When do you start to get serious about bg’s

40k words!  let me rejoice for  a moment…. 10k to go

Now back to Wow

So I have been doing a fair few server based premades. I lie. When I am logged into my main.  I am either in a BG,  or hanging round a city waiting for someone to leave the group so I can go into a bg.

I even respec’d my offspec as Disc so I could be more useful.  I do ok holy healing ; I just wasn’t getting the respect even if I could spit out the heals faster than an engineer could parachute off the top of our  tunnel in wsg.  ( half way down the field and so hard to catch)   Disc is better.   (well it was.. ) it still feels off to me, nowhere near like disc used to feel like pre talent changes, but if I was going to pvp heal even as an offspec I felt I should take it a little more serious and be in a more ideal spec,  so my main is now two pvp specs ,  Shadow and Disc.     ( just goes to show you have little pve is she is doing at the moment) leveling in Cata will change that though as no one seems to want to pvp untill 85

We faceroll pugs.  We can even faceroll other premades because they seem to have picked up random people from their trade channel.  Put us against a serious team with the right classes,  a few shadowmournes, and a collection of arena achieves and even we are in trouble.  Yes we have have people in our team who don’t really play pvp, people who don’t have resilience, heals in uncomfortable specs, healers who try dps for kicks when the group allows for it.   We are even doing all sorts of achieves for people,  but against the real premades.   That’s the real test and its also been the best challange.  You find out your mettle, and exactly how well you work together as a team.

The groups that strategize, that stick together, protect the flag carrier,  don’t peel off and do their own thing,  that are in the right specs, in the right gear  that CC,  that communicate. If you’re doing  3 of those things,  then your usually at least 2 things ahead of the average joe in a BG.

No matter how good you are, there is always someone better, or more co-ordinated, but as some of our hapless victims have found out,  just cause your a premade  does not make you organised enough to actually react to strategy changes.

My word of the month is ‘disappointed’.  instead of going off at the pugs that don’t want to help,  or start moaning when we haven’t 5 capped ab in 3 min, and that we fail as a premade.   I tell them I am disappointed with their lack of team effort.

Sometimes I wish I think it would be easier to underman the Bg,  because when pugs see premade they are 300% more likely to go afk. No one has asked  – “where do you want me.?”  or ” How can I help”  they beetch and moan when we ask them to go somewhere,  or ignore us completely,  then beetch and moan when they don’t get support on picking up the flag or taking a node.

When we don’t have a full team running,  we do try and work with the pugs.. even support their achievements,  ( yep..  )  if they ask nicely…   we include them in the strat if they prove to be useful, otherwise they become cannon fodder.  Sorry.

Uncooperative pug players seem to die more often..    so where is that heal button?

I can’t be too angry with the Tards and Asshats.  It’s still a game,  I seem to get a better response  when I play the ‘sad and disappointed’ in their behaviour rather than raging at them.  It’s still feeding them, but it is sad and disappointing.  We are supposed to be on the same team  but spend as much time fighting each other.  I really hope that in real life they aren’t the angry little boys/little men/women/ girls that they pretend to be in bg’s.  Cause they would probably have ulcers.

It’s about to get a little more serious now.  If you think BG raging was fun pre rated battlegrounds, well.  There is going to be more to lose now.

So that’s my pvp update.

I shall make more sense when I am not thinking in daily word counts.  It’s easy,  but it’s also creatively hard.  I feel drained,  there has been lots of kicking the voice that says I will fail in the head too, but getting that goal is probably the single most important thing to me at the moment. It’s a weight on my shoulders..  really..  carrying lappy, and charger to work every day plus the normal assortment of  notebooks, pens, reading books, I feel like a packhorse.

2 Responses to “When do you start to get serious about bg’s”

  1. 1 Asilwen November 23, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    I’ve never personally really been a heavy PvP person. I dabbled in arena and I have pretty good gear, just never got hard core into it or did premades, until the other day. For the first time I got seriously into a premade and I must say I’ve missed out. Seeing the cooperation it took and the feeling of success when you beat another premade instead of just face-rolling a pug was a blast.

    It was a whole new realm for me. It got me excited even more so for Cataclysm. I might even try to organize PvP days for my mostly PvE guild.

    I hate to say it but… premades made me like PvP!

    • 2 Shiva November 23, 2010 at 7:03 pm

      Agreed. I think my greatest memorable moments (plural) on WoW have been premade vs. premade battlegrounds at level 60. It was a shame to see premades die when Blizzard added cross-realms, arena and removal of the rank system — although don’t get me wrong, the rank-system had terrible flaws, but it did encourage premades.

      In fact, it’s because of PVP I became a healer. I was a mage-main turned shadow-priest… and then I turned to healing in order to win more Warsong games. The rest is history.

      (P.S. I still hate arenas).

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