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Didn’t take long for my then level 83 scrub Mage alt to find a guild. Standing tagless back on Proudmoore and I get asked politely if I were interested in making 500 gold and joining their guild, running a normal dungeon with them so they could cap out their days xp. Sure I said no gold required but will be grateful for the run. (30 min dps queues) So I get invited to a level 13 guild – did throne very quickly- guild xp capped out – and for helping the guild out me and another random they had picked up in sw were told we could stay if we wanted to – but if we wanted to raid we had to app .

Sweet- I say. It’s kind if funny – perhaps i was silly to turn down 500 gold , it is still a decent amount – even with economy inflation, but it was too much to accept for the little effort they asked of me. The guy who did the inviting was explaining in guild chat – they didnt have the members on and it was the first day they were not going to cap it.

I was always picky with my mains tags – wouldn’t sign guild charters or join little guilds in-between my home hunting – joining a guild was supposed to be a commitment and I would rather be tagless then in a place I didn’t care for and I assume some guilds look up a persons guild history when looking at raider apps and I don’t want there to be a million ones. Alts are different. How much rep is a person leveling their alt or chain dungeon running under their tag worth? My contribution to that guild was probably just over 100 xp – but a chain run- even on normals would add up. I did some questing and more dungeons after. Contributed to the next days cap.

Not meeting your cap? Invite us! And we will dungeon run you 1 k xp minimum.

Other then my fickle heart- I’ve been getting some very bad lag on my international Internet connections . Done all the various troubleshooting – reported to a tech, local networks are fine – there is talk of over congestion or a international cable in need of repair.  Raid healing with 3k lag  was not fun it altered my Healing style – more instants just to get them cast. More on that another time.

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