Freeze! I’m a frost mage – Here, have a iceblock.

While doing some rated BG’s last night with our fightclub, and swapping to my newly minted 85 frost mage – who managed to rack up 1.4 resil  – I realised I had replaced my dispelling machine ( priest) with a Freezing in place machine and in comparison to the other better geared pvpers who didn’t spend their time using 5 freezing abilities on cool down – I wasn’t doing as much damage.

Why is there no CC counter?
I froze  ** players in place
I slowed  ** players
I sheeped  **
** got caught in my Frozen circle
Lots n Lots of Ice.
Frozen Circle
Frost Nova
My Pets freeze  – that I can manually force
Cone of Cold,
Deep Freeze
I thought playing a mage I would be able to enjoy this hahah all I have to do is pew pew – but no I’m expected to decurse, and CC everything to the max – and only then after I have blinked away away from the bladestorming warrior can I take the time to spend 2.3 seconds casting a single target spell.

I swapped back to my Priest for a couple and ended up baby sitting nodes, and I learnt that yes you can mass dispel your team through 3 frost circles. It just takes a lot of mana – and they still don’t accomplish much because all it does is mass dispel that current block, and they get reblocked all over again – in theory I would have probably been more useful dpsing and tying up the mages, and leaving my team frozen till the circles despawned

My mage is my Herber/Alchemist who was leveled for the purpose of  flash supplier for my raiding – and I just hadn’t gotten into her – probably my most lack luster leveling experience 1-80  ever. But lately I want to play my mage. Once I hit 82 I was herbing by flying to places I couldn’t get ports to, doing my circles, and making my gatherer map a pretty illustration of flowers. Then I queued a couple of times for dungeons  – partly as a way to get gear – and just to see how I went.  Then started going into BG’s – realizing I wasn’t doing too badly.

And then…

We did a Rated 15 last week, and they had 5 frost mages.  5 Frost circles that block bridges.

I wanted one

and thus I became motivated to  get my mage to 85

Never fear, the priest has my heart, however in rated BG’s your class composition  seems to have a massive affect with how you stack the raid, much like arena composition –  and its all about locking people up.



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