We were doing semi premades and queued as 4 in the Battle for Gilneas – we said we were going  to Waterworks.
We had some opposition – but as we cleared it. LH got smashed, and one of the other players started heckling us 4, for not capping something else, and for not working as a team.
2 people were permanent afk in the GY and one person gave up as soon as LH was lost and added to the heckling complaining about alliance, and, blaming us because we were losing.  We pointed out that there were now 3 people afk – we really had no chance no matter how hard we tried to make up for it – but we got ‘punished’ by our own team.
I have come across premades that really have no interest in engaging the rest of the team, and they have been the ones who stay on D in a flag room, and then complain why offence is so scattered,
It was easy for us to go to Water works, we could have said Mine as an alternative – we communicated a strategy, and we did try to cap Mine,  and reinforce LH, but the lines had already been drawn. It was our fault for not being 3 x as better as the rest of the team and carrying them.
PVE – ( whats that?)
Not raiding still – heart wouldn’t be in it anyway. While the lag thing seems to have been settled. I still get weird spikes.
Being invited to BH runs and getting 15kish dps regularly  in BH 10 man, It’s ok. Considering I don’t have one raid piece of gear I think I do ok.  The groups are a mix of raiders in heroic gear and alts – so I certainly do not bring shame to my friend status, and that matters because even though I am not raiding I do want to do ok, My lag issue seems to settle if I log in before peak, vent lag depends on time and vent server. The guild uses Mumble instead of vent,  and it seems to be of at least similar quality, and gives me less  issues.
Got my Bane of the Fallen King title in 10 man Icc retro raiding, and did some fill in achievements with the guild. It’s certainly not the same as having earned it at the right time. We had people in the raid without even a heroic attempt experience and it was easy enough.
I had to go back to my highschool once since leaving school, and I remember  the feeling of not belonging there anymore.  It was no longer  one of my places.  I spent a lot of time in ICC,and stepping back in felt wrong, and that I no longer belonged there. It might seem strange and I’m not sure if its a girl thing,  but there is emotion attached to the floors, the boss attempts. It not necessarily bad, it just felt off.  It was still fun, but this is so easy fun. Not I am being challenged fun.
Mini Tank.
I have been playing my little Gnome Warrior Zahri  and enjoying the leveling experience. I shall call it the kneecap or the anklebiter view,  because if I thought tanking as a human standing amongst all the taller classes melee felt odd,  tanking as a Gnome is worse.
I fought a hunter for a mail helm that had strength and dodge on it in a pug.  Give him his due he did ask if he could role on it because it was a big upgrade on his cloth helm, and I  who had already rolled need said if you really want to roll against a tank for that then go ahead.  He passed. Asked me ” are you happy now”  and then afk’d out in a temper tantrum.
Fought a priest for a Strength ring drop from Gnomer. He had already rolled need. He then tried to requeue us as a group.  Uhuh – little stories like that,  the pally who thinks he is a tank and solos individual mobs so the healer has 2 targets to heal, the Dps that didn’t like that I was doing all the bosses in Uldum so stood there,  even after I threatened to kick him for being afk.   /goodbye,  or in the same run, a  dps that decided he would pull  in a different direction runs down a hall,  starts tanking,  dies,  then leaves party.   The Shitty thing, is I’ve been here before.  I’ve done that before.  Twice before!  ( yes I now have 3 tanks,  80, 41, and 39)  Yet the 80-90% of it that makes it fun  it still worth the bits n pieces of crap.
I enjoy the power and control of being the tank, and in charge, even if it’s in charge of Gnomer, telling people” make sure you pick up a parachute  now ( they added them in now to make the jumping floor to floor easier)

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