Dungeon Finder changes

This is hot off the press.. and I felt driven to comment.

There are new Dungeon Finder changes being made to stop abuse.

Wow insider article linked here

  • Players who are outside a dungeon for more than a few minutes are now immediately able to be kicked.

It is disrespectful making people wait at the start,  and I have come across those um,  interesting people that leave party and came back when it suits them.

  • If queuing as a group with a tank or healer, and the tank or healer drops group (or is kicked) soon after joining, those that queued with them will also be removed from the dungeon.

HAHA no more tanks selling Insta que’s then leaving.

  • If three or more players group queue with each other it will require an additional vote for them to kick anyone they did not group queue with.

I can see this being a little more fair. It can stop unfair ganging up on one player and they would need to annoy  4 people not just three.  However,  if that 4th person is the person your trying to kicks friend,  well your all stuffed, and let the battle of wills, and who leaves first commence.

  • If a group queue of 4 kicks the one person that they did not group queue with they will each receive a more severe penalty to their ability to initiate future kicks.

I don’t like this one.  Some of the people I run with are allergic to Pugs, and so perhaps are a little harsher to strangers then they could be,   but there is  ok,  and there is bad, it really depends on what they do.  Eg if the Pug is a tank, that can’t tank, ninja looting, doing bad pulls,  messing up cc,  and is not listening to the healer crying out for mana then expecting a rez after a wipe all the while sprouting bull crap about how awesome he is. He deserves to be kicked. But as a single pug coming into a party of 4  –  as one person put it ” feel kind of outnumbered”  there is no  Us – its us and them. So I understand the need to protect people from the mean masses,  just wish there was some kind of check balance,  in that if someone keeps getting kicked from the groups that they queue for,  something has to be wrong with them.

  • If someone initiates a vote kick for someone they group queued with they will not incur a penalty to their ability to initiate future kicks.

Not sure how this stops abuse,   when one of the people you queued with needs to go, they are more likely to leave party.  If I even considered that someone I queued with outside of Lfg was going to be kick worthy, I wouldn’t be queuing with them in the first place.

14 Responses to “Dungeon Finder changes”

  1. 1 Anonymous February 17, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Funny part is it further encourages boosting of bad players (i.e. dont kick that scrub 2k dps at level 85 carry him instead so that you can keep your votekick to kick the eventual noob tank that would make the group completely unable to advance)

    This coupled with the fact that you cannot cheat the queue with a friend queueing as tank, means that as a pure-dps (mage) I am stuck with 30 minute queues.

    Thinking really hard about unsubscribing right now.

    • 2 Mystic February 17, 2011 at 12:47 pm

      couldn’t resist a reply… you’re peeved because you can’t CHEAT the queue? What about those players who chose to play fair and don’t cheat who have their wait times increased by people like you?

      try making some friends who genuinely want to tank / heal to party with you, or failing that do as you suggest and go play Farmville.

      I’d rather group with a “scrub 2k dps” who’s queued fairly and is willing to learn than someone who thinks every other player in WOW is there to service their needs.

      and relax…

      • 3 Anonymous February 17, 2011 at 4:05 pm

        Listen dude, I’m peeved because the aren’t fixing the queues. As irrelevant as it is, I actually have healer/tank friends and even a 10man guild who raids

        Problem is in non raid nights when I get home fro work at around 9:00PM all my tank/healer “friends” have already finished their dungeon for the day. I can’t really be bothered to spend my little free time in the LFD queue.

        “What about those players who chose to play fair and don’t cheat who have their wait times increased by people like you?”

        This is where I stopped caring.

        “I’d rather group with a “scrub 2k dps” who’s queued fairly and is willing to learn than someone who thinks every other player in WOW is there to service their needs.”

        • 4 Rhii February 17, 2011 at 8:27 pm

          How exactly do you expect blizzard to fix the queues? Encourage people to roll tanks and heals instead of dps? Endgame is balanced around raids, and raids don’t require that many tanks/healers comparitively. That’s just how it is. What would you like them to do about it? They can’t magically make the queues shorter. Unless of course you’re interested in running 5 mans WITHOUT a tank and/or healer.

      • 5 JOY February 17, 2011 at 7:54 pm

        HEY! Whats wrong with farmville??!?!? how dare you! lol

    • 6 Feature February 17, 2011 at 8:38 pm


      Dude… Please… Unsubscribe! Now!

