A Bot upon your BG or Afking Mutha Frackers

I hate afking frackers.
You know the ones that stay D in the flag room,  or if they live stand there botting self heals or random spells so they don’t go afk.
I have been playing Disc in Bg’s  because I don’t like solo flag guarding (It’s a little more complicated then that)  – but being a healer in a BG gives you more freedoms, and I find one less person ( me) trying to do their own thing – by helping people who are trying to win  ( usually people flag carrying – or trying to get our flag back) increases the likely hood of winning overall.
“I can’t believe an undergeared shammy is our flag carrier..”  says one person  – as I growl to myself that being bubbled and hotted, and life gripped out of danger had nothing to do with him successfully carrying the flag.

There was a Druid  afking in one of my flag rooms this weekend  – casting random things. My Vuhdu pulls out the rank of  a player, so I could see he was ” new recruit of  *blah*

He was missing the asterisk next to his name,  which meant he was from my realm.
I did a /who and there were several people online from that guild.
So in between healing the flag carrier  and being chased around by Horde  I whispered one of my afkers guildys.
“Hi!  – whats your guilds stance on Botting in Bg’s”
He didn’t know
I explained, I have such and such in my BG, it says he is a new recruit in your guild, and he is botting,  is there an officer online who might be interested
There wasn’t, but he did give me an officers name to send a mail to.
When I got out of the BG – with the afking fracker getting free honor. I started writing the mail,  and then stopped before I sent it.
Dobbing on someone in the heat of battle – while they were doing it was one thing.
Sending a mail – while cold – well that required a little more thinking, and I don’t want to think that viciously when it’s not going to change anything.
I thought about sending raising a ticket to Blizz, but they have to know about botters.   I am not the BG police. As much as I abhorr people who take advantage of other peoples efforts – and  how frustrating it is to see 3 of your 10 man bg botting/afk in the flag room. I could spend more time policing then I could playing, and its not why I play Wow. Telling on them , tattling, dobbing, what ever you call it.
If you see someone Afk – you need to report them afk.  Then you need to tell the BG to report them,  then remind them to report them again  when the botter gets themselves ganked and enters combat –
I’m in a bg to play.  Not spend my time policing bads.
If I then tell the persons GM,  ( by chance this one was my realm) will they care?
Some GM’s will want to know that their guidies are Ahat’s  – some already know, and seem ok with it,  and as long as they don’t then ask – “why can’t we keep the guild together?”  knowing that they have chosen to keep people like that in their guild becomes their problem.
But it shows the respect, and little regard they have for other peoples play time.
All we are seeing is that it’s ok to wrought the system.  He can have what you work for with no effort.
How do you rage at Ahats without being told to take a chill pill – it only upsets you more.
You can stand there,and tell them  F U untill your chat bar fills up with swear words, its not going to change them,   or get it fixed, and it becomes another thing to feel detached from.
Then you say Afking mutha frackers to yourself again  7 times or so and it gets a particular ring to it.  It becomes a mantra, and matras have power.
then you have to laugh – because when you forget to laugh then your playing for the wrong reasons.

2 Responses to “A Bot upon your BG or Afking Mutha Frackers”

  1. 1 tobeume February 22, 2011 at 5:05 am

    I open a ticket to report them. What they are doing is clearly wrong and against the terms of service. I have to play by the rules and so should everyone else.

    I have noticed BG bots more and more in the last couple of months. I’m not exactly sure why that is. Maybe someone wrote a new botting program after Cata dropped? Or maybe it became easier?

  2. 2 theerivs February 22, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    There are always botting programs, they we’re getting more brave because Glider a famous botting program won some headway in the courts.

    I use to know whole guilds that use to bot, no use telling the GM in my humble opinion. No use reporting them either I think.

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