 

In Wow, Day of the Dead was celebrated today/last night.   I got my achievement last year /dancing with Catrina in Dalaran behind the enchanting trainer, but I danced with her again this year, and I got to run around as an undead priest which is kind of swaying me to wanting to add an Undead priest to my Priest collection. 

Australia has only been celebrating Halloween more the last few years. Having an  a Halloween party was considered very American…    so we used to have them before they were cool.  Now every man and his dog dresses up, and all our discount stores have Halloween decorations, but it doesn’t really have the same meaning to us.  It’s a fun holiday,  but  like day of the dead,  it’s not been part the Australian Culture

I’m not asking for special cultural consideration,   but I think we have a couple of holidays that would make awesome ingame events.

We have Melbourne Cup  for which all the nation stops what we are doing, and turns on the TV to watch a race, we do lunches, and dress up, and run sweepstakes.  For an ingame event we could have pony racing – and races much like the Ram racing you do for brewfest, fastest clicker wins!  Everyone races at once.   Vendors could sell sparkling wine, and fancy hats could be given out in a loot bag for the event.  You could be given tokens to gamble on races that win you certain prizes, or a pet.  ( A little horsey!)  Then at the end of the event,  everyone has to slink off to some other pub and count their losses.   Horde could have Raptor Racing, if they aren’t partial to Horses.

We also celebrate Boxing day ( which a few others also do on Dec 26th )  what we do on that day seems to have little to do with its Origins It was always a friends day for our family. Christmas for family, and we would have a Boxing day barbeque.   On that day we also have another race. This time by Boats!  The Sydney to Hobart, and a much smaller Melbourne to Hobart.  As a ingame event,  we could have the Tuskers offering up their spare turtles, or fishing boats, and have teams, or guilds racing against each ot. Somewhere. Roast Worg sausages, and Dwarven beer available race side.

Queens Birthday – As a commonwealth nation we also get a public holiday for the Queens Birthday in June  – which everyone but Western Australia   celebrate on the same day.  They pick a random date in September or October ( weirdos 😛 ) I personally do not celebrate the Queens birthday in any special way,  maybe a sleep in, but as an ingame event well,  all our illustrious leaders have birthdays!  You could buy a present from a vendor to present to the ruler, and in return get an achievement, or a personal in game mail thanking you, there could be performers in the citys, and lots of food and drink.

 and I am sure there are other countries with special holidays that would make awesome ingame events too.

10 Responses to “Aussie Holidays that should get an ingame event.”

  1. 1 Narx November 2, 2010 at 1:47 am

    So now we need to see a pic of you in the finished fascinator product 😀

    I also advocate a Melbourne Cup type event in WoW – it could be quite interesting (Not sure how the gambling aspect would be handled though)

  2. 4 Shiva November 2, 2010 at 3:54 am

    You know Day of the Dead isn’t related to Halloween, ya? Dia de la Muerte is almost exclusively a Mexican holiday.

    That said, we celebrate Chinese New Year, a Mexican Holiday, Easter, PIRATE’s DAY, Oktoberfest and stuff, we should definitely get an Oceanic holiday in.

    Did you know European WoW servers also have their own special Holiday American servers don’t have too?

    • 5 Pugnacious Priest November 2, 2010 at 4:45 am

      yar – thats why it got a special mention, and not lumped into halloween. We really only get exposed to that holiday especially from american tv shows, its even further off our cultural appreciation radar then halloween, but an oceanic holiday, which one – I think blizz still have some aussies on staff – they should be consulted immediatly!

  3. 7 theerivs November 2, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    “A shrimp on the barbi” day, or Foster’s day….

    I prefer “Aussie girls sound Hot” day…but that’s a gimme…I think it’s well known throughout the blogosphere that I am a lecherous swine 😉

    but a lovable one.

    LOL! J/K

  4. 9 Katherine November 6, 2010 at 11:47 am

    You dingoes don’t celebrate Guy Fawkes? Well I never.

    – A Kiwi

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