  2. 7 Mystic February 17, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I think the
    If three or more players group queue with each other it will require an additional vote for them to kick anyone they did not group queue with.

    is set up to stop a group of people with dual class abilityies say tank / dps or heals / dps like DK’s or priests, for instance, queuing as tank or healers to get in, kicking the DPS and then requeuing as DPS to get a tank and thus jumping the queue in the same way as paying a tank for tha insta-queue you mentioned

  3. 8 Askevar February 17, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    None of this makes me want to queue again in LFD. In fact the whole thing with queuing as a group of 4 guildies and suffering extra penalty if you have to kick the 5th, makes me want to be even more certain that I’m in an all guild group… because I’ve seen healers queue jumping. And we’ve gotten abusive dps before.

    And my 4 tanking alts from LK are all going dps and dropping tank specs. Not that I have much drive to gear them up at all… And it’s bad when an altoholic like me doesn’t care to gear their alts…

    Tanking heroics for randoms just isn’t fun. Too much risk not enough reward.

  4. 9 sam February 17, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    This is all about blizzard finally giving up the idea that they can engineer things without some negative consequences. The community has devolved to the point people actively avoid things like LFD because there is no consequence for being a jerk. This just starts punishing jerks. Unfortunately a few people will end up being occassionally punished but a lot more jerks will suffer. Guild groups will be penalized for abusing the masses they despise, anyone who buys a que will be penalized if the healer or tank drops. Overall it’ll be good. Think of it like traffic tickets. It sucks at first but eventually everyone will get used to the new rules and things will be better overall.

  5. 10 Bristal February 17, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    I can’t help responding, either.

    Getting an instant group throught the Dungeon Finder is not a right!! Players like anonymous above just give Gevlon fodder for his crazed M&S rants that WoW is full of spoiled brats who feel entitled to be rewarded for minimal effort.

    The Dungeon Finder is a TOOL to help solo players easily connect with either other solo players, or a small group who truly can’t get a fourth/fifth to run 5 man dungeons. The tool increased the use of that content many-fold in WotLK. Enormous success.

    It transformed the game for me. Gave me access to content which allowed me to truly learn how to play the game, and get the courage to find a guild of my own. Now I still use it because the time I have to run dungeons is very unpredictable.

    The DF doesn’t promise anything, it has no obligations. It’s a freaking QUEUE! You put your name on the board and hope to get picked. Blizzard even generously gives us a rough estimate of how long it might take. If the queues are too long for you, find your own damn group (remember having to do that?), or play a role that is in more demand (as Tobold suggested, maybe it’s even your responsibility to do that).

    The DF also does not guarantee the quality of player you get teamed with. As a matter of fact, you are very likely to get solo players who may not have the same experience or expectations as those in active guilds.

    Unfortunately, becuase people are people, the DF has to provide a means to democratically remove obviously underperforming or asshat players. But of course anonymous-types feel entitled to abuse that useful system for their own benefit.

    The more Blizzard tailors the Dungeon Finder system to fulfill it’s intended purpose the better. It’s just too bad that they have to tailor it to protect the players who truly benefit from it, from players who abuse it out of a sense of entitlement and laziness.

  6. 11 Ngita February 18, 2011 at 4:26 am

    Askevar while I agree with “Tanking heroics for randoms just isn’t fun. Too much risk not enough reward.” these changes all feel like improvements to me.

    I have never been booted by a pug, but I have been booted by 3 and 4 man guild groups just because they could, or because they wanted a stronger healer to cover their being bad, I also voted no yet watch a tank be booted because he had dared to tell the 3 dps guild group they sucked, they did. That particular heroic finished with 8 wipes on the last boss in Grim batol because they just could not kill the adds in time. Eventually the guild group left and the new completely pug group one shot him.

    These changes all seem to be directed at issues that have affected me, while I doubt i will tank for a pug I will at least heal for them. Still a guild group is much preferred.

  7. 12 Narx February 18, 2011 at 6:19 am

    The only thing that I can see that isn’t going to work out well is if you go into a heroic fresh with a geared guildie. In 3randoms vs 2guildies and the tank/healer is one of the guildies and sucks well bad luck for both of you?

    Seems a little bullshit to me.

    I’m all for stopping selling queues but this particular one needs a little more thought put into it.

  8. 13 Shiva February 20, 2011 at 2:59 am

    I hope you realize you can just vote kick your own guildie, suffer no penalty, and then disband the party by opting to not requeue once you are a foursome =p

    And yeah, I’ve done this before. Myself as tank and another healer in my guild queued, paired up with three terrible dpsers all from the same guild. One of them was pulling sub-500 dps.

    They taunted us as well, so knowing we’d have instant queues afterwards, we just left.

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