Nano omg it’s getting harder

This post is about Nanowritmo. So far I am on track for my word count.  I survived the weekend – Just.  I met my daily deadline on the weekend on US time  – EG 1.30 AM my time   Which still counts ! Got 300 odd words in on the train again this morning and I shall probably camp out somewhere before coming home from work to finish todays word count.  – LF Raisin toast and a mug of Coffee.

While meeting a goal of 1666 odd words a day hasn’t been easy,  it’s also not been as hard as I thought, and I have had time to do other stuff.  I’ve had not agonised over my word count untill I was checking it every 4 min in the wee hours of this morning  just so I could make the world limit.  One of the Authors I follow posts updates about ‘getting through 15 pages today”  Not sure if that is a4 single pages on Word,  or 15 book pages which would be less. Because after 7 days of writing  – minimal formatting I’m only 15 odd pages – but either way 15 pages is insane. Though they don’t play Wow, and work fulltime.

My typing is getting faster,  except it’s now getting frustrating because I am now using three different keyboards during a Working day.  Lappy, Work and home, and they are all slightly different sizes,  and the keys feel different.

I almost gave up this weekend. I have to be my own self motivator.  No pep talk emails are going to make me want to write. I have to want this bad enough to make it happen.

I want to try writing in a pub.  Never taken a lappy to   a pub to write, I have sat in a pub with a  paper notebook trying to write zombie stories to kill time for whatever reason eg  tardy friends,  It’s ok the Zombies ate them first.   I  like the idea of typing away with a cold beer, just need to put it into practise

I want 50k words.  That’s the goal.  I can make it bigger after the fact,  but 50k,  if I become a ‘winner;’ and validate 50k words before  the month is over  then I think thats something to be proud of, and I want to feel that sort of accomplishment.   I was marveling at someones career ambition that  this is where they were – and what they must have wanted,  and been passionate about to get there,  and I want to feel that drive for accomplishment.  Sure I am procrastinating by writing this when I could be writing my story,  but no,  I don’t want to burn out.  I am meeting my daily work count requirement.

I didn’t quite have the plot planned out like I should have,  and I have been too busy writing back story to actually get to the plot I had plotted but I am world building,  but its getting messy, and it will be no where ready to hand off to someone to read at the end of the month. My writing teacher at Uni told us that writing it was 20% of the work the rest was getting it cleaned up, and published.   But I like it.  I mean I want to finish this so bad, just to finish it, and have a chunk of story to work with, and the advise of someone I know who is doing their thesis,  about breaking your goals down into little blocks makes sence.  I can do that, and I can plan life around little chunks.

Another thing I love is that this developing world, and character is sitting in my head.  She is there tucked up for the night in her sleeping quarters,  and I am playing with her world, and what she is going to  do every spare moment. I don’t need to be at a pc to make her more real. Though I only picked her hair colour, and working on her description on the train this morning.

I have decided that If I am ever to be a successful writer I need to kick myself into gear more often.  So my laptop is my constant companion. “Have lappy will travel”  It has not left my side. It stays in my bag, next to my bed even. Carefully wrapped up in its it Space invader lappy case.  ( I told you I have a small Space invader obsession)

My story is called The Hidden Passenger     I am going through a Pendulum phase and the title is from their lyrics from their song ” The Island Pt. 1  ( Dawn) from their Immersion albulm.    I do love this idea of a hidden passenger – from Pendulum lyrics. ” You arrive,  in the rising sun,  the hidden passenger,  that I have been taking”  So guess what…  There is a hidden passenger, in a post apocalyptic world. I am also listening to  Halestorm  – I love a good angry rock chick and some of those songs I wish I could send verbatum to some choice people.  

One more thing.

Do not start writing Posts   about meeting your goals before you have met them.  Very bad for motivation.

4 Responses to “Nano omg it’s getting harder”

  1. 1 Narx November 7, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    I never found writing fiction to be easy, and as my life changed as I grew, I found other interests to occupy my time.

    Keep up the good work – I am keen to see where it leads.

    • 2 Pugnacious Priest November 8, 2010 at 6:02 am

      I’m not sure I could forcibly produce creativity on a reguilar basis. I hate most of the ideas I generate, so most don’t make it to a finished stage. Writing this chunk of words is gonna be one thing, editing, making it make sence will be another.

  2. 3 teac77 November 8, 2010 at 1:18 am

    I love my Razer Reclusa keyboard, hooked up to my laptop. It’s wonderful for writing.

  3. 4 Bristal November 8, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    I am impressed!! Keep it up.

    I stalled at 5,000 words and I just can’t keep it up. Damn it’s a lot harder than I thought. I did enjoy those 5,000 words, though. I also realized that I’m going on a cruise for my Mother-in-law’s 80th birthday over Thanksgiving, and although I thought writing on the ship would be possible, I realize it won’t be.

    Now my goal is to finish this story at 10,000 words and work a bit more on outlining an idea for next year.

    I hope you make it!

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